Yandere Simulator

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Orochi, May 13, 2015.

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  2. At last your waifu dreams will come true, Orochi.
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  3. Ah, yes, Yandere Sim. I know of this thing, in which an underaged school girl murders other school girls for Senpai.

    Sit Over Here

    Seriously though I can't wait for this thing to become like, an actual thing, and for the main stream media to inevitable be tipped off and go completely insane over it on a slow news week. I'm just waiting at this point. I mean, they blew up over Mass Effect having an ass shot, imagine their reaction to this. :ferret:


    No seriously though, this is gonna be fuckin' great trolling material.
  4. DAMNIT.

  5. This is just amazing! XD
  6. I've always wanted a stalker to confess to me but only after systematically murdering her competition.
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  8. I'm gonna play this so calmly. With something like Gymnopedie no 1, or Pachelbel's canon playing in the background.

    Also, what type of school is this?
    "Yeah! You can have a freaking weapon!"
    "Oh, a bunch of students bodies have been found? Better keep school open!"

    I need to talk to the Superintendent...
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  9. [​IMG]



    To be honest, the media seems to never smash violence in movies while they're always smashing something else. Also, I don't think there should be extreme violence in movies or games, but that's my choice. If you like extreme violence, fine. Just know they watch you!
  10. wait does the first part of that make me sound Sociopathic?
  11. would play this
  12. I'm not impressed, amused, or even remotely excited for this game, too much fluff, I want my Fucking Silent Hills FUCK THIS!!!

    ~Flips all the furniture~
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  14. That's because they already beat that horse into bloody pulp ages ago and got nothing worthwhile out of it.

    They also did the same to metal and rap music.

    The first big wave of "OMG VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE" that revolved around Jack Thompson already came and went.

    Now the hot new shit is "OMG VIDEO GAMES CAUSE SEXISM."

    There's always going to be some kind of entertainment media that people like to blame for all the woes of society. Video games are the popular target for the moment.
  15. Dungeons and Dragons is a tragic and tangled subject. It is essentially a feeding program for occultism and witchcraft. For Christians, the first scriptural problem is the fact that Dungeons and Dragons violates the commandment of I Ths. 5:22 "Abstain from all appearance of evil." Much of the trappings, art, figurines, and writing within D&D certainly appears evil-to say the least of it. D&D will turn you into a goat-sacrificing devil worshiper. :ferret:
  16. T_T KONAMI RUINED EVERYTHING, I will be sore in the butt for a long time about this.
    They lost del Toro and stripped Kojima's name.

    ..and sorry, but this game just doesn't even compare in contrast to my personal interests in gaming. I'll be six feet under before you see me playing any simulator, save for Goat Simulator. This game in particular is not hitting any of my "Must Play" spots.
  17. I feel like you're taking the Kojima leaving a bit too personal...

    He wanted to leave. Let him!
    games get cancelled all the time!
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  18. This game created for a demographic I do not belong to does not appeal to me. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!
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  19. I can't wait to try a a"Kill Everybody" runthrough.
  20. W-Wait... Are you taking this game seriously? :ferret: It's a joke game. Made for laughs. I also have... No idea what it has to do with Kojima or Konami.

    Seriously, is just game, why you heff to be mad?? Yandere Simulator is like the world's stupidest anime trope given a fucking trophy.
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