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  1. Yandere Simulator

    Recently I have been playing and watching Youtubers make videos of the game called "Yandere Simulator." As a result, I have been itching for a roleplay based off of the game and Yanderes in general except with the twist of the yandere character being obsessed with a female senpai. This will be a 1x1, with both of us being different characters such as the senpai, yandere, "senpai stealers" to rival the yandere, and teachers who can kick ass like the one in the game.

    || Plot and Rules ||

    The plot will be simple as well as the setting. Basically the rolepay will take place in a Japanese High School located on the out skirts of Tokyo. The senpai is a female who has moved into the country from the United States and will begin her 11th year of school there. However, following the meaning of "senpai," this causes the yandere to be a grade lower than the senpai. The roleplay will start during the first day of school when most of the basic meet each other for the first time.

    As for the rules, I'll keep them basic.

    1.) Please have decent writing skills. Obviously I won't mind minor mistakes here and there. We will both have to post more than three complete sentences to help each other have enough details to work with.
    2.) Mature topics like violence, instanity, gore, and drugs will be present in this roleplay. Sex may also occur. I do not mind writing it out if is isn't rape, but this can only happen if you are 17 or under in IRL age due to Iwaku rules. However if you're older than 17, it is perfectly okay to still roleplay with me, but we must time skip any sex scenes.
    3.) Anime/illustrated pictures only that aren't super showy.
    4.) Please post once every five. I will also mention not to bug me if I haven't posted within a day. It is rude and unessecary considering that we BOTH have four days to post. I won't do this if you don't do it in return. Normally I would have this set at every day, but since both of my wrist are severally damaged, I cannot write as fast as I normal can.
    5.) Please PM me if you have lost interest in the roleplay or if you have to leave for another reason. I won't get angry at you. In fact I'll be happy if you do this rather than leaving without warning.

    -If you would like to join, just comment here. I'll message then through PMs before I make us a thread. I will take multiple partners.

    || Character Roles ||

    We can decide who gets which side characters when we start the roleplay.

    Senpai (Female): SagittariusKnight
    Yandere(Female): You, obviously
    Yandere Rivals:OPEN
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  2. I am very interested in joining. :P
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  3. Sweet! I'll PM you right now! ^w^
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