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  1. What have you learned about life this year?
    Do you think that you have grown as a person since this time last year?
  2. I learned that I hate hospitals and having chunks of my intestine surgically removed and living with a temporary ileostomy.

    Other that that, this year is a write off that's completely obliterated any sense of self worth I have and the challenge to dig out of that hole is mighty and at times feels impossible.

    So yeah. Ask again next year.
  3. Don't expect anything. The world doesn't owe you shit, you gotta go out there and take what you want!
  4. Life apparently has 8g of Sugar per cup and only 160 Calories.

    Has this helped me grow? Only in that I'm happy with my choice of Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    In all seriousness, people are never what you think they are.
  5. This year was probably one of the harder years I've had. I don't think I've shed as many tears or gotten so angry and frustrated. That in itself was maybe a learning experience, knowing that I too have a breaking point.

    But I did also learn that as sucky as the world is, and as crappy as people can be and make me feel, there are still those who care about me, even if my one hand is enough to count them on. So, yet another learning experience. ^_^

    Have I grown as a person? Maybe. Maybe not. It's hard to tell, really. I would say I know more of what to expect of the world in general, however.
  6. What I've learned about life this year:

    - Life is a lot of fun, and even more so if you choose to ignore all the "unwritten rules" (or at least the ones that inconveniently get in the way)

    - Staying true to yourself and what you know is right will lead you to a good, if not great place

    - The more pics you take, the less chance you'll have of regretting something

    - Taking care of those who take care of you pays off for everyone... both professionally and personally

    - Samurai armor is heavy

    - watching Japanese baseball is way more fun than watching any other form of baseball

    I've grown as a person in terms of learning more (at work and at "play"), and understanding more of my capabilities and capacity to handle more, and learned more tricks in delegating and involving others. Additionally, language-wise I'm much better with Japanese than I was a year ago.
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  7. That you'll never know what people really think of you...

    So just don't worry about it and move on
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  8. Definitely grown a lot.

    Also, I need to stop being an asshole to people who are trying to help : |
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  9. This sounds like a good way to go to jail.

    Please take responsibly.
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