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    "Money, check. Backpack, secure. Uniform?" Enzo looked over his shoulder toward the mirror. His mental checklist was nearly complete. "Perfect." He smiled after he had checked himself. The bus would come down Enzo's block soon, so he had to be ready. He rushed down the stairs, making sure that he didn't leave anything behind on his first day.

    At the foot of the doorway was Kenji, his fox familiar who he had been paired with for a few years. "You know, only women take that long to prepare." The familiar taunted as he hopped up onto Enzo's right shoulder. "I wouldn't expect you to know, Kenji. You don't wear clothes." The fox only hummed in amusement.

    Enzo, along with Kenji, made his way outside and to the street. Today was the day Sorcerers would open their doors and allow a new branch of students into their famous magic school. The boy stood there for what felt like 10 minutes, but it wasn't long before the bus was seen coming around a corner and down his street. It stopped in front of him, and opened the doors, allowing Enzo inside.

    Once he was in, he could sense the magical potential of all the students in the bus. "Whoa, Kenji, can you feel that? It's awesome." Kenji was holding his nose and sported a winced face. "It reeks, whatever it is."

    Enzo found an empty row of seats and sat down. The bus continued on it's route, picking students up until it reached Sorcerers. The students on board knew when they were close. You could literally feel the pressure of differing magic, mixing around with one another, both student and teacher presences. Enzo stared out of the window in amazement at seeing the campus so full of life. Some students were doing amazing things, such as practicing safe magic, others were interacting with each other in different ways.

    The G-forces Enzo suddenly felt meant that the ride was over, and that it was time to get out. Enzo stood up, his familiar still on his shoulder. Just in front of the main school building, was a middle-aged man, balding, with his hands cuffed into one other behind his back, to be formal. There was a large group of new students in front of him, looking just as amazed as Enzo was.

    Like everyone else, Enzo got off the bus and walked up to the crowd, preferably staying in the back, where he could actually breathe. From what Enzo could gather, the middle-aged man was a staff member of some sort, but because of his age, he could be a principle. Either way, he was waiting for all of the students to gather before speaking.
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  2. Rakuyo stumbled off the bus and beside Enzo "Heya, I'm Rakuyo." he said, trying incredibly hard to contain his excitement. He looked to his side, noting what Enzo looked like. "What do you think of this place... It feels so.. unreal." he said, his smile making him look like a madman. He walked ahead of Enzo and turned back, his pace now moving backwards. "So, what kind of magic do you use? I can manipulate leaves, and I'm supposed to be able to manipulate trees soon, if my mother was correct in her writings." he said, turning, and merging with the crowd, leaving a spot for Enzo. He was optimistic, but apprehensive too.
  3. "You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight,
    but you can be a candle,xxxxxxxxx
    & light the darkness for some brighter days."
    ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿ ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴
    Mirai hopped out of the bus, clearing the three steps with a jump. She landed a bit awkwardly, blonde ponytail bobbing and went stumbling forward, crashing into the two boys in conversation ahead of her. "Watch out!" Her arms flailing, Mirai made a small, squealing cry before she hit. She collided halfway into the black-haired one's back and tried bumped her head against the arm of the red-head. From the impact, she went falling backwards onto her bottom. She fell on the ground, on her hands and knees. It was a blur of her golden hair and her pink dress. The sidewalk felt cold against her burning palms. She could feel the singe of a scrape on her elbow.
    Tears started filled her eyes as she felt the pain. She was a small girl, barely a little more than five feet tall with a slim body. She was wearing a summery pink dress with a ribbon tied around her waist and a Hello Kitty Messenger bag. Her headphones were sprawled on the ground next to her, connected to a baby blue colored mp3 player in her bag. She had been so excited about her first day at Sorcerers that she wasn't able to keep still in the bus. And now she was sitting on the concrete about to burst into tears. I can't believe I'm such an idiot!
  4. Jacen stepped off the bus, headphones blasting and his expression blank.
    He noticed the set of people jumbled about in front of him, headphones and bags strewn about on the ground.
    People all over the ground on the first day...yep, just like high school. He looked at his clothes and adjusted his hat before walking to the side and leaning against the bus.
    Man...this is going to be a big drag. Another year of fast learning and no friends...at least I get to actually use my powers now.
  5. As the school became busier, filling up with more students each second, a girl with medium-length, black hair and bright, green eyes, who's name was Silver, kept herself busy by learning the layout of the school. She had already been here for quite some time now, and had memorized where most of the school's classrooms and other rooms were. The only thing left to do was go listen to some long speech by the staff, welcoming everyone to the unique school. Great. She would probably get in trouble if she skipped it at all, too. She followed the map in her head to the front of the school, seeing the crowd of students and cringing a bit. Silver hated crowds like this, and in order to prevent too much discomfort, she made her way to the back of the crowd where there were less people. Less people, yes, but it seemed there was already a commotion, before the year even started. A girl was on the ground, and it seemed she was upset over something. Silver did her best to ignore the situation all together, but couldn't help but wonder if the girl was okay. Did someone bully her? Was it her own fault? Silver shook her head and looked forward. No, this had nothing to do with her. She decided it was best to stay out of it.
  6. Behind the line of zealous newcomers all jumping from their seats and scurrying out of the bus congregating en masse towards the elderly man before them all, came Sinclair. He slowly stepped down from the bus taking in the schools outside architecture. It was nothing too far out of the ordinary, I looked of what you would think most Universities would appear as only the distinct difference is the massive pool of magic that acts as the schools epicenter and overall gimmick. After taking his eyes off the school and back to the crowd he saw two young males about his age standing before a young girl who looked to be weeping almost. He felt a bit of pity seeing someone in worse off shape on their first day so he decided to play the good Samaritan and help the poor lass back on her feet. His steps slightly scuffed the heated pavement under the harsh rays of a very intense sun, the temperature was admirably high today much to his dismay if he was going to be standing outside in a group of other bodies. His slow pace took its halt next to the pink outfitted girl. The white haired gentleman reached out a hand to her and a friendly face as an attempt to reassure that whatever was ailing her wasn't to be taken too much to heart so early in the year.
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  7. Coming out from seemingly nowhere, a red haired boy positioned himself next to Enzo and introduced himself. Enzo blinked in slight confusion, not because the boy was weird, but because he wasn't expecting to find friendly people so early on. He figured he'd have to prove himself to be socially acceptable, and THEN people would start looking his way. Such is the way of his past.

    Then, he started talking about magic, and asked what kind of magic Enzo could do. Instantly, Enzo felt outdone. The truth was, he had no magic; it was one of the reasons why he came to Sorcerers - the other was to figure out his past, and who he really was, because honestly, he was curious. Although he was told that he was born in Italy, he had no recollection of it, and no memory of his supposed mother. This was a big deal for him.

    Before Enzo could follow Rakuyo into the crowd, he felt a presence behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see a girl on the floor, eyes watering. Quickly, he turned the rest of his body around. "Gaah! I'm sorry, did I do that?" He knelt down to her level, and quickly saw a scrape on her elbow. "S-so sorry." He was about to help the girl up, when another helping hand reached down. A boy with white hair.

    He stood up, twiddling his fingers in nervousness as Kenji slowly shook his head. "You didn't even hear her. That backpack of yours is carrying too much junk." The fox simply put. "And now, someone already beat you to helping the poor girl." Enzo closed his eyes and huffed in slight frustration, both at his carelessness and at Kenji's fault-finding.

    To avoid awkward conversation, Enzo turned around and saw Rakuyo, still standing where he was before. Enzo walked over to the free spot and joined him in the crowd. "I-I'm Enzo, by the way. Enzo Ferrari."
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  8. Rukuyo looked to him. "Nice to meet you." his head turned back to the geezer. "What a drag, isn't it?" he said, irritated with all the waiting. He stretched and looked back, sneering at the boy that helped up the girl. "What an idiot... in this world, you have fight for yourself. There is no room for others to help, at least not until you know them." he said, failing to keep his thoughts to himself. He was almost sure that the boy heard it, and quickly turned back, not exactly seeking a fight on the first day. He cracked his fingers out of habit and stared forward, watching as the other teenagers talked. This place had an odd aura about. Everything was just... too perfect.
  9. "You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight,
    but you can be a candle,xxxxxxxxx
    & light the darkness for some brighter days."
    ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿ ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴
    A couple of people just walked past and ignored her. Mirai watched the ground for those few moments, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. She was going to get to her feet, she was telling herself. Any second now she would get to her feet. But everything was already ruined. Her first day at a real school, with real people, with experiences waiting for her, it was all ruined. Now they would think she was a child, tripping from the bus steps on the first day. She wanted to disappear. I'm sixteen years old! Why am I so scared of a new school?

    Large footsteps thundered to her left and a hand appeared. The teary Mirai looked up, almost hopefully. He was large, well-built and muscular. He must be a few years older than her. There was a harshness to him that she couldn't understand. And he was well-mannered. Mirai almost burst into tears again. Here was someone that quite possibly understood her predicament. The boy whom she had collided into came over to apologize and help as well. Flustered, Mirai simply stared at him with wide, teary eyes. When he turned away, seemingly nervous, she didn't understand. She decided to take the hulky young man's offer and put her hand in his. She was thankful for the strength someone's kindness.

    As she gathered her fallen belongings and brushed pieces of gravel off the back of her dress, Mirai looked at up at the stranger. "Thank you! I was so excited I couldn't keep my footing. This isn't how I wanted to start school at all.." She tried to laugh it off, giving a sideways glance at her elbow. The small, bloody scrape still stung when she moved her arm. With a small sigh, she looked ahead at the crowds of people. She wanted to go home already.

    But I have to thank that boy for trying to help me. It wasn't his fault that I fell! But when she caught vision of him (Enzo), he was already talking to someone. Mirai sighed. She would find him later, for sure. Then she remembered something. She took the white-haired boy's hand in one hand and rummaged through her bag with the other. Pulling out a small mint candy, she placed it in his palm. "You officially saved my first day from being completely ruined. Thank you.."She couldn't bring herself to smile just yet, too many nerves were making her uneasy, but she wanted to be absolutely grateful to someone with manners like his. She honestly felt relieved. Crying on the floor by herself wasn't a great way to start her first day, but sitting there while everyone walked off would definitely be worse.

    She overheard someone calling her an idiot and sighed, dismayed. Then, she looked up at the white-haired savior next to her and a small smile crossed her face. At least she wasn't alone, crying on the floor. Mirai was thankful.
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  10. Sinclair pulled the poor girl up with minimal effort since the young female cooperated. She was so blissfully innocent it was almost aw worthy to him. Currently, the most noticeable thing about her was the red scrape on her ivory skin. The blooded scrape gave Sinclair that stinging chill just looking at it. Before he could come to comment about her wound she gave him a heartfelt thank you while excusing her clumsy fall and closed the gesture with a small, minty gift in his rather bigger hands. As unfamiliar with conversation and socializing Sinclair was, it felt nice to actually have done someone a service and feel appreciated for it and receive something out of pure admiration. All he could muster for a proper response was just a simple grin and a short nod followed by, "You're very much welcome. It's only your first day, no need to ruin it with tears now." It wasn't anything special or anything that could tug the heartstrings but it was the best he could do. Sinclair wasn't the most sentimental individual especially with little to no experience with being sincere anyway. He took the mint, unwrapped it with his free hand and closed incisors, then finally tossed it into his mouth and enjoyed the refreshing taste wash over his tongue as his face displayed total pleasure.
  11. Silver observed the people around her, specifically the girl, considering she noticed the poor girl had a cut on her arm. The boys ended up walking away, but then another male came along, someone a bit bigger. He had lovely white hair that shined in the light as he bent over to help the girl up. He seemed to be a good person, judging by his appearance and attitude towards the girl as they spoke. Well, at least now that he came along, Silver had no need to step in and help the girl. She stared forward again, wondering when the old man up front would start talking. Though, she supposed she wasn't in any hurry. At least for now she wasn't. As Silver waited, she held her bag close to her, keeping her two swords concealed as much as possible. Luckily they were small enough to fit in her bag. This may have been a magic school, but it did have it's restrictions on weapons and such. Silver just never felt safe enough without her swords on her.
  12. Gave her a hand and she gave him candy...guess there are genuinely nice people around. Maybe I should move up a bit, it's only the first day...what could go wrong? Jacen adjusted his bag and walked into the crowd a little bit, putting his headphones around his neck before slowing his pace once again.
    Or it's just...another repeat. Everyone will expect me to be mean, or a braggart. It's only happened throughout, oh I don't know...my entire academic career.
    Why am I even debating this, I'm putting too much into it. I just gotta go in with good intentions, stay positive and keep a low profile...
    As he was lost in his thoughts, Jacen aimlessly continued to walk, only to find himself near the center of the crowd and somewhat close to the front.
    Crap...so much for laying low. I should probably find someway to use this to my advantage. Try making a friend...we're all here for the same thing anyway.
    He looked around the crowd with the students that got off of the bus with him as they carried conversations, and then looked towards those who just seemed to stand around and wait. Or I could just...wait until I actually have a class or something. Yeah...that's normal.
  13. Enzo let out a small, awkward sound of disapproval at Rukuyo's words. On the other hand, Kenji couldn't agree more. "I concur. People need to stop being weak, especially when they have the means to become stronger." The fox added in, just after him. By now. nearly all of the students had gathered, and the rest would catch up later, unless they were already in the crowd.

    The middle-aged man cleared his throat after a few moments. "Greetings, aspiring wizards. I am Headmaster Boone, and I will be giving you a short tour of the school and campus before the day is over. A lot of you are probably eager to get out of the sun, so follow me inside, will you?" Following with his commands, the horde of students flowed nicely behind him as he entered the front doors of the main school building. As soon as Enzo walked through, he was instantly chilled. One moment ago, he was standing in the heat and slightly sweating, now he felt as if it were a normal day out, without the oppressive sun. "Man, I can get used to this.." Enzo muttered.

    With the masses of people inside, they were able to check out what the school looked like from the inside. They were standing in the lobby, which was nothing more than a big space in the middle, with large, grand stairs on the opposite end of the room. On the ground, was the large, 'S' symbol which obviously resembled Sorcerers. On the walls were bulletins after bulletins full of stamped paper. Enzo narrowed his eyes to increase focus. Apparently, they were job requests, taken by teams of students to complete. To their left was a glass wall supporting a StarBucks sign, along with some fast-food signs. Beyond the glass were tables and rows of chairs. It was obvious to assume that was the cafeteria.

    Boone stopped in the middle of the room, and turned to face the glob of students. "This is the lobby. The hub of the entire school, from here, you can access places like the first floor classrooms, the cafeteria, the training room and the second floor. There is also a library here, beside the cafeteria. That's where you will be getting most of your books from."

    He began walking again, the group following in tow. They moved out of the lobby and down a hallway that was connected to it. They could see the campus from the windows. The grass was spacious, and well groomed. There was even a garden out there. The group emerged through a set of doors, then ended up in what looked like a basketball court. Again, Boone positioned himself somewhere reasonable and began explaining. "As you can see, this is the gym. It doesn't look like a real gym now - we just finished a basketball tournament. Yes, we have a basketball team. Anyway, this is the end of the first floor. Behind this building is the track and other sport fields." Some excited whispers were being exchanged between students, but Enzo stayed quiet. He wasn't good at sports to begin with.

    The rest of the tour was rather uneventful, having not actually explored downstairs or upstairs, though it did take them back outside, and into another building just beside the main school. "This is the dormitory. If you live in another part of the country, or just want to stay close to the school, this is where you will be staying. Now, there is a rule: The entire left side of the school is for males only, and the right side is for the females. We have a strict rule against trespassing, so if you have some urge to see your soul-mate, think twice, and wait until you are both outside." The headmaster paused, and reached into his right pocket where he took out a small cloth to wipe his face off with before putting it back in. "This concludes today's tour. Tomorrow, we will go over class-sorting, so be sure to report to the lobby area at 8AM sharp. It's very important."

    The aging man took a bow, and left the dormitory. That's when the group of students began peeling off to find their own dorms. It was stated previously that before they arrived at Sorcerers, that they'd have to decide whether or not they' want a dorm. Enzo went ahead and said yes. (By his own will, i'm sure) To those that had agreed to take a dorm, they would have a card with a number on it. This card unlocked the dorm, much like modern hotels do. Enzo began walking , making a left at the hallway and heading to the stairs.

    On the way, he pulled out his card, which he kept in his pocket. "D6." He read out loud. Later on, he found out that his dorm was on the third floor. He approached it, and slid his card through the reader on the wall, next to the door. "Welcome, Enzo Ferrari." A robotic male voice called out, before an unlocking sound was heard in the door. He pushed it open, slowly making his way in as if there a surprise waiting for him. It was clean, and had multiple rooms. An easily accessible bathroom, closet, study room and bedroom.

    Kenji yawned, hopping off Enzo's shoulder and onto the desk near his bed, while Enzo himself slung off his backpack and dropped it on the floor, making a heavy thud on the ground. He fell backwards onto his new, comfy bed and looked up to the ceiling. "Well, this is it~" He said. "Just you and me, Kenji. Living off on our own in the dangerous world." "-Yeah whatever." The fox replied sharply. Enzo looked over to see Kenji had taken his laptop out of his backpack and was already charging it. The fox was clearly going to use it.

    • Locations
    Training room
    Basketball court/Gym

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  14. Rakuyo followed Enzo into his room, glancing at his own matching keycard. "Looks like we're roomies..." he said, his voice duller than usual. He didn't bring anything, and was not regretting it. He had the clothes on his back, and about $600 in his wallet. He could buy what he needed, and he probably wasn't the only one that was ill-equipped. He fell down on his bed. "This place has a weird vibe... I don't get it, free enrollment, rooms like these? It just seems to good to be true." he said, eying his reflection in the mirror. He stood up as quickly as he sat down, opening the closet. It looked like each room was suited for their user.


    His closet had a staff in it, an ornate one at that. He picked it up, testing its weight. He gave it a little bit of magicka, and it pulsed orange. Even if it was too good to be true, you weren't going to see Rakuyo complain after a gift like this. He set the staff back down in the closet and shut it, returning to the central room of the dorm. "Yo! Enzo, I'm going to look around a bit, you want to come?" he said, ready to see what exactly this school was about.
  15. Enzo had temporary shut down for some shut eye, but the subtle rumbling of Rakuyo's activities kept him slightly awake. When his new roommate offered a chance to check out the school, he rose up to a sitting position and rubbed his eyes. "Yeah.. That sounds great." He said. Kenji was still on the computer, apparently browsing 4chan. Enzo stood up, and grabbed his backpack. It felt much lighter with the laptop out of it, so he was able to easily sling it onto his shoulder. "I need to get some books from the library anyway." He mentioned, giving Rakuyo a smile before walking towards the door and leaving.

    Assuming Rakuyo was behind him, he walked out of the dorm and back out into the hot sun. The campus was still busy, with students moving in every direction. Enzo's destination was the library, but they had to go through the school, so they could sight-see too. "Oh, and Rakuyo? About that question you asked earlier; I don't have any magic."
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  16. Finally, the speech and tour were over. Silver kind of zoned out a few times, seeing as she already knew the map and didn't really care too much for what the old man had to say. She looked down at her card, and headed right to the number of the room that was on it. As she opened the door, she couldn't help but wonder who she might be paired up with. Silver was never one to be very social, so she hoped her roommate would understand that. Most of all, she hoped their personalities wouldn't completely clash. Silver was tolerant, but only to a certain point. Silver closed the door behind her and went to examine the whole room, which seemed to actually be pretty nice. Dropping her stuff on the ground, she plopped down on the bed, grabbing the pillow and snuggling it. She closed her eyes for a moment, as if to test the bed, and nodded to herself. This would do nicely.
  17. He turned his back questioningly "Then why are you here?" he said, turning back to a walking pace, and stepping into the main corridor once again. He looked around him, taking it all in. He gave Enzo little time to respond "Even if you don't have magic, I think we should go to the training room, maybe we could figure something out there." he said, glancing at the clock. He still thought about the bald creep. Something was off, he just couldn't place his finger on it. He turned and headed to the training room, moving his hair out of his eyes, seeming a bit distracted, continuing his sharp and even pace to the training hall. He gazed at the large glass wall that separated the hall from the white training room. Rakuyo began to scheme as he slid his student pass into the key slot and entered the large padded room. He seemed to be the only one there.

    He, in his essence, was planning a prank, as usual. He waited impatiently for Enzo to arrive, knowing his pace would be faster than his new found companion. Hell, he was practically jogging. Perhaps he could get Enzo in on this, not taking into consideration his personality. Perhaps the Fox Familiar would be a better choice.
  18. Enzo stopped just before walking into the training room. He switched glances between the training entrance and further down the hallway, where the library was. A sigh escaped him, and he followed Rakuyo into the training room, the door closed behind him. "I uhh, I have my reasons, I suppose." He said as a response. Enzo didn't want to go yapping about his lost of memory on the first day, people could take him for some mass murderer who hit his head and forgot about his own identity. "What are we doing here, anyway? I can't fight, and there's nobody else here.."
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  19. Rakuyo was facing the other way, and smirked a bit when the door closed behind Enzo. A few stray leaves materialized above Rakuyo, 5 or 6, perhaps. The ring tattooed around began to pulsate a dull green. After a series of small, traditional incantations that were meant to wish him luck in battle, the next words out of his mouth were; "Spring Cocoon". Each of the leaves individually found themselves stuck to Enzo's clothing. Rakuyo turned "You are going to think I'm a jackass for this..." he said, opening his fist slowly, each of the leaves expanding until a hard shell covered Enzo's body. "But the only way for you to find your abilities, is to be put in a situation where you need them..". The cocoon was loose now, but as Rakuyo's hand began to converge back into a fist, it would tighten, eventually crushing Enzo unless he could blow his way out. "Momma ain't here to help now, pretty boy."
  20. "Hey - What?!" Enzo shouted in surprise. There was a hard shell large enough for him to fit inside of. He tried to yank his arms free of it, but none of his limbs moved, aside from his head. He looked around frantically, watching as it grew larger and covered him. "My abilities? Rakuyo, what are you talkin- AAH!" Enzo was interrupted by the crushing hold the cocoon had on him. It was honestly hurting him, his bones started to contract and bend way more than they should, and all Enzo could do was scream in pain.

    Unfortunately, it would be rare for anyone to hear screaming outside of the training room. It was purposely made to contain sound inside of the room so that it didn't disturb or destroy the rest of the school. Enzo tried his best to bear with the pain, but it was getting hard to breathe. His lungs had no room, and it felt like one of his ribs would eventually break off and stab some vital organ. His nose began to bleed as well.

    "Ra..Rakuyo.." He grunted as he gave the red haired boy one of most pissed off faces he could muster.
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