Yes, My Lord

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  1. The year is 1888, and through the streets of London roams an Earl/Countess who at a young age became the head of their family name and house. Living along with the servants and one butler/head maid clad in black standing like a shadow on their master's right hand they are given the task to act as a watch dog for the queen in the matters of the underworld and occult's. But there is a dark secret between the Earl/Countess that nobody knows: your faithful servant who has sworn to protect and never leave their side is a Demon, and there has been a contract made in exchange for a soul. After so many years have passed after making the contract, what isn't expected is that there become emotional feelings between the two beings, and finding ways to make the contract complete become harder and less desirable. What will happen? .....


    So the basic idea is kinda a kuroshitsuji (black butler) themed rp, but with more emotional feeling toward the demon and their human sort of thing and so on.
    The only huge thing that I ask is that the demon and the human are of opposite genders please! This works better for me.
    I don't mind being either gender or either character. For the demon I will allow female butlers if a maidservant isn't desirable. I am flexible that way, and hey! Who says there can't be such things as female butler's right?

    If you have any questions or if you are interested and would like to brainstorm more ideas please pm me. That way I will know somebody replied to something XD
    thanks for taking the time to read!
  2. I could be up for it :)