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  1. Timidus stared at the crowd of newcomers around him, shifting slightly and sighing. So many people, and a lot of them already had friends. He looked around for a moment longer before the headmaster came to the top of the broad staircase that lead inside the building. It was a beautiful day, the sky clear and the birds singing it the trees that stood a small ways off, their leaves shivering in the faint wind that blew through at times as the old woman in sparkling robes inducted them to the school, introducing the professors and heads of the dorms.

    Then the sorting began and he sighed as he stood more towards the back. It would be awhile before he could go of, and he wondered which dorm he'd be placed in. Would it be the all boys or the mixed dorm? He shifted and tapped his fingers against his thighs, not noticing how a few children stared at him and whispered. Of course it wasn't nasty, as they were only young children. He was the freak here, short and thin like most of the other twelve year olds yet he was seventeen. What could he do though? His mother hadn't thought him strong enough to go to school until now, but them being one of the more unique families, many people knew he was a dud with freakishly white hair even though he was still very young.

    He watched as the children around him were sorted until it was only him standing alone, under everyone's stares, which made him cower back and make sure his tinted glasses hid the strange coloring of his eyes. No one knew they were violet except for his mother, and his high class mother wanted to keep it that way.

    "Timidus Ereheart, your mother requested you have your own room, but the best we could do was place you in a double room. I will escort you there." The headmaster said with a kind smile. "Have a good time here today children, I hope to see you bright and early at your classes."

    Everyone began shuffling away as she lead Timidus inside the beautiful school building to a large room on the third floor that was slightly unused by the other people in the school. Only three classes were up on this level. "You're roomate is already here. Enjoy yourself and go inside." She said as she handed him a key and smiled.

    Timidus swallowed thickly and opened the door tentatively then shuffled in, closing the door behind him slowly.
  2. Jade Avalon chewed his lower lip nervously as he waited for his new roommate. Jade had been told he was getting a new roommate only a few days ago before he'd arrived for the new school year and the boy hoped his new roommate would be better then last year's That guy had been an ass. It had been the first year he wasn't in the typical regular dorm room and if Jade had known what a jerk he would have been stuck with, the boy would have opted to stay in the larger dorm.

    He tugged nervously on the fringe that fell over his eyes. Gods he hoped the boy was nice, he hoped he didn't scare him away. Jade had a habit of that, with a combination of his different coloured eyes (his right was bright green and his left was a golden brown) and his habit to ramble and come off too strongly when he was nervous, it tended to freak people out a bit. Glancing around the room one more time, he flopped down on his bed. It didn't look that bad. He had spent most of the day unpacking and making his side of the room his.

    His bed was covered with a white, brown, and blue bedspread; his many books filled up his bookcase and more were in the trunk at the foot of his bed, his school books were on his desk and his clothes were all folded and put away in his dresser. And there were plants everywhere. Okay so not everywhere. There was two on his desk and one on top of his dresser and a Cactus-like one the windowsill. So not a lot, not by his standards anyway, but Jade liked plants.

    Jade nearly jumped a foot in the air when he heard the door close, sighing in relief when he saw it was just another student, his new roommate probably. He looked the boy over. He had long white hair and tinted glasses over his eyes and was small and very pale. Everyone was paler then Jade, who had a near constant tan, but this boy took the cake.

    "Hello. You're my new roommate right? I'm Jade Avalon, Nice to meet you." He brushed his fringe back out of his face, giving the other boy full view of his different coloured eyes. "Did you go to another school or get home-schooled before coming here? I haven't seen you around here before and we're in the same year right, so I would have seen you before..." He trailed off, blushing. He was rambling again. "Err, yeah, anyway, I'm Jade. Nice to meet you."
  3. Timidus blinked and bit his lip at the greeting and shifting. He wasn't all that sure what to say, his mouth not really up to forming words as his painful shyness just caused him all sorts of dificulties in opening his mouth. He thought on the questions asked and carefully took a breath to try and relax himself a little. "I-I'm Timidus Ereheart..." He murmured in his usually soft and high voice, eyes casting down towards the floor. "Nice to meet you." He carefully held out a slightly trembling hand, hoping that his roommate would be kind, unlike his uncle who always like to squeeze his hand to hard and laugh when he winced.
  4. Jade smiled, forcing the blush from his cheeks "Hi Tidimus." Taking the boy's outstretched hand, Jade shook it lightly, noticing that it shook slightly. Letting go, Jade let out the breath he'd been holding; the boy seemed nice, if a little painfully shy, but you couldn't really tell when you'd just met the person. "Hey, relax, I anit gonna bite you, I'm not a Vampire ya' know. Chill. Take a deep breath and count to ten if that helps."

    Walking back to his bed, he flopped down on it again and stared at the ceiling. "I hope you don't mind all the plants. I really should have asked you first, but I didn't know I was getting a roommate until a few days ago and I was already packed, so I brought them. I really hope you don't mind, my last roommate did but I don't think he liked much of anything besides girls and he was a bit of a jerk, but it you do mind let me know and I can move them" Jade sighed, there he went rambling away again; it was a wonder he had any friends and hadn't scared them all away.

    Turning on his side to face the other boy, who was now staring to unpack, Jade moved so that he was now hanging upside down of the bed, his ponytail touching the floor, and asked, "So, Tidimus, what are you? Are you a Mage, Elemental, a creature?" Jade grinned, "Or are you like me?"
  5. "I-I'm j-just a dud..." He mumbled, sighing as he put his books into his trunk and grabbed a small vial and a bottle of medication and set it on his nightstand then went back, leaning into the trunk as he dug around further, glancing at several of his books and frowning slightly, biting his lip and looking a bit frustrated as he sat back. "I forgot it again..." He said, sighing and standing again, going to his bed and plopping down on his rump, reaching out and grabbing the bottle of pills first and took three with a grimace, then took a small sip from the vial, grimacing at it also and briefly wondering why none of the medicine's he took tasted good.

    "I'm only here because I barely passed the test to get in." He mumbled, blushing faintly in shame. He felt like such a pathetic weakling for not being able to do much more magic than your average human, even though he came from a long line of aristocratic mages. He wished he could ask his father, but his father had left his mother once he'd woken up the next morning and was never heard from again. Just a dud little bastard child...
  6. Jade frowned as the white haired boy talked about himself. He wasn't the greatest at picking up emotions and reading people, that was the Water elementals and aligned Mages with their natural empathy that came with their element, but he was pretty good at sensing a person's energy and aura (since all energy was connected to the earth in some way) and right now Tidimus' was low and close to his body.

    Pushing himself up, Jade swung himself around so that he was facing the boy right side up and crossed his arms. "That, that right there is why you barely passed the entrance exam. It's because you don't have any self confidence, not because you're a dud." His eyes narrowed, who in the world had put that thought into his head?. "I'm sure you've got the potential to be powerful, you just need to start believing in yourself. Build up that confidence and it'll come easier. After all, our powers are connected to our emotional state, right? So it'd be more difficult if you were unhappy or had no confidence."

    Jade looked curiously at the medication that Tidimus took "What are those for, if you don't mind me asking?"
  7. Timidus sighed. "One is for my heart, the other is a vitamin." He murmured, feeling a little more down after being nagged at. No matter how happy he was he could never do more then levitate a penny, and sometimes it would barely lift at all. He couldn't even train for anything else because it strained at his weak heart. He didn't have much reason to be happy.

    "What are your abilities?" He asked politely, at least attempting to make a friend before he shut down and became an outcast like he'd done at his human school. His social anxiety would always be the main problem to his loneliness.
  8. Jade made a face, he didn't like taking medication even for a simple cold, having to take it everyday would be hell for him. At his roommate's question he grinned, his eyes lighting up. "Besides your basic Mage Magicks, I have a High Class Earth/Nature alignment." Jumping up he did a short bow, grinning widely. "It's why I brought so many plants. More wanted to come, but I could only bring a few. My mother can take care of the rest but these ones get really sad and refuse to grow if I'm not around, so I brought them."

    He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, thinking, and blew his hair out of his eyes, chewing his bottom lip, before coming to a decision "It's how I can tell you're gonna be powerful. Like all Earth elementals and Mages, I can sense energy and boy do you have a lot of it. You just need the confidence to tap into it."
  9. "C-confidence? But... mother and the headmaster... they both told me I had no higher potential." He murmured, frowning slightly and chewing on his lip in his nervous habit of his. "I'm sorry, but you're obviously reading me incorrectly." He stated firmly and looked down at his lap, a little envious of the fact that Jade could be so happy and free and powerful. He sighed and sagged visibly. Maybe he didn't really want to be friends with this person...
  10. Jade snorted. "No disrespect to your mother but is she Earth Aligned? Is the Headmaster? No. They've got no right to talk about your potential or lack thereof like that. Not only can they not see your energy, it's down right rude to assume you've got no higher potential." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Look I'm not trying to be rude or mean or whatever alright?" He groaned and flopped spread eagle on the floor, "Urgh, I'm no good at this 'Meeting new People' thing. Anastasia's right, I come off to strong and scare them away."

    Glancing over at the other boy he gave an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry if I've offended you, Tidimus but trust me when I say you're powerful. Probably one of the strongest people I've ever met."
  11. Timidus blushed pink at the complimentary words, glancing anywhere else in the room but at Jade. "Th-thank you. No one's ever said that to me before..." He mumbled, smiling a little bit at how warm the compliment made him. He had a possibility of being so powerful? He wondered what he'd be if he were powerful enough to show more than basic magicks. He didn't know what kind of a mage his father was, but he knew his mother was one of the higher bred mage's in the world and had power, though she had no strength in anything but the plainest of magicks.

    The bell for the evening meal dinged throughout the school and Timidus stood. "Shall we go to dinner?" He asked, sttempting to be friendly once again.
  12. Jade grinned, "Sure." He jumped up and grabbed Timidus's hand and pulled him toward the door. "Come on I can show you the quickest way there." Slipping out into the hall Jade walked down the hall, away from the direction from the Main Staircase, which was packed with students, and toward a lesser used one that worked just as well and got them there faster since there weren't as many people using it.

    Stopping at the entrance of the Dining Hall, Jade turned to the white haired boy standing next to him "See told you it was a quicker way. Come on I'll introduce you to my friends. Don't worry," he said noticing the look on Timidus' face, "their all really nice. Well Alistair's a bit of douche, but Anastasia and Grim keep him in line. Let's go get something to eat and then I'll introduce you."
  13. "Okay..." He murmured, tensing up as the entered the noisy and packed cafeteria and hunching himself slightly, nervous of the others. "Actually... I-I'm not that hungry... I'll see you later..." He mumbled, quickly scampering off to the library, which was completely empty. Timidus grabbed the thickest tome he could find and place himself in the back corner of the large library, seated in a soft bean bag chair squeezed in a small niche between a wall the edge of a bookshelf. The perfect hiding spot. He sat there, reading for what was most likely a few hours before he slumped over, snoring softly as he slept, his head lolled onto his shoulder and glasses sliding off of his nose, onto his lap.
  14. Jade blinked as the white haired boy disappeared. "Umm, okay... bye." The Earth mage shook his head and walked to the line to grab some dinner. After loading up his plate Jade walked to the table where he usually sat and greeted his friends, Anastasia, Grim and Alistair. Ana looked up from her place in Grim's lap and waved. Grim nodded.

    "Hey Jade, what's up? How was your summer?"

    "Where's the pretty boy you came in with?" Alistair asked, not looking up from the book he was reading, pausing to take bites of food every once in while.

    "I don't k-" Jade started, ignoring the fact that Alistair called Timidus pretty. Alistair always said weird things like that and flirted with everyone. Except Ana. Ana was different.

    "In the library," Ana said quickly, "He's got social anxiety."

    Jade smiled, Ana was a Water-Healer Mage mix and could read emotions incredibly easy. "Oh so he's like you were before you met us," Grim said teasingly.

    "Exactly like that."

    The rest of dinner passed quickly and Jade returned to his room to read. Checking his watch a while later, Jade was surprised to see it was nearly curfew and Timidus wasn't back yet. Remembering what Ana had said about the library it was possible his roommate had lost track of time or something. Standing up, Jade walked quickly to the library to go look for the other boy. It wouldn't be a good thing if he was caught sleeping out of his dorm, especially on the first night.

    Finding the boy asleep on a bean bag chair Jade smiled, he looked adorable sleeping. Sighing, upset at the fact that he'd have to wake the boy up, Jade shook him lightly, "Hey, Timidus? Wake up, it's almost curfew and we can't be found out of the dorm."
  15. Timidus whined and slowly opened his eyes, finally revealed to be shimmering violet orbs of a uniquie nature, the kinds that drew you in and kept you there. He blinked up dazedly for a moment, taking several moments to clear out his sleep muddled mind before he realized his glasses were no longer hiding he strange eyes and he scrambled shoving his tinted glasses onto his face quickly and hoping desperately that his room mate hadn't seen them. Mother had said to never show anyone, and here he was just letting anyone take a peek at them!
  16. Jade giggled softly, he was just so adorable. Wait, where did that come from? Sure the boy was good looking, in a odd sort of way, but Jade had just met the boy, it wasn't a good idea to be thinking things like that.

    He blinked when he say Timidus' eyes; they looked like they were violet. Jade thought they were gorgeous. By the time his brain had registered that fact, the other boy had put his glasses back on. Jade wanted to ask about them, but another look at his watch told him now was not the time. Grabbing Timidus' wrist Jade pulled him up and started to lead him out of the library. "Come on hun, we've got to to get back to the dorm now."
  17. Timidus stumbled along sleepily, eyes drooping tiredly. "Why do we have to get back? Is something the matter?" He mumbled, reaching up to smooth down his mussed white hair with a grunt. "I thought curfew wasn't until midnight?" He murmured, yawning widely. He slowly woke up more as they walked, wondering if perhaps he'd slept for longer then he thought?
  18. Jade chuckled, "Babe, it is almost midnight, ten to, as a matter-of-fact." The green and brown eyed boy pulled Timidus down a hidden passage and they appeared down the hall from their room. Sliding in to their room, he sighed in relief "Whoo, made it," he glanced at his watch, "with five minutes to spare." Letting go of Timdius' wrist Jade walked over to the windowsill, cooing at the cactus. "Hi sweetie, did you miss me? I wasn't gone that long..."

    Pulling out his hair elastic, his long hair cascaded down his back, making him look more like a girl then he already did. "You have very pretty eyes by the way Timdius." Jade said turning around to face the other boy, picking up a hair brush and starting to run it through his hair.
  19. "Wha? What?! Oh god, you saw them!" He bit his lip worriedly and fidgeted, pulling at the hem of his shirt nervously. "P-please don't tell anyone! M-mother will kill me!" He said pleadingly. "I-I'll do anything you want, just please don't tell anybody!" He squeaked, eyes wide with frantic worry and panic.
  20. Jade blinked. What? What was so wrong with his eye colour that Timdius had to hide it? Just what had his mother told him about what they meant? As far as Jade knew, violet eyes didn't mean anything bad. Jade shook his head, worry about that later, deal with freaking out boy now. Walking over to the nearly hyperventilating boy Jade put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, hey, hey, Timidus, babe, relax. Take deep breathes and count to ten. Relax."

    Dropping to the floor, Jade crossed his legs and pulled Timidus down with him so that the boy was sitting across from him. Once the boy was calm, Jade asked, "Now, can you tell me why it's so bad to see your eyes and why your mother would be mad if anyone saw them? They're very pretty, why do you have to hide them?"