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  1. I have had the sudden craving for using Godfrey Gao. For you ignorant fuckers (sorry...) who is unaware of who he is -- he's a hella hot asian model. Like holy fuck!

    Sorry for the informalities. Now lets get back to business!

    Quintessential Prerequisites
    • Adept or higher leveled writers.
    • +4 Paragraphs per-replies. Will accept 3 paragraphs cause we have those days.
    • Grammar and spelling must be perfected. (Small slip-up's like autocorrect is understandable. Please refrain for making it constant.)
    • Realistic physique's. (MANDATORY)
    • Please be +16 or exhibit high maturity.
    • Aggressive Writers. Do not fear creativity!
    • Extensive vocabulary is extremely enticing. (Not necessary but is highly preferred.)
    • Portray character emotions, actions, and thoughts accurately to the situation.
    • Minor Characters, albeit major or minor they are certitude for a must!
    Libertine Prerequisites
    • Accurate sex portrayal.
    • Stimulate all the necessary senses.
    • Plausible reactions.
    • No limits. (Except for furries, gang bangs, rape [?], incest, toilet play, weird ass shit I'm not aware of.)
    Libertine Wish List
    • Biting/Licking/Kissing (All over the body, mmm.)
    • Aggression/Rough
    • Explicit/Dirty (But keep it classy)
    • Seduction (Either party)
    • Sexual Frustration/Tension
    • Restraints
    • Teasing
    • Blindfolds (I don't know why but I have to do this.)
    • Removal of clothing. (Slowly)
    • Against the wall/table/anywhere
    About Myself
    • High School student (A-dur!)
    • SAT Prep/Work/Outside of school/Relationships (Basically I'm busy as fuck.)
    • I respond to the person who has responded first. First come first serve. Don't whine when I'm posting for someone else.
    • I like pretty posts. I can edit and bedazzle my posts.
    • Lets talk. I love talking. Talk to me and lets be BFFs.
    • In Tokyo, yakuza's are littered around everywhere keeping a control around the cities and towns. There are small factions, to big groups, to large corporations. Our story will focus on one of Japan's most deranged yakuza, the Black Dragon (黒竜). The Black Dragon is well-known for the brutality of its members and the unknown entity that controls the entire corporation. The wife of the Eight Headed Serpent yakuza leader (or family boss) is kidnapped by the Black Dragon. She is blindfolded and taken into a strange place, where she is presented to the Black Dragon's leader, Raijin Endo. He then video tapes her and sends the video, erupting a heated war between rivalry yakuza's. (Thats all I got. I apologize if it sounds completely disorganized and messy. If you wish to bombard me with your inquiries, I say, bring it on!)
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  2. I can't... >///< ... Noes... >~< ...please?
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  3. Yes you can! I can finally use Godfrey Gao! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Let's move this to our conversation.
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