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  1. Basically, I'm thinking of a Yandere Simulator RP, or an RP based off the core concept of Yandere Simulator.

    Instead of just one Yandere-chan, what if there were multiple?

    The basic premise is that there is some sort of secret Yandere cult who are in love with the same person. Each week, they cooperate to eliminate a rival who will confess to their love interest by Friday. From time to time, they may plot to kill each other.

    Also, like the game, you have to make sure that no one catches you, and you leave no sign of evidence.

    Also, try not to kill everyone.

    I will play rival lovers and the love interests, as well as the environment. You all will play the Yandere characters. To enhance diversity, I may allow one person to play a teacher or two.

    While the game this was based on is limited to school grounds, I am taking into account that stalking doesn't end when the school bell rings, so yeah, explore the town. Or district. Maybe I'll even dump the whole Tokyo here!

    You know how it works, don't you? I'll even throw in a version of Info-chan to help you out, identify some things, and do some favours for you - no questions asked! But she does require a certain kind of currency, I think those who have watched the tutorials will know.

    How does it sound?
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  2. That sounds really interesting!
  3. One Yandere girl counted.

    Hmmm... four is the number of death, so how about that be the minimum number before commencement?
  4. Sounds good :D
  5. I'm interested as well~! ^^
  6. Since the chances of you guys killing each other are present, and the chances of another character killing you and even you getting expelled(sent to jail or something) are there, should we go for 4 as planned, or a bigger number like 7?

    If we're going to have a game over, a game over so soon isn't very ideal.
  7. I'm all for a bigger number! The more, the merrier.
  8. Well, we can See how many people Join or are interested and decide after.
  9. I'm up to be a yandere. Question! Are we allowed to backstab other yanderes, literally?
  10. The first post explicitly says that you can. So yes, you can.
  11. YES! I am so in! MUWAHAHAHA
  12. Can you name some physical traits of your ideal love interest? I'm thinking of putting together some traits for appearance.
  13. I personally like dark hair. As for everyone else, I don't know
  14. I like dark hair and blue or purple eyes.
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  16. Short hair is pretty cool. I don't really care for the color....
  17. I don't really have any preferences~ As long as my character is able to kill some rivals~ Hehe~
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  18. I'm down to be a little crazy in love...

    Also, dark hair, tall, and green eyes, makes a yandere go *wolf whistle*
  19. So we need only one more I guess?
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