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  1. Alright then. I'm if_only, but you can call me Only, if-o, Sketch, Grey, Wish, or Little Miss Grammar Nazi, as my best friend calls me. I'm a girl, but I've been mistaken for boy more than once and I'm a little bit of a tomboy. In case you haven't caught on by now, I'm using the introduction survey thing provided in one of the sticky threads. I'm fourteen and a freshman in high school, as it should be. This is actually explained in both my about me and my status update, but while this site is new to me, roleplaying itself is not. You can find more information in my about me. I prefer group roleplays (so they can't go dead if one person leaves the site) but small ones, with ten people at most. Whenever I'm browsing threads, I won't even bother if they have more than twenty posts, since that means that they're already relatively far in and it would be a bother to try and catch up or jump in. Yes, I absolutely ADORE stomping on crunchy leaves!!!! It's like that question was put in there just for me!!!! I'll only step on big, crisp ones, though, so they make the perfect crackling noise. I pretty much have it down to an art. And a song that's on my, this is a surprise to me, but right now I don't have any songs stuck in my head. Every morning I wake up with a new one, whether I listened to it recently or not, and I have to listen to something else to get it out. I sing it wherever I go, as well, to get it stuck in everyone else's heads. Heheh. I suppose you could say I have "Pretty Rave Girl" by S3RL in my head, but that's just because it came to mind. I have a blog, and the link is on my profile ...hopefully. Yes, if you look at some of my other writing, it's like a have a split personality, and I sort of do. Depending on the situation (and how sleepy I am) I might be polite and quiet, but with lots of interesting input, or hyper, boyish, friendly, but with a minuscule work ethic. Either way I have a large vocabulary and always try to give my characters theme songs. Nice to meet you all, and I hope for good writing!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Only. I guess I have decided to call you by that ^^; Anywho, great intro there, even though it gave me a headache considering how the forum layout is with regards to a wall of text haha. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and get into some nice RPs :)
  3. Thanks for saying hi, Ari, and nice to meet you!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku!

    That was a bit of a text-wall but I'm glad I read it all lol, you seem like a pretty fun person! I've only heard one song by S3rl (Pika Girl) but I liked it, even though i'm not usually into dubstep

    Hope to see you around! PM me if you're ever bored or stuck
  5. Haha, yeah, I guess it was a little long. Thanks, and I will!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku. We've got all the best everything here.
  7. "The best everything"...? I doubt the site's perfection, but it should be fun. Thanks for your welcome. ^-^