Yea....There's an APP for that.

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    What apps would you recommend to your friends>?

    I recently got a Smart phone and am wondering what kinds of apps you all use>?
  2. Hmm, I have an iTouch with a few freeby apps like a periodic table, one for weather in multiple locations around the globe, and most importantly The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch so I know which fish to order that isn't endangered or dangerous.
  3. I USE MY FIST. THAT'S THE ONLY APP I NEED IN LIFE. Also, don't own a smart phone and don't care about getting one.
  4. Things I use my phone for:


    Thats it I think O_o
  5. I have an iTouch.

    My favorite app on it is Wikicompanion, and the glowstick app.


  6. [video=youtube;UlzoL-wQwio][/video]

    Only app you'll ever need...
  7. fuck smart phones. i have the superbrick.

    My little samsung is shock resistant, doesnt get dirt and shit on it and has a torch on the top.

  8. ... oh, a flashlight. I thought you were talking a blow touch. Now THAT would be fucking awesome.

  9. MY FAVOURITE is the Inception (the movie) app!
    Because it's creepy & useless, but you won't stop using it!
  10. Oh, no, It's WMD, I'm sure he's taped a blowtorch to it.