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  1. Emma walked into the office her hair long brown hair tangled and messy. In a huff she approached the main desk to her friend Alex who seemed to be hiding a laugh behind her hand. With a glare Emma slapped the dirtied log sheet down. "Rough day?" Alex asked just as Parker walked up as well.

    "Rough day this idiot thought it would be funny to startle me as I was inspecting a wolf kill. I tumbled down a hill." Emma growled as Parker laughed. Emma turned on him her eyes set to kill causing Parker to straighten up before slinking off to go turn in the photographs. "Stupid field photographers just think everything's funny." Emma huffed again before heading to the right hall swiping her card to unlock the door.

    "You know you enjoy the company Emma." Alex laughed before going back to her work. Emma walked down the quiet hall until she reached the open windows that allowed others to see into the labs. Most of the time they only do basic in hour test making sure the animals were healthy and the blood lines were not getting to in bread. When they weren't doing those things they opted to track migration patterns by monitor. The trackers placed on different animals was a task given to field workers. She preferred working in field tracking the wolve packs herself. The outdoors was really like her true home. After noticing a few eyes on her from the other side of the glass she shook her head giving them a slight wave she turned to head off to the break room.

    Letting an exhausted sigh escaped her she pulled out her lunch unpacking it while trying to comb her hair and pick out any grass that might still linger. After a few moments she gave up, pulling her hair back into a messy ponytail. She returned her attention to the grilled chicken salad before her poring homemade ranch over the leafy greens. Though she worked out daily to keep herself in shape for the long hikes. She like to indulge on things that made her have to do a few extra miles of running.
  2. “Such a ridiculous drag” – Gai though to himself, as he unlocked the phone vibrating in his left picket, only to read a highly irritating and unpleasant text message. It was the mother of his ex-girlfriend and apparently she was pissed. The woman was stating, that if Gai didn’t come back, her daughter was surely going to commit suicide. Who would have thought it would turn out this way? Gai entered the building, slipping his card to gain entrance and suddenly feeling the warmth of the inside surround him, causing pleasant sensations across his body, most of all his cheeks and fingers which had been a little bit chilled by spending an entire day debauching the cold water of a pond a few kilometres away.

    He had recently managed to obtain his Phd. in organic chemistry and had come to America to work as a part of an international project. Being all new in in this country, he had hooked up with this girl from Michigan without much of a pondering. He had though it was obvious to her, that this was never going to be and never could be anything serious, since they not only had very different characters, her being clingy and moody and him being the total opposite, but also because Gai would then have had to go back to Russia in about a year. Nicole, apparently, hadn’t managed to quite catch that. Even more so, feeling them growing apart made her apprehensive and jealous and while he enjoyed sex as much has every other guy out there, a relationship couldn’t captivate his attention with just that, so he simply asked her to break up.

    As expected, the woman had made a big drama out of it, spurring nonsensical bullshit about depression or even – now – suicide. He remembered being warned not to hook up with clingy women and, oh boy, did he do goof…. Luckily for him, the team needed someone to carry out experiments and a meta-analysis of those, at Yellowstone due to some unique conditions at a part of the national park and thus Gai was able to avoid dealing with any more of her idiotism. He had blocked her number and hoped it would be the end of it, as he was certain Nicole would have little problem finding the next guy to cling onto quite soon. Apparently, he was wrong, but that wouldn’t make him change his tactic, being certain that ignoring her long enough would result in her finally giving up. He owned this girl nothing and he didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

    Gai quickly strode past the lab floor, heading straight towards the dining room, as he was starving from spending the entire day outside. While getting food, he pondered on whether or not he should text back her mother something in the lines of “I bet she’s too chicken to actually do it.”, but finally decided against it, as it would mean validating their attempts at a communication.

    Slitting his phone back into his jeans’ pocket, he looked for a place to sit in the almost empty hall and his gaze fell onto her… An immediate sensation of cramps in his stomach and tingly sensation in his knees befell him, as he looked at Emma devastating a chicken. "Pff... what am I, a highschool boy?" he shook his head and tried to regain his composure. The woman was a biologist and quite the pretty face... she had also turned him down two times already. Well, technically it wasn't a real rejection, but he wasn't a complete dumbass and knew what "I'm busy." really meant. As far as the women in the station went, she wasn't the only pretty one, but it wasn't her appearance that had captivated him so much - there was something rather enigmatic about this person and her general disconnected attitude somehow drew him in.

    As he moved closer and closer to her table, she looked at him, but didn't say a thing, which was a good things in his book. Looking at her closely, he could see she had hardly just gotten off a beauty sloon, her normally long brown hair being braided in a cute ponytail, with... a few bits of grass inside. He smiled warmly, more to himself than to her - there was some peculiar charm to this woman with a messy ponytail that he just couldn't fit in words.

    "I see you've accessioned nicely." he said, taking a seat next to her and taking out the last particularly suborn small grass out of her hair. It is only at that time, that he thought about his own appearance and that made him cringe inside - he hadn't shaven his dark brown beard in about a week and his hair was most definitely a mess, as it was exposed to the wind all day long. Oh well... "Listen, Emma, there is going to be a meteor shower tonight - nothing fancy, it will only last a few hours, but the estimate is for about 50 meteors per hour, would you like to come watch it from the meteorology wing? I have a telescope prepared, but it would be quite nice to have someone to talk to. It would be a good change of scenery from all the wildlife, plus we never really got to talk a lot."
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  3. Emma found herself lost in thought eating away at her salad. Her thoughts danced between her next assignment and her plan to take Lyla to the zoo this weekend since her father had a business trip and couldn't take her. Thought things turned out wrong when her and Blake decided to try more then friend, Emma was perfectly fine with what happened. She had a daughter who was perfect maybe a little quiet but she was like a doll and her friendship with Blake remained strong. Such good friends that even now his new soon to be wife and second child's mother had become Emma's best friend as well. It's was ofd and many people gave her funny looks when they found out about the situation, which was the reason she never told anyone about her personal life. Very few knew about her daughter as well.

    After her small memory jump her green eyes refocused to the empty room around her. For a second she thought she was still pretty much alone but to her dismay her eyes landed on Gai the hot Russian who seemed to keep asking her out on the worst possible days. It's not that she had wanted to say no every time he asked, he simply had bad timing. The first time Lyla was sick and she didn't want to leave her alone with the nanny for to long. The second time Lyla had a school play and Blake was blowing up her phone saying that she was going to make them both late for their daughters first big showcase. Emma wasn't the clingy type nor did it bother her much that she could have been missing good chances at a nice relationship. There was flaws to the very good looking man walking her way. For one he could leave at anytime and get into a relationship that's not going to last is bad for a single parent with a young child. Second his phone was alway blowing up and that could only mean one of two things he either had a ton of girls or just one crazy one. Who knows there is a third option that he had a crazy clingy mother.

    Emma hid a small giggle behind her hand just as Gai sat beside her. She felt her breath catch as his hand brushed through her hair pulling out a blade of grass. Her own hand went to her hair sliding through it trying to erase the feeling that still lingered. Okay maybe the guy was really hot. He made her want to fangirl like she did over some charcters on TV.
    "It was more like I took a dive off the side of a hill and nature decided I could use some more color in my hair." She mused trying to calm her inner self down. She watched from the corner of her eye as a odd expression crossed his face was it maybe worry? No, she needed to stop trying to figure people out earned her strange looks because she stared to long. Her green eyes slid back to her salad unwilling maybe but she got herself to focus on the food. His word were ment to be another attempt at asking her out. She just about opened her mouth to say she was busy again, but she shut her mouth tilting her head a bit as she remember something. Because Blake was going to be out of town this weekend her took Lyla two days ago and she's not going to return home until tomorrow afternoon. She eyed Gai before speaking.
    "You know I work her as basically a ranger more than a scientist because I enjoy the wildlife."
    She stated the fact with a straight face hoping to see his reaction as she held back a smile.
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  4. Well, she didn't come up with another excuse, which was most certainly a good sign, that much he was sure of.

    Yet, there was something about the way she stared at him, even before he sat down - something similar to the way his professors stared at him during his doctoral defence - as if trying to judge and understand every brim of his being. Well, Gai didn't have much to hide, or rather - he wasn't really afraid to disclose, but he liked being slightly mysterious, if that was possible even... In any case, he knew that keeping a bit of a mysterious allure around his persona was always beneficial in all his advances towards women in the past.

    When Emma made the comment about being a ranger, rather than a scientist, he got caught flat-footed - was she joking or was she serious? And how exactly was he supposed to react to that? "Come on, think, damn you, you can't just ask her to spend the night talking to you and bum on the first line she speaks!" he though to himself before answering as best he could - without dwelling on it too much: "An American ranger? That's all I wanted to be as a child... oh wait, that was a power ranger I guess... Anyways, just because you've got your feet" he paused smiling at her and twitching the blade of grass between his fingers- "...or in your case - head, firmly on the ground, doesn't mean you can't keep reaching for the stars. Oh, don't look at me like I've just invented philosophy - it's just a Russian saying."
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  5. Emma seemed to star at him lost in thought for a second before she smiled laughing softly to herself. "Most kids wanted to be power rangers. But, I ment a park ranger you know I do more field work then most." She finished off the last of her salad. Should she answer now or make him wait a bit? It was odd being able to say yes to a date since she had primary care over Lyla. Pondering the thought she got a bit distracted. Shaking her head a bit she decided to go ahead an answer.

    "About tonight. I'm actually free for once but I have another guide latter so it might be about eight by the time I get back. I keep volunteering to take these photographers out while I observe my wolf pack. They tend to keep me there long after I collected the days data and cause nothing but trouble I swear they need at least two babysitters not just one." She sighed rather drastically to show the amount of annoyance photographers caused her. They were overly confident always wanted to get to close and didn't know the first thing about pack workings. They were lucky some of the younger pack members where rescues and were willing to come up to Emma with out attacking. Other wise they wouldn't never get the close ups of wild wolves.

    Emma closed her eyes trying to think about something happy for a moment. Anything else but some of her past experiences with guides. She's almost lost two down a cliff and one almost was eaten by a bear after wondering off. They were always newbies to wildlife photography.
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