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  1. Year 2263

    The Earth has become a bit too difficult to maintain and fix. Most places had destroyed habitats, and many animals within certain habitats have run wild in search of ways to survive. Change had occurred in the last 249 years. With factories and cars slowly deteriorating habitats, life has become a bit difficult to live by. Mountains became slightly unstable, and very cold at night, causing treacherous peaks by the chilly winds. But humans found a way to survive.

    Within the 249 years of the Earth's depletion, the Government took control and had Domes built. These domes secured an entire town, even a city. The Government took over what was left of the human race, monitoring under strict control. Dogs that use to be domesticated family friends, are now ordered under the Organization to serve them and monitor the people. Used for something more 'useful' they were trained to keep order within the cities and will use force without hesitation.

    These dogs monitor the streets of the dome at night. They are not normal dogs. Many of these dogs had mechanics put into them, making them cyborg canines. Creatures turned into robots to serve under the Government, to keep order and strict discipline.

    Many people have taken the chance to rebel against the Government, and their fate was the same as the last. But a couple of people finally had enough of the Government, were curious about the "Outside World" and want to escape. Obedience is taught, but Rebellion is instinct.

    If interested, then fill out this Character sheet:

    I may only accept up to 3 or 4 people.
    Mechanical Dogs (K9) :


    Outside World:

    Strict Rules:
    1. Children and Teens are not allowed out past 8PM If so, they will be punished by law.
    2. No Vandalism, Stealing, or Commits of Murder. Punishable by Law as Death
    3. Adults are not allowed out past 10PM If so, they will be punished by law.
    4. No animals within the home.
    5. No Leaving the Dome. If so, they will be shot and killed on sight.
    6. Students are to be in school from 7AM-4PM If not, they are punished by law.
    7. All children and teens are treated as adults, no more, no less.
    8. Do not hoard food after Serving Hours, (5-6AM, 11-12AM, 5-6PM) Wasting food is not an option.
    9. Do not cause trouble to patrolling Officers or K9s.
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  2. would the domes be clear or darkened?
  3. I haven't decided that yet. I am thinking they would be clear.
  4. I think logically speaking it'd work better if they were clear, but RP-wise I think darkened and lined with flood lights might be better. It'd be a very effective move on the politician's part if they were trying to break people's hope of ever getting out. If an "outside world" is only something in stories passed down from their grandfather, then i think it'd be fun. People playing rebels could have interesting moral stances that way.
  5. Alright then. I think darkened will be the dome's type. Are you interested in the rp?
  6. hell yeah!
  7. Then create your character my friend. :)
  8. I never create characters until I find inspiration... I happen to be playing Red Faction Armageddon ATM so I should be able to find some quickly enough.
  9. Alright, you do that. I will think up a character as well. I also added to the First Post so it shows some things like the mechanical dogs, Outside World and the City.
  10. I'm interested. I'll put up my CS as soon as I make it ^_^
  11. Alright, here is my character:

    Name: Nemo Blaylock
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cautious, Sometimes reckless and known to be a risk taker. Has a heart of gold and willing to help those in need. Often known to be a guy who comes up with good ideas, though they may not be very good.
    Bio: Nemo was born under rather poor conditions. His parents were having difficult times earning money to support themselves. At the age of about 10, his mother had enough and left him. But his father didn't want any part in a broken family and tried to fix the relationship. During those tough times, Nemo took the effort to go out and seek work at a young age of about 12. Many places would not allow him to work there due to his age, but he found a good job by working for a Jeweler. Often times, Nemo worked late nights with his boss, and since children were not permitted after 8PM, it was often a struggle for Nemo to get home without the K9's spotting him. They were like the night police, but much more obedient, alert and aggressive. It was like this for 4 more years for him. One day, when Nemo was about 17, his parents left him. They could not take living in the Dome anymore, couldn't take the fact that they were practically living in darkness without seeing the sun, without knowing what life was like outside of it, because the 'Outside World' was prohibited. His family was the ones that tried to escape, and they perished due to the K9s.

    Now, Nemo soughts to find a way to escape the Dome, escape this prison that the Government put them under. Even though it was for protection, they were being treated poorly. And they did nothing about the world, just gave up on it and tried to keep what was the remaining human civilization alive. Under such strict rules, and now Nemo too was sick of it. He'd find a way out, even if it killed him like his parents.
    Extra: Has a pet Fruit bat named Ringo. Got his necklace from the Jeweler at the time he was working at the age of 12.
  12. May I make a character to fill a sort of Gestopo role? Sort of a terrible bad guy or boogy man that everyone dreads the Government sending after them?
  13. Name: Matilda Hanniford
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Personality: Deceptive, Manipulative, Quiet, Observant, and Docile/Mild-mannered. She isn't a bad girl, in fact, she's downright sweet to people who are genuinely kind, but she does have an unmitigated goal of getting what she wants. If she has to give the puppy-eyed look to get it, then so be it.


    Bio: Matilda grew up under the tutelage of her parents and grandparents. No other siblings graced their drab household. The Hannifords never wanted to bring a child up in such an unnatural environment, but accidents happen. She heard stories of the outside from her elders, while her mother and father, not to mention the teachers at school, gave dichotomous lessons telling her to keep her head down and stay away from the K9s. The war of the world ruled her life until she was old enough to think for herself, and by the time she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, the curfews were being even more enforced.

    She longs to see the sun. There really is nothing for her in the dark city. Under the dome is a bleak place for everyone. She has no friends to help her with the endeavor. To speak of escape is a crime by itself. Her only saving grace is her smarts. Maybe she isn't a genius, but she can use her looks and that's gotten her way more than intellect alone has so far. Matilda hopes to one day charm her way to the outside world. It isn't the best plan in the world, but she figures it will work about as well as running at the exits headlong.

    Extra: She has corrected vision. Her eyes don't adjust well to light... probably because the only light she's ever seen comes in neon.
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Nikolai Savage (Preposed hunter character.

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Nikolai isn't your run-of-the-mill nice guy. He's a personified hard ass. Everything about this man should be considered more than just a "little rough around the edges". He smokes cigars like a freight train and downs booze like it were water. He's what many would consider an alcoholic but then again his tolerance for the substance has reached such that its effects on him are hardly if ever seen. He loves to hunt, and what he hunts isn't animal, at least not in the traditional sense of things. He loves hunting people. He loves the challenge, but more than anything--if not sadistically, he loves the kill itself. The sight of red, the warmth of blood and the smell of indignation.He's quite possibly the worst, scariest kind of psychotic. Not the shrieking, arm-waving run at you kind but the slow methodical stoic as he cuts your fingers off bit by bit until he has what he came for.

    Appearance: Nickolai is like one of those men you see and go "Oh fuck." He stands roughly six-foot six inches tall, broad shouldered and muscular. No, he might not have robotic arms, but most wish he did. The way the human form contorts when its in pain seems to please him so he makes the pain last that much longer. He is an imposing man.His most identifiable trait, is the large fist with detailed wings spanning shoulder blades. He often doesn't wear kevlar armor except when he expects resistance. His arms are corded with taut muscle, from shoulder to wrist. His body is lean. Muscled, but lean. He looks like he should have been a gladiator in a blood sport.



    (Will add a teenage character soon.)
  15. Alright, thank you guys who joined. :) Also, you don't have to play a teenager. You can play whomever you want, because remember, everyone is living under the dome, so it's not strictly teenager. ^^
  16. ((Since railguns & lasers are existing today [yes, lasers DO exist, they are just anti-missile anti-drone turrets on aircraft carriers, and still very experimental], I am going to assume that lasers work in this very distant future...))

    Name: Lanaeus Stalin
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lanaeus isn't anyone. He's a prodigy with the workings of mechanics and technology. While he never usually voices his ideas, opinions, etc., due to a lack of audience or need, he is very calm and composed. He has a hurricane inside; a mask on the outside. He is far, far beyond the capabilities of a normal man, and through his intelligence, he was able to hide it. His mother and father had instilled within him: "There is more out there, far more than we could ever hope for. The Government wants that, and keeps it from us, for we would take it from them, as it is rightfully ours."
    So he hid, and he stayed calm and acted just as smart as everyone else [in his mind, he thought that], and he built things, he explored the city, and he mapped everything out.

    Appearance (open)


    Bio: Lanaeus grew up in a very rebellious household. His parents often fought, whispering, about their underground rebelling. This consisted of his life, in addition to school and being one of the 'losers' that embarassed anyone that tried to pick on him with big words and making them feel stupid. Up until he was about 18, his father, whom Lanaeus had no idea worked for or worked with, started bringing home little bits and pieces; electronics, energy batteries, bits of this and that, things that Lanaeus would never of thought of.

    His father, one day finding Lanaeus in his stash, grew angry and avoided his son, convinced that he would lead them all to discovery, and death. But his mother saw the truth; Lanaeus, in his short time in his father's stash of items, had built a small toy horse. A horse, which had only been passed on from generation to generation. The small horse had walked around for a while, alone, the owner angry and gone to do some overtime at 'work,' the owner's wife busy with dinner, and the maker busy watching the small horse from the crack in the wall.

    A month later, Lanaeus's mother finally convinced his father to let Lanaeus mess with his now-much-larger stash of electronics and items. With a few tools, Lanaeus soon built working helicopter the size of a backpack.

    At this time, Lanaeus was 18. He had no friends; he had no work. He built furniture, the best furniture, and sold it. And all the while, his father would come by, and drop off more electronics and materials, and Lanaeus would continue building his project.

    11 years later, he had 2 weapons.

    Lanaeus's 'Project' (he has 2 of these) (open)


    Lanaeus has the unique ability to keep information within his mind for very long periods of time, without forgetting it in the slightest. His memory is so good that he has a mental blueprint of everything he's ever made in his mind, with calculations and everything. His mind itself is like a digital 3-D mapping program, with information boxes for every part.

    However, Lanaeus is not very powerful or big. He stands at 5' 8", and has a good enough strength, with very good endurance. He can carry his 'Leper Rifle', which weighs around 28 pounds, easily enough, and a backpack wouldn't reduce his effectiveness.

    In the combat department, Lanaeus has no experience with fighting, and has no experience in anything other than maces [he put several with wood leftover from efficient furniture designs] and practiced with those, in addition to fake wooden Leper Rifles. Other than that, he has no experience.

    Lanaeus is also wiry and only has a small amount of fat; while he earned plenty from his popular cheap, strong furniture, he often stored most of it away, running on the bare essentials, occasionally getting something real & good when he had overcome a particularly lengthy problem in furniture design, his Leper Rifles, or in making better maces.

    Not sure if this will be an OK character; I had just spent several hours drawing the weapon, and I figured the only way I could incorporate it into a roleplay would be by a prodigy with improvisation.

    And he would serve as a good person in a team; one might set him up as bait. What totalitarian government WOULDN'T want a guy who could create laser rifles from scrap?

    EDIT: Changed age.
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  17. Hmm, well I guess I can work with any character given, so thanks for joining Oddsman. :)

    I think we have enough people. So when I get the chance, I'll get the rp set up and we can be on our way, yes?
  18. Yuuuuusssssss
  19. Doing app.. Posting soon.
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