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  1. Two waring nations send their bravest men out to conquer as much territory and power as possible. During the mist of confusion two soldiers from opposing armies, under friendly fire, are forces to jump off a ravine to avoid being killed by their allies. They survive the jump, but much more is in store for them in an area untouched by man where everything is designed to kill them. Can these two enemy work together to make it home to their families?

    ((Okay I have that narrator's guy's voice in my head when I wrote this XD lol ))

    So lets get down to Business!!


    The Skele!!
    Personal Bio:​
    Why are you here?​
    Pic: (optional)​
    Would you want to have to two waring nation to have a certain abilities/powers?
    Also you can totes make up the name of the nation! : )​
  2. -Will work on Character Sheet tomorrow-

    Hmmm, if you'd like them too, I don't mind either way. I think it could add some interesting twists, but I shall leave it up to you! :D I shall also think of a Nation name soon! >:3
  3. Name: Toma Kyou
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Race: Canisian
    Class: Lower rank

    Personal Bio:
    Kyou is a girl who always had a knack from breaking the noms. She a 19 year old she's well over due for marriage and starting a family. That seemed to be all woman were good for. Not that having a family was bad or anything. Kyou just felt she was purposed for more exciting things. When the situation of war raised she took it as her opportunely to prove to her family and herself that she was worth more than just a Baby maker and that she could protect them.

    Why are you here? I'm here because I want to protect my family and prove that I'm just as tough as any man. I know that it's illegal from women to join the military but I have no choice. I find it my solemn duty to honor my family.

    Toma Kasanaru.jpg
  4. *Apart from being unconventional she was a proud Canisian. The Canisian were a proud warrior people whose strength to there survival was there ability to imitate there opponents. The Canisian were a smaller group but in recent years there numbers have quadrupled forcing them to seek resources in enemy territory. The pride in joy of Canisa is there flexible fighting style called 'Coa.' They are usually referred to as Cat people, though there outer appearance is similar to humans with an orange undertone to their caramel skin. Their reflexes and flexibility is second to none, giving them the ability to collapse there skeleton when squeezing into tight places.
  5. Name: Ryu Kona​
    Gender: Male​
    Age: 24​
    Race: Thresilian​
    Class: Warrior​
    Personal Bio: Ryu was always one of the top students in his class. He passed with flying colors and soon went on to fulfill his dream of joining the Military and becoming a Warrior. He trained daily, always coming up with new ways of battling so he could rise to the top and become the best. ​
    Why are you here?: Personal gain and interest mostly, as well as loyalty to his Race.​
    Pic: [​IMG]

    Clan Description: Thresilians are very precise people, they tend to use brains over brawn with their battles. Though a peaceful people, they will rise to their Ranks when challenged. Their most outstanding ability is their stamina and swiftness. They can run for miles and at a quick pace as well, giving them the nickname of Dragon People. ​
  6. Sweet I like your profile :D

    OKies their are two places we could start. We can start with their lives pre-enlistment and after or first day on camp grounds, or summary of the weeks leading up to the battle, or all.
  7. Hmmm would you like to make it all in our first post, then having the later post be leading up to when they fall in the ravine?
  8. Yep : )
  9. Okay! Would be so kind as posting the first post? ^^
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