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  1. [​IMG]
    (The Coming Darkness)
    >> A story of adventure and inner resolution <<
    Imagine a world where everyone got along. There were no wars, no controversy, no hate amongst each other.
    Imagine a world where magic was the answer to everything, and countless adventures
    were around every corner.
    You live in this world.
    As a beginner magician, (or whatever you may choose) you reside in a small town in Japan, called Whiterun. There, stands one of the best magical schools mankind has forged, named Sorcerers. People from all over the world come to learn of new magic, or fine-tune their existing spells. They compete in the Battle Royal Tournament, go out into the world as teams and help patch up the darker sides of the planet.
    As you may know, there is no good without evil. Men - even groups of people - terrorize the weak for their own personal goals. As a way to combat it, schools like Sorcerers send out experienced students to stop them, as they believe in 'Learning by experience'.
    Unfortunately, it's not enough. Crime rates rise everyday, and with new, pressing matters showing up from every corner, everyone's efforts are needed.
    >> The World <<
    At the beginning of time, there were three realms put into creation.
    The living, which is the realm we live in now. Time moves normally here, and we live out our lives accordingly. In our realm, we co-exist with magic. Everything we do includes magic, be it cooking, working at a job, or just hanging out with friends. Magic makes our lives easier.
    The next realm is the Aether. A realm ultimately referred to as 'Heaven'. It is a holy place, where the lost souls of humans go to reside in forever. They live in a protected; futuristic setting with 'Protectors' to rule over the entire realm.
    And then, there's the Gaze.
    Not necessarily 'Hell' now, for the Gaze has been transformed take every Soul that passes away in the living realm. Living here is much harder than in the Aether, as souls here stay permanently in a medieval setting. Like the Aether, the Gaze has a ruling system. Souls called the 'Guardians of Magic' come here to become 'Entities of the Gaze', and they rule the Gaze.
    (This will be explained later)
    1. Be fair! Although this is a magical RP, that does not give you the right to be overpowered! You
      should have a good feel for what OP is and isn't.
    2. This is an ANIME roleplay! Meaning you HAVE to use an anime picture for your character sheet!
    3. There is a 5 day absence limit! If you do not post within 5 days, your character will be killed and you will be removed from the roleplay! ( This can be excused if you notify me beforehand)
    4. Read the third rule!
    5. Try to keep your posting length between 1 - 5 paragraphs. If you're on a writer's block, that's
    6. Do not expect to WIN EVERY FIGHT!
    7. Do not GODMOD!
    8. There is more than 1 GM! Our co-GM (Username: Volitaire) will control baddies, and he is allowed to GODMOD for the sake of plot!
    9. As a requirement for joining, you will need to make a reaction post for this thread. (Scroll down to where it says "MY CHALLENGE TO YOU". It doesn't have to be long, just show that you aren't someone who likes to breathe black fire that instantly kills everyone. We've had those people before.)
    10. If there's any questions, please ask it in the OOC, so that if someone else has the same question, you both can be answered.
    >Character Picture goes here if you have one. It's preferred.<​
    Physical description: (If you haven't uploaded a picture or you want to point out something, like defining marks.)​
    Magical Abilities:​
    Battle response (This is where you will write your reaction post):​

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  2. [​IMG]
    (Note: That's not actually what she's wearing.)​

    Silver Nagano


    Physical description:
    At around 5'7, Silver is a slender girl with soft curves on her body. She's very fit, and she is what most of society would consider to be a "pretty girl", while she isn't overly busty. She has straight black hair that goes down to about her chest, and her bangs lay on her forehead, cut straight across in a perfect line. Her bright, almost glowing green eyes might be enchanting to some, and her average sized lips can curl into the most gentle smile. Nevertheless, she almost always looks like she's hiding something.

    Generally, she can be seen wearing a normal pleated black skirt with a variety of tops and black boots that seem to fit her perfectly.

    Silver can be cold at times, but she is actually a very caring person. Because of her dark past, she tends to not want to show her true feelings towards anyone ever, meaning she is a very quiet girl. She tries to avoid getting close to people, fearing that they might regret it, or worse, end up hurt. Other than that, she is a strong, independent girl, who thinks she doesn't really need any friends.

    At times during battle, she may appear to have sort of a split personality, being totally quiet, shy, and sweet one moment, but suddenly becoming a cold-hearted, bloodthirsty killer in the next. This can be dangerous for anyone around her, depending on how she feels.

    Silver has a mysterious past, and not even she knows too much about herself. She was raised by one man for as long as she could remember, a man named Haimon, who is very harsh and manipulative in the way he gets things done. Because of this, Silver learned to not trust anyone, and often has a hard time making friends without fearing for the safety of them or herself. Besides all that, Silver was raised to kill. She has killed a good number of innocent people purely for "training" or "jobs" Haimon would tell her about. Part of her hates it, and calls Silver a monster for killing anyone in the first place. But the other half enjoys it more than anything, finding it to be a thrilling and lovely experience.

    Her power is that of illusionary manipulation. Basically, she can take control of your senses for a short period of time to make you feel, see, hear, smell, taste whatever she wants you to. Her powers are not that strong, meaning one could see through it easily if they knew about her abilities beforehand, and they won't last longer than about 10 minutes. The amount of people she chooses to affect also limits that time, though the most she could affect would be about 5 people for 2 minutes each. The time she has control also varies on how easily manipulated a person is. One with mind powers would probably require much more effort to control than one who was purely brute strength. The older someone is, the less likely they are to be affected, too. She's also very skilled with two, small, twin swords she has always sheathed at her sides, but she is not yet a master.
    Her magic is at it's strongest at midnight.

    Battle response:
    Silver kept her eyes on her new enemy, curious of his motives, but not letting her mind wander too far in case he finally made his move. Soon after she recognized her own curiosity and made the conscious decision to not worry about it too much, he began to move. As her enemy threw a knife towards her, she took a quick sidestep, the knife barely missing her due to her own inability to focus while she was nervous. Luckily, she was not hit. The mysterious foe then flew into the air, surprising Silver more than it should have. Him being in the air put Silver at a disadvantage, and she had no choice to dodge and block as best she could at this point. As her foe launched wind at her, she easily dodged the first gust with a carefully timed jump, but to her dismay, ended up rushing right into the next burst, leaving her with no chance to properly block. She put her hands up in front of her face, at least trying to not get killed as the gusts hit her, one after the other, sending her skidding back a good ways away. Slowly and shakily, she stood up, holding her arm. She had quite a few cuts on her body, some of them being rather deep, but she couldn't give up now. Not yet, at least.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Enzo Ferrari
    >Physical description<
    Despite his slimmer-than-average build, he stands at 5'9" tall.
    He has grey eyes with his iris shaped like rings. He has little to no visual muscles anywhere on his body,
    and some could even say it looks like he doesn't eat as much as he should.
    He always wears his school uniform, seeing as it has more style than what he would usually wear.
    Enzo is very hard to become enemies with. He has a light-hearted, almost bubbly personality.
    Regardless of your faults, he will treat you as well as he'd treat a relative of his.
    Although, he has a rare, pessimistic side of them that only comes out in solitude.
    Here, he'll find simple things and instantly think it's his fault, or that there was a better way
    of doing said thing.
    Believe it or not, Enzo cannot remember his anything in his life before the age of 15, but from what he does
    remember, he was born in Italy, and lived there until he turned 16, and then moved to Japan in an effort to learn magic.
    He lives with his father, while his mother is deceased due to 'natural causes'. Tagging along with him is his familiar, Kenji, who is
    basically a wise-ass, know-it-all. They often get into arguments over silly things.
    >Magical Abilities<
    None that Enzo knows of. That's why he's joining Sorcerers!
    >Battle response<
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  4. Totally out of topic: [MENTION=5025]silverlinedmist[/MENTION] if I'm not mistake that's Tharja from Fire Emblem. owo Do you happen to play it?

    Totally in topic: Enzo! I'm seriously digging the storyline. I'll make my c.sheet whenever I get around to replying at that workshop. Haha. :3
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Sinclair Viravichi (Nicknamed Sinny by his respective peers)
    Age: 19 (Nearly 20, only a month away in the Roleplay's time.)
    Physical Description: Sinclair is a well built young adult. Taking part in self assigned physical activities to heighten his endurance, athleticism, and simply to just keep himself in shape. He stands at 6'1, 167 pounds. His face is comprised of a chiseled chin, amethyst eyes, platinum blonde hair(dyed to be completely white simply for his enjoyment) that covers over his ears and reaches down to the back of his neck. His outfit is made up of a navy blue jacket with popped collars and belt straps made for fastening a weapon in place, a dark undershirt, and thick dark grey pants that reaches down to the bottom of his ankles slightly covering his footwear, his footwear consists of dark shoes similar to the color of his undershirt.
    Personality: Sinclair is a reformed, studious, and sometimes harmfully sarcastic individual. His nature tends to off put others because of his personalities makeup having him be more or less unapproachable in some cases. Don't let that think of him as acting out in ill-will or he's simply just negative towards others. He's generally accepting of another persons company but tends to let his strict personal conduct get the better of him and prod someone with a forked tongue. He expects people to think before they say things or ask very obvious questions or make obvious observations(I feel I've said enough of the tenses of the word "obvious"). He's very closed off about his admiration and appreciation of others thinking of it as a sign of weakness and opening up too much which could lead to some tension down the road, so you shouldn't expect a heartfelt response for a favor done or a compliment from him. He feels it'll just prove pointless later. His trust is hard to receive as he was always told that people don't think for others but more for themselves by his father. Even though Sinclair seems like a hard shell to crack he does find room to feel gratitude for others and share a healthy bond with another.
    History: Sinclair grew up with his father as his his parents went through a divorce early in his childhood, he was only 4 years old at the time and didn't understand what the separation meant, so it never impacted him in a bad way. He often saw his mother every other week and shares a strong relationship with her, revering her as his most appreciated relative. His father on the other hand was very strict with him with his Magic studies and general Scholastics. He didn't enjoy a lot of carefree privileges most children of his age did with his father around, making him a sheltered off sort of child. His teachings were done by his father only who was a Ex-Teacher from Sorcerers, making him home schooled from childhood to maturity. He was taught a latter of Magical History and what other planes exist outside the realm of humans and spellcasters. Later down the line, Sinclair began to long for contact with other people his age making him feel lonely and shut off from the world which led him to asking his father about the old school he used to teach, the prestigious School of Magi donned "Sorcerers." His father figured that this maybe a good choice for Sinclair knowing the large well of curriculum Sorcerers had to offer. Finally giving up his stubborn ideals he accepted his son's suggestion and enrolled him when he first turned 19. Now with some well-deserved freedom Sinclair aims to see what the world has to offer.
    Magical Abilities: Sinclair's Magic enlists of the Magnet/Metallic Manipulation type. Able to bend the composition of and conjure a magnetic attraction or repel a metal object or surface. At first he used to be able to manipulate the tectonic forces of the Earth but with some experimentation and many years of training his began to control the refined Earth found in metals and bend them to his will. Offensively, Sinclair forges iron needles the size of table legs and conjures pillars(flat or spiked) from a pouch of carried iron chunks hidden under his jacket. Defensively, Sinclair can armament himself with armor places around various part of his body. He favors protection around the torso, arms, face, and legs. He forges a iron mask around his face, a chestplate around his torso, a plated skirt around his thighs, thick iron boots around his feet and calves, and metal sleeves and pauldrons on his arms. In his right hand, he creates a sphere of manna that acts as a magnet conductor. The armor around his right hand tends to be a bit more detailed and "dangerous" looking than the left, with spiked fingers and knuckles and a bigger pauldron on his shoulder.
    Battle Response: Sinclair had little time to size up his foe in the brink of battle. He was always taught by his father to never undermine the skill of your opponent, but to acknowledge them and understand the danger behind any and all magic. His foe wasn't as built as he was, making him faster and more responsive than he on a physical level. This only meant that his attacks would be evaded easier and gotten around with relative ease compared to Sinclair's rougher build. The weight of his iron chunks carried on him wouldn't his weight and agility much good either, added to the body armor he tends to conjure for protection that's almost over encumbering. His opponent started his defense, quick as a dashing feline and looking almost as light as a feather he came for a swift leg sweep to get the heavier male down on his back, knowing it wouldn't be as easy for Sinclair to get back up. Sinclair focused his sights on the mans legs, his body dove down and his torso turned to the side, pulling his waist along with him and soon his right leg came for a strong sweep. The sound of his armored calf rung heavily like a hammer swung against a thick gong, thinking fast, Sinclair had activated the magnetic conductor found in his right and and forced a attraction between the floor and his leg, keeping his balance but the force stumbled him slightly. After the swift man had taken his time to evade and move in for another attack Sinclair had then forced a repulsion between the floor and his feet, making it strong enough for him to levitate and alleviating the weight found on his body. This would only work to a certain degree but he was now more mobile than before and he could manage himself better against his speedy adversary. His pursuer was closing in again for another attack but this time taking note of his levitation. He leaped into the air over Sinclair's head, at least a foot higher than the Metalbenders original height. Sinclair finally took the advantage of his decreased weight and turned while opening his coat and letting the chunk of iron fly to the floor under him, the scattered around a 3 foot radius and gathered to create a wider slab of iron that rose up with flattened pillar under the airborne offender. Unable to maneuver himself in the air he took the brunt of 2 pillars slamming into his torso and launched into the air and hitting back down to the ground with a hard thud.
  6. "You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight,
    but you can be a candle and light the darkness for some brighter days."
    ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿ ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿ ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿ ▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿▴ ▾ ▵ ▿
    Mirai Yukimoto, ємι
    Physical description
    Yellow blonde hair and sea-blue eyes, Mirai has the features of a foreigner, but the facial structure of Japanese. She stands at 5' 2", weighs around 110 pounds, and has a semi-light-athletic build. She's often seen with her hair in a ponytail and earrings. She prefers pleated dresses and over-sized sweatshirts with shorts. Her hair is naturally wavy and falls a few inches past her shoulders. She's recently cut it into layers herself, so it's a bit disarrayed instead of symmetric. She has ivory-colored skin and the blue of her eyes is often a clear gray mixed with bright blues. She loves to wear light lip gloss and black eyeliner (to make her eyes look larger).
    Upbeat and loving, Mirai is the type of girl who will find six excuses for someone before she finds a fault in them. She believes in the goodness of people. Gullible, but sincere, Mirai finds herself emotionally attached to people and afraid to lose them. Strong-willed and hard-working, Mirai is a determined young woman who often gives off the feeling of being a child because she is so young. She is emotional and quick-to-cry, cheerful and incredibly kind.
    Mirai's childhood is a mix of real-life struggles and her own imaginative ideas of what she wished her life would be like. A child born to a broken household, most of her younger days were spent moving from place to place, occasionally homeless, and sometimes in foster care. Her real parents were often fighting so much that it was impossible for her to live at home. It wasn't safe. And it was traumatic. So from one home to another, Mirai spent her time in books, forgetting her pain. Though she knows what reality is (as she has seen the worst of people), she chooses to forget. She would rather believe in goodness and trust the good in everyone.
    Bright and well-liked, Mirai became known as a little magical prodigy. Through her studies, she was able to memorize many spells and learn the historical context of magic. However, once she began to learn magic, she also began to have nightmares. She would move around in her bed, screaming or crying, sweating and struggling. If someone were to wake her up, she would be absolutely terrified. In her dreams, each person that she touched, would die. No wanted to be close her. Everyone would leave her alone. As a result, Mirai becomes afraid to perform magic. She continues to learn, but refuses to use it. The only magic she freely uses is her affinity to water elements.
    At fifteen, she entered a new foster family, whose elder daughter was enrolled into Socerers. Mirai, who displayed magical talent from her studies, was noticed by her foster parents. Unable to pay for her tuition as well their daughter's, the parents appealed to the school. Administrators at Socerers decided to test Mirai. When she nearly aced their exams, they accepted her as the first scholarship student at the school, giving her room and board as well as a monthly stipend to live off. She moved from big city Nagasaki to Whiterun, where she began to attend the world's most renowned magical school.
    Her greatest wish is to make meaningful relationships with the others. Her greatest fear is for her childhood nightmare to come true.
    Magical Abilities
    Mirai's original magical talents are that of water manipulation. This includes the creation of ice, small streams of water, or even steam.

    However, Mirai's true magic is the ability to steal away someone's life force. This true magic is currently latent and will not be awakened unless she gets over the fears (or part of the fears) of her nightmare. Through physical contact with a person, Mirai can slowly drain their energy. In long-term use, she can even kill them. However, the drainage of the recipient's energy is proportional to 2/3s of her own stamina. Meaning, if she attempts to kill someone, she will tire herself out to a vulnerable stage.

    Battle response
    She watched. Seconds felt like minutes. He was staring her down, trying to see what he could gauge of her abilities. Mirai wondered if he would ever make a move. When he did, time began to move faster. She felt her blood pumping, magic tingling through her veins.

    A knife came flying towards her, following with a blast of air to propel it. Mirai didn't even move from her position. She raised her arms above her head, crossed her wrists and swept her arms down. A shield of water hovered before her. When the tip of the knife made contact, she snapped her finger and the water froze to ice. She took a quick glance at him. He was in the air. She could sense a change in his positions. Another wind attack, she noted, recognizing the movements from earlier.

    She launched forward, kicking her shield of ice so that it broke into tiny shards. His enormous gusts of wind would throw her shards back at her. And when the pieces of ice returned to her, she liquefiedthem, allowing the strong force of water to wash past her. It pushed her back a couple of feet. He was strong, but she wasn't afraid. The force of the water was strong and left a couple scratches on her. The exposed parts of her stomach and legs felt hot. Those gusts of wind were capable of cutting her to bits, but since she was used to training with flashes of water, the impact was less damaging this way.

    She grinned at him, blinking away the water droplets on her eyelashes. She was soaking wet, but the fun had just started. She was in her element now.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Cid Akatsuka​
    Physical Description:
    Cid can be characterized by a strong tall build. He stands around 6'1. His body has been trained and grown via labor in his clan's village. Cid's facial features are sharp but still masculine and his eyes, intense and piercing. His usual attire is the traditional garb of Spellblades from his clan.​
    Cid is the exact opposite of an optimist, he's a realist honestly. He doesn't really find the use or need of such, in his opinion, ineffective things like hope. Why hope to beat an enemy, when you can just learn about the enemy and defeat them off of that, he tells other when they question his demeanor. He can come off as negative, in some situations. He believes calculation and methodical practices will lead to his progress and growth.​
    In truth, this persona was enforced onto him by his dad, when he was a kid he was much different. That past is still remembered by him, the days where he was carefree and full of bigger then life dreams. But his training overshadows it so greatly that you probably would've never guessed.​
    Cid is one of the descendants of the Akatsuka Clan, and so he was born and raised in the remote northern wilderness, far from the city life that many people are accustomed too. When he was young, Cid was joyful and loud, until he turned ten when his father, the current clan chief, started to vigorously train his son in the arts of Spellblading. After that, his father's philosophy of calculations and methodical tactics was hard drilled into the boy molding him into the man he is today.​
    Cid around eighteen, left the clan on an order from his father, to go learn and progress by himself out in the open world and to return once he feels that he's strong enough to take the chief's place in a duel. Cid of course followed and ended up travelling to cities where different magics were learned, each one incapable of furthering his Enchants so he decided to go to Sorcerers after three years of wandering to see if he could finally find something there.​
    Magical Abilities:
    Cid has inherited the abilities of his forefathers and has gained the title of a Spellblade. This initial skill allows Cid to manipulate magic into weaponry, his family specializing in katanas and other blades. He can enchant his blade with various effects which can be used strategically towards his victory. Since he is still young, he has yet to know spells his father has mastered. Some being basic Elemental Enchants and one Poison Enchant. He plans to further his spells.​
    Battle Response:
    Cid drew his slender blade quietly his hand gripping its handle tightly. His opponent seemed formidable enough for him to take certain precautions in this duel. He had let the man take the first move. Cid's eyes quickly followed his opponents movements while he sprinted forward towards the man, determined to cut him down. It was when the throwing knife came did Cid stop only to deflect it with a twist of his sword hand. His attention reverted to his enemy only to find him up in the air, preparing for a strong blow. When the winds began to crash down Cid knew what he had to do, its was just the execution that would be the problem.​
    He watched carefully, bobbing and weaving as quick as he could through the pressured blades of wind, but alas he had been caught off guard when an extra longer slash crashed down on him. He used his blade to try and block the crushing gust, even enhancing his weapon with the element of stone, trying to reinforce his guard as much as possible but as the pressure of the blade pushed him down, Cid knew he wouldn't be able to hold it for long. With a loud growl he slipped from under, the wind slicing across his sword and eventually his arm. The cut was not too deep that it would cripple him, but it would definitely proved to be a hindrance. He tossed his sword to his left hand, knowing that he was capable of winning this. His focus coming back to him as his enemy finally landed.​
    Oddly a long grin found Cid's hard-eyed face as he stared at his worthy opponent.​
    "Its my turn." He huffed, his eyes closing to concentrate. A warm sensation began to fill his uninjured hand until his blade exploded into a fiery sensation.​
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  8. Okay everyone, just a heads up, this RP uses a Skype group chat for an OOC, so I highly recommend you add my Skype: 'iamv3to', so I can invite you to the rest of the crew and we can begin discussing plot! (And other things, too. :D)
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  9. Uhm. I don't actually have a skype.. ^^"

    My laptop totally sucks. It doesn't have a webcam or anything. I plan on getting a new one but that won't be possible for awhile. Shelf stacking isn't exactly a lucrative job. Eheh. Fail. ;-;
  10. Ahh, bummer. That's fine, we'll try to keep you posted on the plot here too.
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  11. Sorry for the inconvenience Enzo! :(

    When I move to America is probably when I'll get a new desktop/laptop.
  12. Don't worry about it! We just use Skype because it's faster that way, but that doesn't mean we won't have an OOC thread. :P
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  13. [​IMG]

    落葉 血統
    Rakuyo Ketto
    (The Bloodline of Falling Leaves)


    Rakuyo is a wildcard, if anything. He is unpredictable, to say the least. He can be a daredevil most, if not all the time, and is quick to jump into any situation that poses a threat. Under his childish skin, is a caring boy who values friendship and love. He is a good friend, and defends his companions with his life.

    Rakuyo is the last member of the Falling Leaves clan, and is proud of it too. He was born as one of the last members, only his mother remaining, although she died during childbirth. After that, he was found by a farmer, and was raised as their child until he was 13, and it was then that the truth was revealed to him. Since then, he has fought to keep the ways of his clan alive, and has valued the traditions of his clan. He had always struggled to make friends as a school child, because of his odd appearance and his weird personality, and thus, tries not to make friends, believing that it is too much of a hassle to try.

    After he was told of his clan, he set out to enlist in the "Sorcerers" a school where he could openly use the magically abilities past down to him through his Bloodline.

    Magical Abilities:
    Because of his bloodline, Rakuyo has the ability to do something no other mage can, and that is manipulate the leaves. For some, this may sound weak, but Ill let you imagine what happens when 300 magically enhanced razor sharp leaves swirl around human flesh.

    Battle response (This is where you will write your reaction post):
    Rakuyo watched carefully as his opponent dashed towards him. The way he weaved left little time for Rakuyo to react to the throwing knife that was now embedded in his thigh. He planted his right foot ahead of him and pushed himself back, shielding his face from careful wind gusts that began whip his hair back. He brought his arms down only for a moment, watching as the man in the air began to slowly descend.

    "Nice party trick..." he said, gritting his teeth as a few fallen leaves began to swirl around his feet. He caught his breath as warm blood ran down his lower abdomen and onto his pant legs. "Now look what you've done, ruined my nice pants!" he said, and the leaves began to pick up speed, now whipping their own wind into an incorporeal tornado around Rakuyo, the leaves seeming to be the only clear indication of shape. He pointed a finger at his opponent, each leaf individually spiraling out of the tornado, and each of them ready to slice their clear target.
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  14. Jacen Eirsith
    Age: 18

    Description: Jacen fills the role of the big guy, standing at 6'1 and thickly built. Fairly muscular, but not ripped. His skin is a dark tan, as he is multiracial. The trademark ice blue eyes of the Eirsith bloodline contrast with his skin, but are normally hidden behind a pair of tinted glasses. Simple in dress as well, often opting for a black t-shirt and vest with jeans/cargo pants. Usually wears a black flat bill with a teal brim and strap. His amulet is often around his neck and under his shirt, a circular cross over a set of folded wings accented by a blue jewel in the middle and held by a simple chain.

    Personality: Jacen is your not so typical nerd. His size betrays him, as most people are shocked to find that he is a man of quick wit, deadpan delivery and technical prowess. A genuinely nice guy until pissed off, but is often mistaken for standoffish. He prefers to speak in a matter of fact tone with those he's not familiar with, and beating around the bush is one of his peeves. Jacen was never one for idealism, but he does care for those close to him. Threatening family and friends is a surefire way of getting him heated. Reserved and calm is his style, but he definitely gives his all when given a task.

    The son of an arms developer and a surgeon instilled with ideas of individuality, duty, and tolerance became a technologically inclined introvert with a natural knack for science and weapons. Jacen's always been the big guy of the group...in school, he was constantly tested and hounded to play sports...while not to say he wasn't good at it, his heart was never in it...his passion lied in academics and engineering. His smarts allowed him to quickly progress through school, but not without hindrance. Every year of a new class, teachers thought he was a wrong name on the list until they saw his grades. Some of the students found him to be a bit weird...even in the dead of winter, he'd often go without more than a sweatshirt. Always seemed to be on his phone plugging in equations or listening to music, but never had to charge it. Faculty labeled him the "meathead mathematician", but never said it to his face. Jacen was respected, yet feared...attractive, but unapproachable. All throughout school he wondered why he was usually alone, despite being in numerous extracurriculars.
    Jacen came to Sorcerers after an incident at the family home, he killed a robber using a sword he had in his room. Seems like it wouldn't be something that he'd be encouraged to go to a magic school for at first. It was the fact that he electrocuted and froze the robber after stabbing him that got him sent there. Jacen learned how to use his powers for simple defensive spells, but not to the full extent...while he practiced as best he could, the home basement wasn't enough for him to keep complete control. At the request of his parents and sister, he has been enrolled in Sorcerers to try and master his bloodline powers...and possibly make friends in the process.

    Magical abilities: Jacen has the ability to control lightning and ice. His cryomancy and electric powers are always active, even when he's not engaged in battle...however, they are used for rather mundane things such as keeping his electronics constantly charged, or leaving without a jacket in the dead of winter. In battle, he's definitely effective. His ice is incredibly durable and great for forming walls and spikes, but they don't have the best range. His lightning attacks have great range, but aren't the strongest. He often uses a sword when his powers are active, but is well versed in firearms and explosives if the situation calls for it, and can use his powers to enhance them. Without weapons, Jacen is still a capable hand to hand fighter who lives by the creed; "strength hurts, but speed kills". His lightning allows him to be a bit faster than expected for a man of his size, able to perform lightning dashes in succession and run at high speeds for short periods of time.
    Jacen's other skill lies in technology, as he has a number of gadgets that allow him to gather information quickly...most of which are controlled through his personally customized cell phone, which is always on him. The worst thing for him to do is get stuck somewhere that's hot and dry, or resistant to lightning. He can swim, but being thrown into a body of water without warning won't end well for anyone involved...

    Battle response:
    Jacen squared up his flying adversary, who tossed a throwing knife toward his chest. He instantly formed an ice plate on his forearm and put it in front of him to block the knife. Is that all he's got...Jacen was cut off from his thoughts as he noticed a set of wind gusts heading right for him...which could easily cut his skin.
    I just had to say something...He slammed the ground and made 3 large walls of ice to enclose him in a triangle. As the winds struck the ice, Jacen felt them make deep ridges in the walls. Let's see how you work with acceleration and mass...Once the winds blew away from him, he raised the walls of ice from around him and fashioned them into icicles, launching them at the opponent in rounds of semi-circles, one wave after the other. He ran to the right after the 3rd wave launched and charged lightning in his right fist.
    That should keep him blocking for a bit.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Josey Monomoto
    Physical description:
    Josey is a short thin boy, standing at roughly 5'5, 120 lbs. His size has made him agile and quick in combat, making him a tricky adversary to fight against. He has a tattoo on his right hand of an enchantment circle to increase his powers, although he has yet to figure out how to use it, as he's had them since he was a child and was given no proper instruction on how to use it. He also has a scar running along the entire of his back, yet another mark that he is unsure of how he got.
    Josey doesn't like to be parts of large crowds unless he's forced to, which makes him come off as shy and nervous. However if you catch him on his own or with a small group of friends and talk to him for a while, he's your pal for life, and he'll stick with you through thick and thin. Funny, maybe at all the wrong times, he likes to stick his nose in other people's business, even when the signs are evident that things will get hostile. He's happy and outgoing, but also suffers from a poor memory as you will find out if you ask him about his childhood. Whether he actually doesn't know, or if he's using his "poor memory" as a defensive shield to forget his past, no one knows. He rarely shows when he is hurt or upset, deciding to keep it all locked up inside of him, as if not to burden others with his own problems. However, there is the off day where he just gets up on the wrong side of the bed and is in a sour mood for absolutely no reason at all, but he normally gets over it relatively quickly by talking with his friends and not focusing on it too much. He is graceful and agile when he walks, rarely ever tripping or making a dumb mistake, but he's always there to help someone who's gotten themselves hurt, or is in need.
    At the age of 3, Josey's parents were killed by an unknown murderer. Josey went to live with his grandparents, an incredibly rich couple with a large luxurious mansion. They welcomed Josey with open arms and pampered him with whatever he wanted, which wasn't much as Josey didn't want anything. By the age of 5, Josey asked his grandparents what happened to his mother and father, because he had no recollection of their tragic deaths, just the faint image of his mother carrying him and hiding him away in a cupboard under thier sink. At the mention of his parents, Josey's grandmother and grandfather grew very quiet, and when Josey asked again, they told him he shouldn't know, and demanded for him to go to his room. Following orders, Josey sulked to his room and never brought up his parents again.
    When Josey hit his teen years he asked his grandmother if he could enroll in a school, to try and make some friends as he was feeling lonely. His grandmother agreed and enrolled him in a top of the line private boarding school. Or at least they thought it was top of the line. The first few weeks of school went fine for him, but he still hadn't made any friends. Everyone seemed to be busy with their own thing. One day he was asked to read his paper out to the rest of the class, as it was a superb piece of literature. On his way up to the front of the classroom he looked around to see the kids staring at him and whispering to each other. Nervous, he began to read his paper, but stuttered at almost every word. The entire class laughed at him and called him names like "Nerd!" and "Stutters!" He hid his face under his papers and the class saw his tattoo and began insulting him, saying things like "Oh look, he's a Magician! Come on, show us some magic!" Josey left the class in shame, feeling embarrassed. The next day on his way to class, a student bumped into him. When Josey asked why he bumped into him, he was answered only by another shove, and so began the spiral of bullying upon Josey. He doesn't like to talk about it, but let's just say he had to come back home from the school due to a broken wrist and 3 broken ribs.
    In the years to follow, Josey began to train in combat, and began to learn basic magic to defend himself. His Grandmother and grandfather, though confused and concerned as to why he was acting this way, bought him books on magic and paid for top of the line fighting instructors to show him how to fight properly. Feeling that his books weren't enough, Josey enrolled in Sorcerers.
    Magical Abilities:
    In his studying he always found himself drawn to snow and ice magic. He knows very little about how to use his magic though, despite all the books he's read. His best spell at the moment is an ice spike that flies at his enemy, however this spell completely drains him and leaves him exhausted, showing that he's probably not doing even that right. He excels at defensive skills however, being able to form an ice wall wherever he wants to protect himself.
    Battle response:
    Josey stared back at his opponent as intently as he was doing to him. Josey was shocked when his opponent decided to run at him and attempt an attack. Josey raised a hand, ready to cast an ice wall, when his opponent steered sharply to the right, hurling a knife at a dangerous speed. Since his hand was already up, and he had already began to cast ice wall, he redirected his aim to the dagger flying at him. The dagger hit with a clang and the tip of the dagger protruded from the ice wall. Josey scanned the area for his opponent, finding him flying through the air sending several gusts of wind at him. Raising his hand almost instantly, Josey created a cage of ice between him and the enemy, and raised his sword to brace for impact. He heard a crash, and the ice barrier began to rumble, before collapsing on Josey leaving him with a bleeding cut on his arm and leg. Jumping out of the pile of ice, Josey found his opponent flying through the air. He aimed at the remains of his ice wall and swung as hard as he could with his sword, shattering the ice and sending shards flying at his opponent.
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  16. I see this roleplay has gone into an arc... Can I still join? Q_Q
  17. Yeah, it's only the first arc.
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  18. I intend to sign up and write up my character when I get back from work later if that's okay? :)
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  19. That's quite alright, Baphomet.
    Make one when you're ready.
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