Yay! Everything's wrong!

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  1. Yeah yeah, old news is old. Suck my dick and comment, biatches.

  2. I find it interesting that, if this indeed turns out to be a fluke, the same physicists have been making the same mistake 15,000 times for three years.

    My guess? Cthulhu has secretly been scrambling the brains of everybody at CERN.
  3. Maybe these "backwards-time-going" particles are the reason for deja vu.
  4. It'll be cool if something in the earth itself has caused a dimensional shift.
  5. No, that's boring. I want to be able to move forwards so quickly, I'm actually going backwards. That way, I'll go back in time and tell my younger self about the powerful neutrinos. And he'll write a book, label it as science-fiction, and when this is actually discovered, I will be hailed as a prophet among the people of the world.