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  1. I'm a long time roleplayer that's been around awhile, as would any other.

    I typically play male characters, however I'm open to reasonable changes in species premise.

    Open to:
    * Fantasy
    * Sci-fi (Dystopia's more of a high point)
    * Combat
    * I'm a sucker for Star wars and Warhammer.
    * High-Risk, High Reward
    * Mystery
    * Rolling
    I'm mostly used to roll20 and other concentrated activities, so apologies if I'm seemingly missing at points of time.
    Closed to:
    * Smut / Sexual RP
    * Romance
    * Slice of Life
    * "OC"
    * Super heroism

    As said above, I'm used to tabletop roleplay and Star Wars / Warhammer 40k RP. Due to such I lack enthusiasm for anything that involves players obtaining power beyond the strength of average humanity.

    I don't know if this is really the place for looking for tabletop-esque RP, and am sorry if I'm looking in the wrong place somewhat.
  2. I know the feels! I'm a tabletop roleplayer, too. Actually just finished a SW: F&D campaign, and currently in a WH fantasy [3e] one right now.

    I'm surprised, somehow, that I have yet to get involved with a play- by- post RPGs using dice systems. Seems you're almost in the same boat. haha.

    Anywho- i'm trying to get a slightly more realistic sci-fi going, if interested. Currently we're in the process of creating the universe. Even looking for a GM.... If not that's cool, Just thought i'd throw out the invite.
  3. If you're interested my sister is looking to start an elaborate Zombie Survival based RP
    This isn't your normal Zombie Rp though...
    Can You Survive?
  4. I have RP's that match the interests you listed, but they're very loose in the rules and structure department, so I don't really know if they'd be your thing if you're more used to tabletop RP...

    Altera Arcana is a little bit closer to that sort of thing, although there's still no stats or dice-rolling. o3o Still, it has a ton of lore and worldbuilding and different classes that characters can belong to, so maybe you might still like it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.