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  1. Hello there! My name is Yanaike, or rather, it is the name of my favourite roleplay character. Thank you for reading my roleplay request thread.

    This might seem to you as just another regular roleplay request, but it's not! I have a slightly different way of roleplaying that I would like to share with you. I highly recommend you read this first before you approach me with your ideas.

    First of all, I feel like a roleplay has a much higher success rate if we follow an idea that both of us can agree upon and contribute to. I've listed a couple of ideas below, these are meant as source of inspiration only, and not as a 'pick me' kind of list. I would much more love a reply in which you add your thoughts and opinions on one or more of my ideas rather than a reply like 'I like to do this'. Because of that, the ideas listed below are kept intentionally vague and incomplete. If you have any of your own ideas which you feel like fit my interests, feel free to share those ideas with me as well!

    Secondly, no plots! With a pre-defined plot I feel like my creativity is too much limited. What’s the fun of writing something that’s already written down? I prefer to define just our starting point and the history of our characters and just improvise on the go. So, under no circumstances tell me what our characters are going to do. Of course you can try to push the story to a certain idea you have and/or you can tell me you have a cool surprise in mind for me. I can only admire that!

    In the tabs below you will find some more of my expectations, as well as some things you can expect from me. If you feel like you do not completely match my expectation, please tell me, I'm sure we can figure something out! :)

    • What do I expect from YOU?
      • An interesting and unique main character is one of the prerequisites for a good roleplay. You don’t necessarily need to type out whole character biographies, all I ask from you is that you have a clear idea of who your character is and what your character can and (more importantly) can’t do.
      • Having a huge imagination really helps in the brainstorming-phase of our roleplay. During the roleplay itself it would be nice if you could throw in interesting plot-twists now and then to keep the story fresh and interesting, but on the same time also be open minded to my ideas and plot twists.
      • You need to be able to reply at least 3-4 times a week. I might gradually lose interest in our roleplay if your replies take too long. If you need more time, please let me know! Real life always comes first. If, without any notice, you don't respond within a week, I'll have to drop our roleplay.
      • Post length doesn’t matter. Quality does matter however. Give me something interesting to respond to, and the more likely you’ll get a (long) and/or interesting post back. If you can deliver a perfect one-liner, be my guest! But usually for a post to be interesting enough, it should be at least 6+ lines. If I feel your post is too short for me to respond to, I might kindly ask you to extend your post.
      • OOC talk is much appreciated: brainstorming and/or talking about the story, as well as unrelated chatter.

    • What can you expect from ME?
      • My roleplaying level is somewhere at elementary/intermediate/adept. While I'm used to writing stories with other people for almost my entire life, I feel I'm still learning to make my posts better and more detailed.
      • Generally I prefer playing female characters. You might be able to persuade me otherwise with a very interesting idea. However I found that I can much better empathize with a female character and thus write them more convincingly. As for side characters I can play as many males as you want me to. If the story allows it, one of my side characters might even become a main character.
      • If you want to have romance as an option in our story I prefer MxF relationships. With select characters I might also like to try a FxF relationship, but I have never done this before.
      • I suppose I'm okay with sexual themes, as long as you're 18+, both our characters are 18+ and as long as the plot allows it. Note however that I've never done this before. Fading to black is another, more than equally preferred option for me.
      • You can expect anywhere between 3 posts a week and 3 posts a day from me, depending on my inspiration, real-life occupations and our time zone differences.
      • I live in western Europe (GMT+1), however my activity time is very irregular. But as a general rule I'm not active between 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM, which might be around your afternoon/early evening if you live in the United States.
      • My post length can be anywhere between 3 and 25 lines (and maybe even more). Generally, I try to match your post length, but I find it harder to give you longer replies when our characters are in a conversation or when there is a lot of action going on.
      • I only RP within iwaku (no skype etc.), but I do not mind whether we RP in a separate conversation or in a thread.
      • Finally, English is not my first language and during roleplays I find myself struggling a lot to find the right words to describe exactly what I mean. Also, I might make some minor grammar mistakes. I’m always open for feedback and suggestions to improve my English though!

    If you're still reading this, it is time to go on to the fun part! Here are some of the ideas we could start brainstorming about. I'm constantly updating this, adding more ideas, so if you're not satisfied, please check back later, there might be some new ideas that you do like! Also remember that you can also propose one of your own ideas (as long as they're not too detailed already), if you think it will fit my interests.

    The ideas are divided into three tabs: some of my pre-made characters, a couple of settings and some general themes and/or other ideas that didn't fit into the other categories. I'm curious to hear your thoughts and opinions!

    • Characters
      Usually I work with pre-made characters, as I can better empathize with them and thus write them more realistically. Below I will give a short description about a few of my characters, with my most favourites listed on the top. If you want more information about my characters, feel free to ask, but I don't wanna give too much away just yet in order to keep some surprises about their personalities left for in the role play. Note that I'm not limited to just these characters. I have more pre-made characters and I can always upgrade a side character or make a new character if I feel none of these pre-made characters will fit a certain idea.

      A very young looking, sweet, always-curious, knowledge-driven woman who cares nothing about material possessions whatsoever and with amazing thieving/hacking skills. She lacks physical strength though. She can be a bit naïve, blindly following someone with a well-funded opinion. Also, she can never be long in the same place and has a bad habit of 'fleeing away' to avoid confrontations. Her most remarkable physical feature is a long brown-haired tail, which she uses to preform various small tasks.

      An ambitious good-looking blonde young woman with a lot of dreams and enough willpower and self-confidence to strive for them. She is optimistic oriented and even in the worst situations she'll fight for what she believes is right. She might be a bit charming and flirting at sometimes to get what she needs. In company of another girl she might become a bit 'bitchy' now and then. She usually wears comfortable (sport) clothing with usually at least one bright-coloured item.

      Jenny Jigsaw
      The lost daughter of a modern-day pirate whose soul can be very much considered as 'wasted'. She loves spreading chaos amongst people, playing them up against each other as a way of revenge for who she has become. Not many people know that in fact she feels quite lonely and that she's craving to one day return home. One of her trademarks are her technical 'gadgets' that make her even more fearsome. She can be a very valuable companion as long as you two share a common goal.

      Symmin/Simon: A mysterious young man with sometimes weird creepy habits, seeing things differently. He is silent, hates to be in the centre of attention, and prefers to observe things from a distance. His past is unknown, even for himself but he gets bothered a lot with visions from his past as well as his future (and maybe even of alternate timelines). He is very emotional but is able to hide his emotions if he feels it is necessary. If you allow him into your life he can be very romantic, sweet and caring.

      More characters will be added later...

    • Settings
      Here are some of my ideas relating to the setting of our roleplay, both in terms of place (where?) as well as time (when?).

      Almost all of my roleplays are based in a forest, a desert, a little village. I feel like a huge city as the base setting of a roleplay is relatively underused. We can even combine it with fantasy and go into the subgenre of urban fantasy. Let’s search for the small magical secrets hidden between all those city inhabitants. There are countless ideas we can start with: those hidden caves beneath the subway system; a company with weird intentions; if there is just the city where does our food come from; the pub you may never leave after midnight; the school bus that will never reach school; the camper van in an abandoned section of central park; a key that fits no lock; an elevator with an unknown destination; a hidden loft; an abandoned building site; etc. etc. etc.

      If you’re up for a bit more fantasy. I’ve always wanted to do a wonderland or dreamland inspired roleplay. Magical environments with oversized mushrooms, swamplands, large hedge-maze gardens or caves with large blue/purple crystals. Our characters could visit unique and interesting locations.

      Car wreck on the beach
      Imagine a beautiful (doesn't have to be tropical but could be). Anyway, the sea is bright, a broad sandy beach and maybe some steep cliffs on the side. In the first waves of the sea there lies a rusty old car wreck. Nobody exactly knows how it got there and as far as people know it have been there for ages. The car wreck turns out to be a popular hangout spot for teens/young-adults: a group of friends that care nothing about nature. They spoil the peace with their electronic games and loud music, they dump their rubbish into the sea, one of them might do an attempt to surf (and fail), but most of them are just being lazy, tanning themselves, drinking beer and especially acting cool. The story could be about the carefree attitudes of our main characters, or maybe one of our characters could be an outsider that tries to join the 'cool' kids, or we can introduce another group of people: environmentalists that try to remove the car-wreck and bring back peace to the beach, and in that way we could create an interesting conflict between our characters.

      Virtual World
      There are lots of virtual worlds out there in different shapes and sizes: World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Runescape and Habbo to give a few examples. Why not make a virtual world the decor of our RP? We would build an original virtual world with our main characters being avatars of the gamers. We could work with the theme of addiction. A little different idea we could do is that one of our characters is actually trapped/cursed into the virtual world and is not controlled by a keyboard/mousepad but his/her existence is nothing more than his/her in-game avatar.

      Abandoned amusement park
      Slides now covered with leaves, a merry-go-round with a few horses missing and hamburger stalls now covered in graffiti. With this setting we can go slightly more towards a horror theme and we can include attractions that suddenly start working during the night and two thrill-seeking young adults/teens.

      Mysterious house
      One of the very first types of stories I've ever written. Let's explore a large mansion with dozens of interesting chambers and a bunch of unique inhabitants living in them. There are two ways we can do this roleplay: either we both have a main character and both control all of the side characters etc. but preferably only one of us has a main character and the other one controls all the inhabitants as well as the house itself.

      While I've never lived during this time, nor have seen a lot of movies about this time, and thus might not be fully correct when it comes to the smaller details. I would love to do a story that is inspired by this time period. Imagine diners, jukeboxes, bright colours, rollerskates etc. Depending on your interests we could throw in some fantasy elements.

      Late 19th century
      Just like the '50's' idea, I didn't live during this time and I haven't seen a lot of movies about this time, and thus I might not be fully correct when it comes to the smaller details. But I would love to do a story that is inspired by this time period. Imagine the large eastern coast American cities or the European cities before they really became 'cities', back in the days where you could find newspapers on every corner of the street and where things were still powered by steam-engines. Depending on your interests we could add some fantasy elements or push the genre even further, more into the steampunk-era.

      More settings will be added...

    • General Themes

      Consumption Society
      I'm quite fascinated by how much we've grown towards our technological artefacts: internet, TV and plastic bags are examples of things that can not be imagined out of our lives anymore. I like to pull this to the extreme and write a story about one or two or a group of teens or young adults who are completely spoiled by modern technology. The main characters would have lost all abilities that they once gained from their prehistoric ancestors: like instinct and are completely dependent on technology to think, decide and act. Then we would give them some sort of ability, power or problem that contrast with their technology-dependent lives and there we go!

      On the Go
      Name a vehicle. Any vehicle. Make it as crazy as you want. A normal camper van, an air balloon, a train, a submarine, a subway car, a (cruise) ship. Whatever it is, our characters are travelling. They have a common goal in mind, or maybe even different reasons for travelling. If our characters are bound together, contained in a relatively small vehicle, it is guaranteed that some really interesting character development will happen between the characters. It might even be possible to give sort of a gypsy feeling to this, travelling musicians, or maybe like a road trip: stops along the highway to refuel.

      Random Encounters
      Have you ever wondered: those random strangers you come across during your daily life? Who are they, what are they doing and what is the story behind them. This time, you can figure it out! Our roleplay would be based on one or a series of seemingly random encounters. It will be as if faith will bring our characters together. Maybe our characters leave again after one encounter, and then randomly meet each other again a second time and maybe even a third, a fourth… It will be interesting to see how the characters have changed meanwhile. Or we can just leave it to one random encounter and see what happens next?

      Psychological Experiments
      While I think it's hard to brainstorm further upon this one, I would love to do a roleplay in which one or more of our characters are subjected to a (series of) psychological experiment(s). For example think about Portal (game) or Lost (series). We can subject our characters to the weirdest kinds of challenges and it will be interesting to see how they'll react, or how they feel knowing they are constantly under surveillance.

      In a plot where there is clearly a border between good and evil, characters usually play the good side or heroes. I'm always wondering how a classic good vs evil RP would go if we would play the bad side for once. Another option is to mix a 'good' and a 'bad' character together, give them a common goal and see what would happen. I have ideas for both evil as well as good characters.

      Parallel Universes/Worlds or slight differences
      This is also a hard one, but I have always wanted to do a roleplay with some sort of parallel dimension, where things are just slightly different. People that never have been born. Other choices that have been make. Friends that are suddenly the enemy and enemies that are suddenly friends. However in order to make this work, we need to very well define what the original dimension looks like.

      Warning! This idea is quite detailed already and also very crazy! The plot is still missing though, and is something we need to discuss on. Also feel free to suggest adjustments to the idea.
      The world is unstable. Every once in the [insert large number here] years the world has to reset itself, reshaping and reforming items, plants, animals in such a way that they can live for another [same large number] of years. This event is called as 'tilt' and is preceded by a period in which laws of physics are slowly fading away, things starting to act weird and three destined women/girls who find themselves suddenly able to transform between their human-form and a new cat-form. They are called the 'soothsayers' and in cat-from they are able to look into the future and warn people (in riddles) for the dangers ahead and in such a way lead them into the new world.

      More general themes will be added later...

    Send me a PM if you're intrested!
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  2. The Urban Fantasy one immediately reminded me of the movie "As Above, So Below."
    I'm intrigued at the idea! A PM may be coming your way!
  3. I've greatly extended my roleplay request thread with a few pre-made characters and a couple more expectations. I've neatly organized everything so that it'll be easier to look for things. More additions will follow.

    And, as always, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still looking...
  4. Made some minor adjustments to the 'tune' of my roleplay request and I changed the title as a way to better reflect the content of my request thread. Also, I have added two more settings.

    And, as always, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still looking..
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  5. Heh... "disco" is from the 70's, not the 50's.
  6. Added two more general themes, and changed one of my settings for the few nitpickers out there.

    And, as always, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still looking..
  7. Added two more general themes and four more settings!!!

    And, as always, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still looking..
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