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Boss Frost

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I'm a patient guy. I really am.

I just don't like being pushed around.

I get paid on Saturday. It's not a big paycheck, but it's a paycheck... around six hundred dollars. $577 of that goes to rent, $20 for gas, leaving three bucks for food.

I'm just fine with that.

Now, my apartment has this rule, see? You can have three days of leeway before you have to pay rent. Which I had to use, being paid on Saturday.

Now, this is fine and dandy. Save one thing.

The 'Office' to pay for these closes at 9:00. I went in at 6:00 today to find the office completely vacant... and, after waiting around for a good bit of time, on my laptop, when 9:00 rolls around.

Not a soul.

Guess what this means? It means I get a 'late fee' of $50 added on there.

Fifty bucks that I DON'T HAVE, because my landlords decided they were going to start an early Easter.

That's fair, right? They start an early holiday and I get to pay an extra fifty dollars. What's not to like on their end?

I can't pay it. I'll explain -why- to these assholes before I go bat-crazy... but I might. Ooooh, I might.
Frost, Call shenanigans, be angry to the point of exploding but be sure it's righteous anger. Do not be a ranting douche either, people tend to ignore that.

But if you call shenanigans, back up your call, and they will have no choice but to relent.