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  1. Hai!! And thank you so much for checking this out because I'm in dire need of role-plays ; u;

    I'm a sucker for Romance and conflict so those are awesome plot candies for me, as well as Fantasy & Modern. Though I can play other genre's if the story/plot interests me enough.
    I usually play female, though I can play male. Pairing often happen of bxg , though I'm not afriad of bxb or gxg.

    I suck at creating plots off the fly so, don't expect anything right away xD
    I usually develop conflict and problems along the way, so a base for the role play should be fine. Though if you have suggestions that's cool too!

    I can do sex scene's though, I can't promise I'm good at them. I also don't want it all the time, like:
    They traveled 5 feet, has sex
    They went back, had sex
    That's boring for me and not what I'm in the mood for >:I

    If I am male, I do not play dominant , since i suck at it greatly.
    If I play female, I do not do shy, since I suck at that as well.

    Anyway! Leave a thing below if you're interested and I'll message you!!

    And please!! Don't think that when this becomes a couple days or so old. Or if the're multiple responses before yours, that i wont check you out!! I'm open all the time, until I say otherwise c:

  2. Hey there, I would be interested
  3. Fantasy and modern? Sounds good.
    Used to both male and female characters, so any of the two are ok for me to play. Easily play shy girl, and easily play dominant man.
  4. I am totally interested. Sounds like my kind of thing. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.