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  1. hi, i'm ALi, buu, Dubai, Alipillar, whatever you want to call me XD i'm bored and sufferign from rp with drawals and the top 50 rp list site recommended YOU! So hi, here I am, ready to rock and roll on your site. I like fantasy most of all but i do the other genres too. I hope you guys will make me feel welcome.
  2. Welcome! Well you came to the right place - any questions just feel free to ask! x
  3. Hello I'm new here as well. Almost 2 weeks old I am! This site will be everything you need and more. I was suffering from withdrawals as well. Nasty stretch of 4 years without any. I came here and it's like hose 4 years never happened. Enjoy your stay, I am!
  4. HI! I'm slowly finding my way around the site, I've discovered the chat quite by accident though it appears that im the only one there XD But no matter XD Im looking forward to rping with new people and developing some great stories
  5. If you're in the chat o.o talk.. There's a few of us in here :') x
  6. uh i dont know which chat im in. There are rather a lot. Oh and my withdrawals are only a week old but still, they're there XD
  7. Oh, quite a different span of time. Well regardless, I hope you enjoy it here!
  8. Hey, I just joined and am still kinda learning the ropes of rping and this site.
  9. Yello, welcome to the site! I look forward to RPing with all of you, and if you have any questions I can try to answer them.
  10. I read this as YOLO at first. I was about to facepalm. Anywho! Welcome to Iwaku!
  11. Lol, Celes.

    Welcome all of you newbies to Iwaku! Really glad to have y'all here and if ya need any help, never be afraid to ask! Happy writing!
  12. Ahahaha I would never use YOLO. its ridiculous and pointless. Why make excuses for things that clearly i felt like doing because i could. Not because i 'only llive once'. Anyways, HEYOOOO! Apparently i dont have permissions to visit that link you sent me Charlie, for whatever reason XD oh wells, im sure i'll live. So, What rps do you guys recommend for a new comer to the site? I'm pretty experienced in rp in general but as I don't know how this site works, I'd like to figure it out XD