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  1. Marshall sat chained up in the market, he was recently fed, but was still quite hungry the store owner barely fed him, only gave him a pint of chicken blood. Marshall felt himself getting weaker. He sat in his human sized cage his right wrist handcuffed to the side of it. He desperately awaited a new owner. He licked his dry lips and started to drift off into sleep.
  2. Scarlett growled at her alarm clock as it blared from the other side of the room her long crimson hair hiding her silver eyes as she crawled out of bed. She'd finished the last of her training as a mage a week ago and decided to enjoy sleeping in as a small vacation to herself. Shuttig the annoying alarm off she shuffled to her bathroom for a morning shower to wake herself up.
    She walked out the bathroom wrapped in a towel 20 minutes later feeling refreshed and alive she smiled as she rummaged through her closet for her silver v neck shirt and jeans. She didnt have much planned today but clean out the basement as it needed it badly. She'd already finished with the attic, kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms in the house. The mew at the back door let her know that Kyler her ebony colored cat was ready to come inside for the day.
    "Alright, alright hold your horses kit."
  3. Marshall was fed a little more by the store owner. He snarled a little which seemed to piss the store owner off. He then kicked his cage and started cursing at him. Marshall sat there growling and hissing at him, but was still too weak to do anything. He kept his cool and took what he had to say. After Marshall's last owner, which he never knew the name of, bought him as a child, he wasn't treated well at all, but at least he got a good full meal, it was a little of his last owners blood. The only reason he was able to do so, is because the woman used to enjoy being bitten. She found pleasure in it, and getting the life sucked out of her just added on to her weird weird fetish. He was glad that was over, but he was still worried about who the next owner might be, let alone he was wondering if he would just die from how he was being treated now.
  4. Scarlett let her cat in, the feline brushed against her leg purring then trotting to the kitchen because she ws hungry and she expected her master to feed her. The crimson haired girl shook her head and followed her to take down the canned food and setting in Kylar's food bowl. She threw the tin away and opened the frigerator to find something to eat but the doorbell rang making her look questioningly at the front door. She slowly made her way to the door; looking through the peephole she saw what looked like a delivery man. She opened the door peeking her head out looking at him supiciously. "Can I help you?" The man held out a letter to her; the envelope was red. She took it knowing it was from her aunt. Curiously she opened it.

    Dear Scarlett
    I have given you a present. I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

    P.S. Sign the mailman's paper so you can get the address to where your present is.

    Scarlett looked at the man as he held out a clipboard and a smaller envelope out to her; she signed and too the next envelope and read it with raised eyes. Scarlett let out a huff and started for her room so she could change into some clothes for the trip for today.
    Twenty minutes later she was locking the front door and making her way to her car to drive to the place that her 'present' was suppose to be. The drive took another hour of her time; parking she made her way to the front door and opened it hesitantely. "Hello?"
  5. Marshall looked up to the sound of the door opening. He swallowed. He looked to the owner of the store with mixed emotions. 'Is that her, is that my new owner? How will she treat me? What will she do with me?' These are all things he asked himself in his thoughts for he knew if he had spoken aloud either the clerk or his new owner would punish him for it. Marshall scooted back in his cage a little, scared to see who would be taking him.
  6. She walked in hesitantly, when her eyes agusted she spotted an older man at the a counter. She made her way towards him, "Hi, um i have a package?" She held up her aunt's letter the man looked up at her with bored eyes that soon sparked with intrest when he spotted the crimson envelope. "Yes he's right over here." The man motioned for her to walk behind the counter, she looked at him confused as she did so, "He?" Scarlett's eyes fell on the cage the male inside pressed up against the back corner; she gave him a nervous smile, of course her aunt would do something like this, why did she expect something else. "Uh, how do I bring him home?" Her familiar was not going to like his at all.
  7. Marshall was scared. He saw her smile, however that didn't make him feel anymore comfortable. His battered clothes were starting to get uncomfortable. He looked up at the store owner as he handed her a leash. Marshall widened his eyes. 'A FREAKIN LEASH!?' he thought to himself. He shook his head, but he was ready to be humiliated on the way back to his new owners place. He had been treated like this for years so you would think he would be used to it...not really.
  8. Scarlett looked at the leash then at the old man as if he were crazy.
    "You're joking right?" She voice was monotone and she looked at the male in the cage puzzled. She stuffed the leash in her pocket and opened the cage slowly and held her hand out to him.
    "Come on I'm sure holding your hand with a stick spell is less weird than a collar and leash. I have neighbors and they would talk if I came home with a boy on a leash." She gave him an amused look her palm glowed a faint purple from the spell she'd just cast. Holding hands was less obvious and it was bad enough that the male had pointed ears; they could be written off as cosplay.
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    Marshall grabbed her hand shakily and hesitantly. He stayed silent, because he still felt like it was an act, a total fluke. He took her hand and weakly got up out of his cage. He smiled a little, but tried to suppress his feelings at the same time.
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    Once their hands clasped the spell snapped shut, the only proof of the spell the faint purple chains around their wrists. She smiled at him reassuringly and lead him outside where she parked her car. She paused at the vehicle perplexed, "Well damn that didnt get us far did it?" She laughed scaratching the side of her head. She unlocked to back passenger side door, she broke the spell with a whisper and sat him in the seat shefor some reason already had the child locking system in the back doors. She walked around, got in, started her car, and drove off towards her home.
    "I'm Scarlett by the way do you have a name you go by?"
  11. Marshall looked up. "U-um...y-yes...My name is Marshall L-lee," he said quietly. He thought it was too good to be true. She was nothing like her horrible aunt, she was nice, and kind, and he wasn't in the trunk in a cage, or just stuffed in the trunk. He had a worried look on his face, and he avoided her eyes.
  12. Scarlett glanced at him through her rearview mirror hiding her worried glances, he reminded her of Kyler when she'd found her at a kitten; flincing at every little thing waiting for the blow to come. She clenched the steering wheel and ground her teeth starring straight ahead; of course her aunt would do something like that. She'd always had a few screws loose from the start but to abuse another being...she should not be surprised.
  13. Marshall glanced out the window, remembering all the horrible things that were done to him at that wicked ladies house. He shivered as he remembered the screams of pain he had let out...he was just hoping this woman was a better owner than the last one. He swallowed as a tear started rolling down his right cheek.
  14. Scarlett glanced up seeing a few tears escape down Marshall's face she didnt know if she should ask if he was okay or let him alone. She turned onto her street and sighed greatfully, "we're home." She kept her tone light as she slowed to turn into her drive way pressing the button for her garage door to open. It slowly rolled open and she parked pressing it again to close. She turned the car off and got out to open the door for him, "Fare warning I have a familiar cat and i dont know how she'll react around you." She gave him an apologetic smile.