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    Kalen is an agent on a mission to investigate a suspicious college and its various procedures. The problem: the school is an all-girl's boarding school and Kalen is 100% male. Therefore, they won't let the 20 year-old step foot into the school. His bosses propose an unsavory idea to him though, and that is to become one of the ladies. Before he knows it, he's cross-dressing and applying for the girl's college. To his great dismay, his interviewers absolutely loved him. And so, he has been accepted into the school. On top of it all, he begins to develop feelings for his roommate. Will Kalen find what he's looking for in time, or will he blow it before then?

    That's the basic idea of it ^^ I thought it would be fun to try out. I would like for someone to play as the female character in this, his dorm room-mate. =]
  2. I would love to do this with you if you'd like.
  3. I would be interested in this!
  4. Pretty interesting. :smile:
    It would be a privilege to play the role.
  5. Awesome! I will start working on the IC thread for all three of you then. I should be done with it later today, or possibly earlier. ^^ Just reply back to this thread to let me know that you're still interested please. : )
  6. Still interested :D
  7. Cool, I'll try to get an IC up for you as soon as I can. : )
  8. Great! I just posted!
  9. Yep, still interested.
  10. Okay, I'll have IC up for you in a minute triolonly. : )