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  1. Hello friends (hopefully)! My name is Gianna, but please call me Rinceau, or Rince/Rincu (Rin-See/Rin-Sue.)
    I am a noobie author and I was like
    "yo maybe roleplaying will help my character development and let me expirience a new variety of characters and express my love for creating characters (ESPECIALLY monster girls wowza)!"
    or just girls in general wowe I love women.

    i do indeed tend to type without any care whatsoever BUT I can focus on my literacy ( what I heard from one of my friends that one of the mods/administrators doesn't like the use of the word 'literate' SO I used a different form. (; ) if I do feel the need while role playing. i do tend to type like this when OOC but while in character, my grammar and punctuation vastly increases.

    i kinda just said the same thing twice omg sorry

    well i hope you adopt me into the Iwaku Roleplay Family!
  2. Welcome to the community and family of Iwaku! Message me if you need any help.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Rinceau! I'm sure you'll feel right at home here. Monster girls are awesome so be sure to have fun roleplaying them into your stories :) Btw is that dota 2 the defense of the ancients? Good times XD Never had tried 2 but I had loads of fun from the WC3 engine.
  4. god bless friends