Yanaike: Her Journey.

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  1. It was morning where Yanaike was. The air was still cool and the sun shined bright right above the horizon, spreading it's rays upon the lands and seas. Yanaike find herself on a cargo airship. How she was able to board the airship? Did she pay someone for admittance? Or did she sneak in? Or maybe there is another secret method of her own?

    The airship was headed for a city, thousand miles away from where the airship was at the moment.

    Which part of the airship was Yanaike on? What was she doing?

    On the deck and through the circular windows of the airship, view of white clouds and blue skies could be seen on every angle. Only experienced navigators are able to navigate through these thick clouds.

    Everything seemed calm and peaceful until a rumble was heard. From within the white clouds, hooks attached to wires was fired, punching holes through the airship Yanaike was on and latched itself on the flying vessel. Bells alarming people of danger was rung. The crew tried to unlatch the hooks but to no avail. The hooks was designed in such way that no normal method could detach it in a short amount of time. Even spells seemed unable to break the hooks.

    The rumbling grew louder. The white clouds turned grey and rose up, covering the cargo airship. A storm was brewing and lightning struck. The cold air blared with thunder.

    from the clouds, another airship but with a massive hat wearing skull logo printed on the balloons appeared, revealing that the wires came from it. A man on top of the balloon was wielding a staff, seemingly causing the change of weather. From this strange unannounced airship, men with swords, guns, and daggers, started to use the wires to cross over to the airship Yanaike was on.

    "Fire at will!" exclaimed the captain of the cargo airship.

    The cannons was used to shoot large balls of steel towards the other airship.

    The pirates fired back.

    They exchanged fires, creating destruction and deaths in each other's airship.

    It was chaotic.

    One by one the pirates managed to board the cargo airship. One cannonball managed to hit one of the many wires connecting the two airships together. The unlucky pirate dangling on the wire fell while he burnt, making no sound as he disappeared through the grey clouds below.

    on the pirate airship, a large man with thick brown beard, streaked with white was seen. His arms crossed, standing sturdy even with the shaking and wobbling floor under him. He had a pair of mean yet determined looking eyes. One was covered by an eye-patch. There was a obvious scar under his right cheek. His expression nonchalant.

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  2. It'd been nearly five day's ago, when Yanaike wandered around through the city's industrial parks. She was searching for a new place to go, when she found a cargo company. They made weekly trips to a city located over a hundred miles far way. And the best of it all? The company used large airships with large balloons that made the airships fly. She hadn't doubted for a second. Yanaike loved to fly and since she'd born she'd always dreamed of flying on one of these things. And so it'd happened. Yanaike had sneaked on board unnoticed with just her backpack.

    She had hidden in the lower decks of the ship, when she felt the ship shaking heavily. Someone or something must be attacking them. At first Yanaike stayed down in the ship. The crew must be able to handle whatever was striking the ship. And if she would come out of her hiding place, who knew what the crew members would do to her. After all she was traveling illegally. She had no ticket and this ship wasn't meant to transport regular passengers anyway.

    But when the strikes continued and when a cannonball flied right through the romp of the ship, Yanaike became curious. Who was attacking? Why hadn't the crew members eliminated the threat by now? She made her way to the upper floors of the ship and opened a small hatch which made it able for her to look on the main deck. Her eyes widened as she saw a huge pirate ship connected to the cargo ship she was on by large metal chains. A smile appeared on her face. Pirates! She stayed at her same place, the hatch just bearly opened so she could clearly follow anything that would happen at the main deck. She just hoped nobody would see her hiding here.
  3. With hand held rifles, the crew of the cargo airship fired at the oncoming pirates hanging on the wire cables and chains. They downed quite a few numbers, but rifles could only shoot one bullets at a time. Reloading was a pesky and slow task. Pirates that manage to reach the cargo airship was caught in a sword fight with the cargo airship's crew. In the fight, one of them stepped on the hatch's trap door, shutting it tight. Yanaike could no longer see what was happening outside, but rapid footsteps could be heard on top of the trap door, possibly the continued duel of the two men.

    The wires was gradualy reeled in, closing in the distance between the two airships. One thing is sure, the cargo airship are on its way to loosing, unless something is done.
  4. One of the fighting crew members stepped on the hatch, making Yanaike unable to watch the battle. However, it was clear to her the members of the cargo ship were on the losing side. She didn’t really wanted to get involved in this, however it was clear she had to make a choice right now: join the pirates or protect the innocent crew members. Hiding in the lower decks was no longer an option for her since that would mean she would go down with the ship.
    Determined she ran to another staircase leading to the main deck, while grabbing and preparing her crossbow. She aimed her crossbow at one of the eyes of one of the pirates and shot one of her iron bolts.
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  5. The iron bolt flew towards its target, puncturing through the pirates eye and into his brain, causing the pirate's body to limply fall to the floor or the airship, dead.

    At that moment, one of the crew quickly turned his head to the source of the bolt. Yanaike was found.

    "Stowaway?" he muttered. "You picked the wrong airship to board illegally. I hope we both survive this."

    The air blared with sounds of cannons, guns, thunder, and yellings while the man spoke. He wasn't sure if Yanaike heard him through all the noise. But while his attention was on her, just a few feet away, another pirate with his cutlass up was fast coming after the man. The pirate's sword was swinging downwards aimed at the man's head.
  6. At first moment Yanaike chuckled a bit. "Hihi!" This man's ship was being conquered by quite a pack of pirates and yet he was making a fuss about a single stowaway? And even funnier were the things he tried to tell her, but it was completely unclear to Yanaike what he was telling her due to the noise of firing guns and cannons around her. However one thing was for sure: he didn't really looked friendly towards Yanaike. Was this her thanks for helping out?

    She noticed the pirate sneaking up on the poor man. She knew she had to make a decision quickly now. Did she want this man to stay alive, or would she join sides with the pirates? She decided the latter, waved the poor man goodbye and then she let the pirate kill him.
    She, herself turned aside and aimed her crossbow at the head of another member of the cargo ship and fired.
  7. The man felt strange. He wondered why was Yanaike waving at him. Before he could figure anything out, the blade of the cutlass cut through his scalp and skull, into his brain. He slumped down with the blade still stuck to his head.

    It took a moment for Yanaike to reload her crossbow and shooting the bolt towards the crew member, one who was fighting another pirate. The bolt hit the crew member's head, causing him to die instantly from the wound.

    The pirate from before yanked his cutlass out at began to head towards Yanaike.

    "Surrender or die, little girl!" he exclaimed. The cutlass was over his head, ready to be swung down at Yanaike.

    His loud voice attracted the other pirates, causing them all to avert their attention to him and then Yanaike.

    Yanaike's crossbow is not yet reloaded. She cannot shoot her bolts before reloading. What will she do?
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  8. Succes! Yanaike thought as the iron bolt killed the cargo ship’s crew member. Now she stood equal: she’d killed both a pirate and a cargo ship crew member. She could still join both sides.
    However the pirates had now focused their attention on Yanaike. Yanaike hated to be in the middle of attention. Preferably she wanted to crawl away, back to the safe lower decks of the ship. However she knew she had to stay strong.
    “Surrender or die, little girl!” one of pirates exclaimed as he aimed his large sword on Yanaike. Her previously joyfully wagging tail now dropped down to the ground. What could she do? She trained herself to quickly reload her crossbow and she could probably shoot the pirate before he would strike his cutlass. However due to the pirate standing so close, she would never be able to make a critical shot. Also, when she would kill this pirate, the other pirates would probably all charge towards Yanaike and she was certain she couldn’t fend off a whole army of pirates.
    She descended to the floor, dropping down her crossbow and when she came up again she raised her hands. However just before she wanted to surrender a couple of different words came to mind.
    “C-Can I join you?” she tried nervously, her tail wagging slightly around close to the floor.
  9. Yanaike's words froze the pirate in place. Her words confused him.

    "Stupid girl!" he exclaimed.

    Instead of dropping his cutlass down on her, or responding to her requests with words, the pirate briskly swung the back of his other free hand towards Yanaike's face.

    Will she see the hand coming? Does she try to evade it? Or will she voluntarily let the hand hit her face?
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  10. “Stupid girl” the pirate exclaimed. The next moment Yanaike saw a hand palm coming to her face. Yanaike quickly dashed aside to evade it.
    “What was that good for?” she asked. She looked around to the other pirates. Was this some kind of pirate greet? The other pirates were looking in her direction. Lots of eyes focused on her. Yanaike slowly started to panic. Why were they all looking at her?
    “Nevermind” she mentioned as she started running away from the pirates back to the staircase leading to the lower decks.
  11. His hand hits only thin air, causing him to lose balance for a moment.

    "Bitch!" he felt humiliated. "I'll go get her," he told the other pirates.

    The other pirates continued their raid. Standing idly for just one girl will only get them killed on duty. Dying is not something they desired. And so, the fight for survival on the upper deck continued. Yells and screams, blasting of cannons and guns, thunders, still filled the dark sky. The sorcerer who was standing on the pirate airship balloon caused a lightning bolts from the abnormal dark clouds to struck the deck of the cargo airship, forcing everyone to run down for cover. Some have already already using the emergency boat to flee with their lives. The pirate airship had finished reeling in the cargo airship, locking the two airships together side by side. More pirates started to board the cargo airship.

    Meanwhile, below deck, a game of cat and mouse was in play. Yanaike had run into the cannons room. There was a total of five people there. Three pirates and two cargo men, locked in battle. Yanaike was just in time to see one of the cargo men stab on pirate in the gut, making the fight a fair game. Meanwhile the pirate who was chasing her had picked up a deserted gun from the floor. While running, he quickly aimed it to one of Yanaike's legs and shoot. The path inside the cargo airship is narrow. It would be difficult for Yanaike to move with ease.
  12. As she reached the lower deck, she noticed a battle which was occurring, however she didn’t really pay attention to it as she heard the pirate was coming down the cracking stairs as well.
    Yanaike turned her goggles before her eyes, she descended and started running on all fours. A cat and mouse chase started with the pirate following her close by.
    Yanaike clearly had the upper hand: the small corridors and the system of small linked rooms had been her home for the last three days. Navigating through the small corridors proved to be no problem either, it kind of reminded her of the times when she was being chased through the small alleyways of Navradash. And thus the distance between her and the pirate behind her gradually increased.
    The problem however was that the pirate had somewhere found a gun and now started shooting at her. She knew that she couldn’t keep this up. Even though the distance between the two became larger, the pirate just had to make one accurate shot, and there wasn’t enough space to dodge the bullets.
    There was really just one option for Yanaike: magic. She quickly moved her tail ton one of the pockets of her leather jacket, opened it and grabbed one of the die out of it. Forming kind of a bowl shape with her tail and the dice placed in it, she moved her tail towards her mouth. The spell she was about to cast, must had been created for this kind of purposes. As she concentrated her mana on the die, she started calling the ancient words: “Olkoon tama noppaa olleste takana!” As she finished the words she threw the dice backwards in the alley and continued running. The spell she’d just cast was a summoning spell, based on the result of the dice it would summon a small barrier like the skin of a banana. She just hoped the result would be high enough to slow down the pirate.
  13. The shot missed and ricochet off the walls.

    "Fuck!" cussed the pirate as he threw the gun away.

    The gun was a one shooter. It has to be reloaded before it can be shot again. The pirate did not have the luxury of time to do that.

    Although Yanaike was used to navigating herself across narrow spaces, so did the pirate. He had lived his life in ships of all kind and he knew the plan and layout of the cargo airships. But it seemed that Yanaike was faster. She moved light as a feather, agile and accurate in her movements. Their distance grew in length, until he slipped on a random banana pealing. He fell on his bum, sled on the floor, and hit the wall. The air was knocked out of him. Yanaike was already gone.
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  14. It took a while before Yanaike dared to look around. The pirate seemed to have gone. Yanaike still kept the possibility open that this pirate could return any moment, having hidden behind a corner or something but at least she didn’t have to run anymore.
    So now what? Was Yanaike supposed to go back and help the cargo members after all? Or would she return to help the pirates? Both options didn’t really seem to work out for her. No, she decided to stay on the lower deck. She entered a random room and hid behind a couple of crates.
  15. The air blared no more with noises from cannons, guns, screams, and thunder. Only sounds of creaking wood and footsteps could be heard with rough voices ordering about.

    "Move or I'll put a bullet in your head," said a pirate, herding his hostage to the upper deck.

    Many lost their lives in the raid. Multiple dead bodies with open wounds, pirates and cargo workers alike, could be seen. Some even lost limbs. It wasn't an admirable sight. Blood pooled on the floors, making them slippery. The odour of blood filled the air. The walls of the airship was filled with holes big enough to fit a small person, made by the cannon balls.

    The cargo airship has lost the battle. The pirates has won. The crew of the cargo airship were being assembled in one spot. Their fate is unknown.

    "Check the airship thoroughly," said the captain. "There could still be people hiding."

    The pirates did as ordered. They checked above the air balloon. They checked under the airship. They checked every room, even the waste disposal chamber and inside the cannons. And they checked the shipments and the contents. One by one the checked everything; every nook and cranny. It would be very bad if one person was to escape. One person could make a big difference.

    A pirate headed behind the crates where Yanaike was hiding. He wasn't alone. He was watched by another pirate.
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  16. Yanaike was kind of shocked when one of the pirates found her behind the crate.
    “Uhm… hi?” she said hesitatingly, with a forced smile on her face and waving her hand slowly. She wasn’t really sure what would happen next, but she was quite sure the pirates wouldn’t be happy to find another person on the ship.
  17. The pirate wasn't surprised when he saw Yanaike. He wasn't alarmed either. A small girl like Yanaike did not intimidate him.

    "No use trying to hide or fight anymore, girl. Your comrades are already up deck, being assembled." He gestured for her to move with his cutlass. "Go join them or be prepared to be struck down, here and now."

    The pirate would lead her up to where the cargo airship workers are assembled.
  18. There was no point for Yanaike to try fleeing or use magic anymore. She knew very well that as soon as she would try anything, the pirate would strike her with his giant blade.
    And so she followed the pirates commands, he brought her to the upper deck and there she waited patiently what the pirates would do with her.
  19. All of the cargo airship crew were told to be on their knees and their heads looking down. They could only see the dirty deck floor.

    It was obvious that Yanaike wasn't one of them. She was a girl and she had a tail.

    A large figure and one regular sized pirate stepped in front of Yanaike.

    "If want this girl, captain. She humiliated me." It was the voice from the pirate that chased her and failed before. "Ohhh the things I'd do to her."

    Then, another voice spoke; a deeper and older voice. One would assume it was the captain of the pirates.

    "No, Alrick. I can't grant you that request," said the voice. "This girl is my daughter..."
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  20. Yanaike bowed her head down, like the cargo crew members, waiting for the decision the pirates would make.
    She was kind of scared when she heard the pirate that had slipped over the banana skin. What did he want to do to her?
    However then she heard another voice. A voice that sounded vaguely familiar, one that Yanaike hadn’t heard in a long time. But it couldn’t be him!
    “This girl is my daughter...”
    Yanaike was shocked. She got up, wanting to see where the voice was coming from. On the deck of the pirate ship a strong looking man stood, probably the captain. He even looked like him! But… no! It couldn’t be him! He’d died!
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