Yes Inky Lives



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Yes, Im alive. They saved me if you will. DONT panic. Im fine. No I dont want to talk about it, but thank you. Im doing the best that I can to just write this much. Thanks to Ocha and Cor Cor Ive got the will to come back. Ive been scared to and have stayed away from anyone and everyone I thought I might hurt. Being gone it seems has done more harm then good and so I was fucked either way it seems.

So... *big deep breath* Im okay... I want to cry but I wont. I want to puke but Im not.. I just want to say that I do remember what its like to have a family here and well Im sorry if in my darkness I lost everything that was still right infront of me. Thank you for taking me back and if I need to be chewed on and forced to eat dust bunnies or someones socks I better have some ketchup ok. So thanks all and yes Im back.
Im so glad to see you back... -hugs tight-
*snuggles Inky* Very happy to see you back and okay. <3
Hello and welcome back have any new questions just ask and I can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Glad to see you're are back Inky! Woot!
Of course we missed ya, place isn't the same with you gone.
Yeah! We're supposed to be here so you have a place to have fun and get lost in! >:D Use it!
Hey I never knew who you were really. I saw you in the cbox ocationally and some private RPs, but it is good to have you back all the same.
Thanks guys, its great to know you all give a rats... Cool. Now on with the show. :)
*pats Inky* of course we do. anyways, sorry for the belated reply, but welcome back.
better late then never.. thank you all so very much
*WMD leaps out of a manhole and bearhugs inky*

good to have you back mate