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  1. Name: Ray
    Age: 17
    Height: 6"1
    Hair: Light brown with natural blonde highlights.
    Eyes: Light brown
    Personality: Extraverted, Confident, Selfish.

    Krent was a what could be described as a fundamentally average town, or at least it was from the perspective of one person... Ray was a 17 year old boy attending his first year at a very normal college, the sporty, talkative type, Captain of the football team and Prom king in his final year of High-school. Don't be fooled, he was a smart boy who had an interest in music, more specifically the piano, safe to say he was very comfortable whilst in school and so far college had gone smoothly. Despite all this he longed for something more, at the point in his life were he remained blissfully ignorant of "real" responsibility, "He had it all", because of this he found himself searching for something more. The self-proclaimed king of college continuing from his reign over school had himself dreaming of people serving under him, he revelled in the thought of being called master. Young boys and their fantasy's.
    Over a series of consecutive nights Ray has become intrigued by his most recent idea, a recurring character in his dreams, an unknown guardian, unseen and unheard by humanity with one exception. Him. This idea was different, the dreams felt so real. He began to daydream about it in class, and although he hasn't told anyone, He swears he can see her, Is he going crazy?
    It was a gloomy evening in Krent, overcast as far as you could see, over the houses that is. He was taking a shortcut home down an alleyway when once again, the mysterious guardian seemed to appear in front of him. Surely this is too much, is he really going crazy ? he looked around him, seeing no one was around, he decided to quell his uncertainties. The very thought was preposterous but it cant hurt seeing as he was alone.

    "Hey you! Yes that's right, I can see you. Seeing as you seem to be everywhere I am anyway, how about making me your master?"

    He paused momentarily, before slapping his face and shaking his head, maybe he really was crazy, what was he thinking ? Ray started to hurry down the alleyway now desperate to get home.
  2. Name: Firia
    Age: Unknown
    Height: Can Shift from 4`6" to 7`8"
    Appearance: A violet fiery spirit that appears to be mid-20`s and smooth red eyes.
    Personality: Rude, Temperamental, Calm, Devious.

    A devious spirit from a dead girls raging soul, has taken part in a unforgettable mistake. One where she must cycle through the years hunting those of the living who are too greedy, selfish, ignorant or even sinful bastards. Year after year she goes through one by one ending their pathetic lives in an rupture of chaotic flames then moving on to the next like nothing ever happened. Who cared though? Defiantly not her. Firia's last victim was an angry old drunk who killed his wife and beautiful daughter. She felt kinda bad till she burned his body then she didn't even give a damn anymore. After so many years she was getting bored, and hoped she could find something different or exciting, and she did. A young man that seemed to be on the top of his game in college. What was college like? She was sure ready to find out, but something was different... his thoughts. He wanted something more in his life. Firia began to follow him and surprisingly he took notice of her rather quickly.
    On a casual day she thought she would catch him off guard, and show herself on his way home. Her violet flames were calm as she grinned, and stared right at the boy. She was ready to play.

    Ray: "Hey you! Yes that's right, I can see you. Seeing as you seem to be everywhere I am anyways, how about making me your master?"

    Firia stared long at this boy, then he ran off. She assumed he went to go hide in his house. What a pathetic place to hide. She stood there quietly thinking to herself almost as if she was upset.
    "Its been awhile since we last met....Gordon."

    Firia evaporated into the air awaiting to play with the boy.

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  3. With the help of a short cut, and running the second half of the journey, Ray made it home in record time. No time for greetings, straight to his room.
    *He paces back and forth in his room and stands looking at himself in the mirror.*
    "You are not crazy. You are not crazy. You are not crazy."
    Repeating the phrase was supposed to help, instead it heightened his fears. Snap out of it, it wasn't real, you wont ever see her again. HER ?! Come to think of it, it did look like a girl. That settles it, I am bonkers.
    *He falls back onto his bed and sighs*
    I'll just sleep this off, I will meet my new found visitor in my dream, and when I wake up, all this will be a joke that I can laugh about.
    "Haha, just a joke that's all."
    *He doses off to sleep.
  4. Firia's appeared before Ray's resting, she slowly drifted near then leaned to get a closer look at him.
    " How peaceful a human looks when they are asleep..." She whispered to herself.
    She took her hand and placed her unusually cold, fingertips on his arm. She glances back to his face and grins. Firia was ready to play her game. She vaporated near his pillow and let his mind take care of the rest. She let out a soft giggle.
    "Hope I leave a burn...Ray."
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  5. Yes my liege, right away my liege. An array of servants scattered from the throne, returning shortly with various drinks and supplements. Paying little Attention Ray examined the rings on his fingers, and pointed his sword outwards, turning his wrist as to reflect light off both sides.
    He was waiting, and it wasn't too long before She arrived, a spirit with unknown intentions, a fictional character that I have created. Her usual playful appearance, tapping my left shoulder, only to be awaiting to my right. Just as soon as she had appeared, things took a turn for the worst, the peasants that were but a moment ago serving me, now staring and laughing, their faces all a blur. Looking down to see my sword through my stomach, I feel no pain, looking at my blood covered hand, and then back towards the spirit. My vision starts to blur and I fall backwards towards the throne.
    *Ray wakes up in a cold sweat, sitting up with a gasp.*
    In a delirious state he looks around his room, moments pass as his heavy breathing calms down.
    *He wipes his arm across his brow, leaving a wet patch of sweat sticking the hairs to his skin, he looks down to his arm*
    A pain that wasn't something he had experienced before, thus he could not describe it. It was painful to say the least.
    "What the hell is this?"
    *Ray touches it with his finger*
    *Quickly pulls away his hand, and examines what closely resembles a burn on his arm.*
    It looks like some kind of pattern ? Must be my imagination.
    *He lays back down on his bed, and closes his eyes once more.*
    Just what on earth is going on...
  6. Firia say on some stone flats not too far off enjoying the evening sky. She slightly hummed to herself and thought about her plans tomorrow for Ray.
    "Now that I have him marked, things will pick up...become more fun." She giggled and leaned back, Firia closed her eyes as she drifted off.

    ' Gordon...Master. You can't leave! Where am I going to go, what am I going to do!? I'm.... Scared without you. '

    Firia opened her eyes slowly, and stared at the moon. "Master..." Her violet flames raged then dimmed down once she finally eased. She let out a sigh and decided to roam the streets, causing some trouble of course.
  7. The morning sun broke through the gaps in the blinds, filling Ray's room with light. A small room, with a set of draws, a wardrobe, and a desk. Sitting on the desk was a single lamp, and a monitor, connected to Rays PC. A neat room, it had the feeling of a room that wasn't used much, which was fitting seeing as Ray spent a lot of time out with friends. Still in his clothes from yesterday...

    *He got up from his bed and began to undress. He unzipped his hoody and threw it onto his bed, He lifted his T-shirt next, revealing a snail trail from his belly button to his waistband, and then took of his socks and trousers, leaving them all on his bed. His body was slim and toned, more of an athletic type, not particularly muscly. He grabs a towel and heads to the bathroom in his boxers.*

    After sleeping right through the night from about 6:30, Ray felt lethargic.
    *he stepped in the shower, turning the heat to just below warm in order to wake himself up. He looked down at his arm.*
    A soothing sensation occurred as the cool water dripped down his arm, over the would be burn. It was clearer now, the skin had settled and it was easy to see that it looked like a flame. A burn that looks like a flame? that has to be some kind of irony record?
    *He completed his morning routine and set out to college,*
    Wednesday, half way through the week, the weekend seeming not so far away after all.
  8. The sun shown brightly in Firias eyes as she yawned sweetly. It was another day, but a better day for her. Firia is now able to officially speak to Ray, when she wanted to that was. She stretched and flashed about getting ready to go play, she knew Ray should be coming by to go to college. After a few moments, she saw Ray walking and hid behind objects from spot to spot.
    " Ray..."
    Firia hid behind a thin town tree in the sidewalk, but she made sure flicks of her flame could be seen. Here eyes sparkle in the light, and gave a sly smile. She giggled as she stretched out her hand while she was still in hideing.
  9. *As he walked Ray remained fixated on his arm, walking right past Firia.*
    What is up with this burn, it feels like a throbbing pain, as apposed to the sting of a burn.
    *He stops abruptly, looking around.*
    Who was it that just called me? No-one in front, no-one behind, check nearby windows, spirit behind a tree, no one in the alley.....back to tree.
    *He falls backwards onto his backside. Pulling a frightened expression.*
    Y-yesterday, no not again. I am crazy, hearing thoughts in my head now as well ? You're losing it Ray!
    *He starts pushing himself backwards up the street, still facing Firia.*
  10. Firia tip-toed to Ray with her extended hand now lowered. She stood tall to about 7' exact and tilted her head looking at Ray with thirsty hands.
    "I finally caught up to you... you know..." She pauses and smiles. "You look so peaceful when you sleep."
    Firia laughed seeing him scatter about on the ground, once he got back up to face her, her violet flames raged violently. She begun to walk closer to him;
    "Ray, take my hand. It will be fun I promise." She said with a sly grin.
    Firia raised her extended hand once again, though her hand was intimidating. A hand made of flames, violent flames at that but her hand was so delicate at the same time with a normal shape to it like it was physical matter. Firia tried to keep a calm face expression.
  11. I look so peaceful when I sleep ? How does she.... The cold shiver shot down his spine as he came to the realisation, My imagination sure is vivid.
    *He looks up at her and smiles.*
    "This is funny isn't it ? What's next in this farce? I'll humour your game, then once my mind is satisfied, you will disappear."
    There was a strange beauty to Firia, although threatening, her flames were quite the spectacle, an array of purples and pinks flickering naturally, unaffected by the wind. Her hand, slender and delicate. Her face, Sinister but pretty at the same time. Cant help but feel enticed to touch her, the thrill of going against my better judgement, but I must not yield.
    "Stay back!"
    *He continues his retreat, shying away from the extended hand.*
    "You are not real. and I am going to be late for college."
    *He turns and continues to walk his route, looking over his shoulder every few steps or so.*
  12. Firia remained silent, watching Ray like a crowd at a play. She almost wanted to laugh as he was calling this funny, but saying she would disappear was the whole joke.
    "Stay Back!"
    Firia raged this and almost struck at him, but she knew better so she kept quite as she was. She put down her hand as he begun to walk off. Her smile was no longer a smile then began to blur out and fade from view.
    " You can't get away, I would hate to be...violent." Firia disappeared.
  13. *Ray looked down at his arm*
    A searing pain shot through his body, originating from the burn in his arm which was glowing.
    *He fell to the floor holding his arm. He looked back towards where Firia was previously.*
    Where is she? The ability to disappear is something I know she can do already, but this situation feels dangerous, like a musk in the air I can feel resentment lingering around me.
  14. A horrific laughter could be heard, it was clearly Firia, but another voice could he heard. That of a man, who was it?
    'This is only the beginning Ray! You have one more chance before you burn oh so bright...." Her voice echoed.
    Before Ray's eyes, a young female appeared with short, black hair and in a white gown. She looked pretty and sweet, but her eyes... they were dead. The young girl disappeared as quickly as she appeared.
  15. *Ray lay on the floor, Eyes wide open. Vacant.*
    This sort of thing is exactly why the phrase, "The lights are on but no-one is home.* was coined.
    Who was the beautiful girl he saw, take away the creepy aura and the dead eyes, and she was a beauty fit for a king, maybe even Ray...
    *He blinks, sits up, and yells.*
    "What do you want from me !?"
    Why does it feel like there is more than anger here? This spirit..... Maybe behind her fa├žade of fiery danger, she is lonely? What does she want from me............
    *He shakes his head and yells again.*
  16. A "Tsk tsk" could be heard. Shortly after, Firia appeared but only parts of her could be seen, the rest was engulfed in her raging flames.
    "So demanding.... Ray, why won't you just take my hand? Don't be scared, I only burned you a little already..." She giggled and said falsely.
    " What more could I possibly do?"
    Firia extended her hand one more to Ray, with the same delicate hand from before. Her expression was full of trickery but yet it appeared as if she was being seductive.
  17. What is with this girl ? who would openly consent to being burned, wait is she responsible for the burn on my arm?
    *He looked up at the vague image of Firia.*
    This isn't going away, I don't plan on gradually going crazy over an extended period of time, I have to meet this head on.
    "You win! I give up. I don't know what or who you are, what you want, or why you have chosen me. Are you lonely?"
    Not sure how this will go, but lets give it a go.
    *He gets up, and slowly walks towards her. Pushing he hand aside and wrapping his arms around her, face pressed against the top of her chest, eyes tightly shut.*
    I wonder if this is it for me?
  18. Firia flinched at the human wrapping his arms around her. Was this fool stupid?
    "Are you lonely?" Repeated in her head. No one has ever asked if she was ever lonely. She was a spirit after all, of course she was...
    Her violet flames engulfed him whole, and images rushed through his head with buzzed voices.

    A hospital room was in clear view, it looked empty other then just a bed. There was a girl laying down, but her face was blurred. The only thing defined was her black, short hair. "Now, Gina don't be scared. Everything will be ok after the surgery. You look like new.""I don't want to look new...I just want to...die."
    The image changed again, there was an allyway at night. There appeared to be a pile of fire and people standing around it, laughter would fill Ray's head.
    "No! Stop it! It burns!"

    The next image was a throne room, a man sat on the throne and there were many lifeless bodies wondering around. A fair young lady walked by the High Powered man with a clear smile. Her eyes glared red, and her body seemed different other then a humans body. Was those wisps of somesort?
    "Gordon...How are you my' Lord?"
    The man flashed his sword. "I am beyond well my sweet child. Today shall be a good day..."
    "Of course master."
    The throne room began to fade and laughter could be heard.
    "Master, no! Please....Stay with me! Don't leave me..."
    "Firia.... Remember that name and do what you are told from here on out."
    ".... I only listen to you..."

    The images and sounds stopped, and reality once again returned. But everything seemed different. Of course, Firia was gone once again and there was only silence.
  19. Heat consumed my body, from all angles, consuming. The heat was intense but it didn't feel like it was burning.
    *He opened his eyes.*
    A world of violet flames surrounding him, definitely not the alleyway. Images flashing in front of him, with voices sounding in his head. Can they see me ?
    *He reached out to the girl, hand going right through her. Turning as he looks at who she talks too.*
    What does all of this mean ? Where is Firia? Perhaps this is the reality of death, a separate world of voyeurism. Light blinds his eyes.
    *He opens his eyes to see the evening sky, sitting up he finds himself in the alleyway. Alone. Checks his phone.*
    "WHAT?! How, how can it be this late. I missed college !"
    This cant go on, I have to find some answers. Can all this be real? I need to get home.
    *He sits down on his bed, holds his hand over his arm and closes his eyes.*
    "Firia, Please help me understand."
  20. The night went on quietly, as she floated weakly.
    "Are you lonely?" Repeated again in her head. It bothered her so much she wanted to burn somebody, but she had no energy to. The night sky was rather dark, not a star in sight and Firia was alone.
    "Am I lonely.... perhaps... maybe I'm thinking too much about this..."
    She began to fade but she didn't disappear, she rested in the stone flat she has been staying at for a not too far off.
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