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  1. Hoshizora High School. Looks pretty fine and dandy right? Well, everything has a story.

    Several different girls in this school have a crush on one single young man. Oh my, that sounds like a sweet setting for a fine little story to tell, isn't it?

    Well, you're half correct. It's a sweet story, but to say that this story is 'fine' or 'little' is a heavy, heavy, understatement.

    These girls are all yandere. If you do not know the definition of that word, you will learn about it the hard way. And it isn't going to be pretty at all.
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  2. Applications

    (Insert Picture Here)

    Name: 'tis nippon skoolio
    Gender: Female
    Physical Traits:
    Personality: Make it real yandere, kids!
    Noteworthy Skills: Related to yandere things. Insert two such skills here. It'll act as a priority bonus for your stats.
    Other Information:​
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  3. Post reserved for inserting more info
  4. Post reserved for more info
  5. Post reserved for character. Got a character design in mind that'll work perfectly.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Yuuki Hinarina
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Physical traits:

    Yuuki is quite Short for her age, what mostly helps her with hiding when she had to in her early childhood.

    People often asked her if she is alright by how pale she is.

    Yuuki also takes care of her body. She makes sure to stay slim and fit.

    Personality: Yuuki is very possessive. She hates anyone who stays between her and the Person she loves. In her possessive state, she follows her senpai till home, making sure he won't talk to anyone else on his way home. She sometimes even stayed hidden in front of the house and any girl who wanted to go to him or ring on the bell she talked to and made them go away.

    Yuuki isn't only possessive, she is also jealous, very jealous. Every girl talking with him, even just for a pen or a hi are enough to make her angry and jealous.

    A thing that helps her keeping people away from senpai is, that she is a kind of manipulative person. She takes her time to understand people around her and tries to find out anything about them so she can use it against them. But also she can with what and how she is talking, get people sometimes to do what she wants or being angry on a certain person. Oh yes, she destroyed a few friendships already.

    Noteworthy Skills: chemistry and Biology skills

    Other things: A young female school bus driver died on her first day on a heart attack. The reason for it was never found. *Evil laugh from Yuuki in the background*
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  7. Akimoto Miharu - Signature Fonts - Signerica_Fat - ed56c5.png
    (Akimoto Miharu, in case you can't read it.)
    (First name Miharu... Just in case none of you are aware of how Japanese people write/say their names.)
    Miharu Ikimoto.jpg



    Physical Traits:
    Miharu is a tall girl with a slim body and toned muscles, which don't show on her body. Since they don't show, her physical appearance can be deceiving to people that don't look closely. (And if they do look closely, she exploits it and then makes them regret it. Hehe~) She has long, pink hair that reaches down to the back of her lower thighs. She keeps the parts in front of her hair shorter, and some parts curled. (As you can see in the picture...) She keeps her hair down at all times and always wears clothing that's skimpy and eye-catching, but also somewhat protective in case she needs to deal with someone. Another reason she wears those kinds of clothes is because she doesn't wa- *Gets stabbed to death by Miharu* "Now now... There's no other reason. Haha~"

    Miharu is a girl that can usually be described by one word and one word only. Whore, but this word is only used by women. Men will describe her as the epitome of politeness and beauty. As a result, Miharu, of course, isn't the girl who goes and picks fights out in public over boys. That would be horribly embarrassing and ruin her reputation. So... Miharu always does things outside of the view of any and all men. She picks fights with other women, she talks badly about other women behind their backs, and she might even get rid of a few here and there. But... Once a man shows up, she's a perfect lady. She acts polite and even goes to lengths to make them think that she's embarrassed by their small actions, such as staring at her chest while she stands there. To put it into simply words, her personalities when in public and in private are a complete 180.

    Miharu doesn't enjoy it when other women get the attention of her target of love for the time being. And when they do get her attention, she's not one to hold back. She has a very small temper when it comes to things of this nature. And when she does decide to do something drastic last minute, it usually is very sloppy. Then, if she is very angry at the girl or when she has passionate feelings for her target of affection, she tends to go over-board. Put shortly, she's quick to action and is easily angered by anything when it comes to her target of affection.

    Noteworthy Skills:
    Brute Force
    When she removes someone from the equation, she enjoys brute force. She likes to force them on the ground and choke them to death. Or maybe she'll go and throw them out a window and stage it as a suicide. Or... Oh wait. I've gone into a bit too much detail, haven't I? Hehe~

    Miharu is a girl who uses hypnotism to lure victims into places where she can dispatch of them with ease. She enjoys putting them into a state of happiness, then waking them up, and showing them their ill fate that awaits them.

    Other Information:
    Miharu had to repeat a grade because her parents took her out of a year of school because they were afraid of serial killings that were taking place during her elementary school years. (Guess who the killer was? BING BONG! You're right! Miharu~)​
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  8. "Did I Stutter?..."


    Kazuma Asami



    Physical Traits:
    Asami has bubblegum pink hair that cascades down to her hips.
    She has big round eyes that are a shade of light pink and soft-looking lips.
    Asami is obsessive towards vanity and often washes her face more than she should, the reason for her porcelain complexion.
    Her hair is styled in two pig-tails, two hanging as frontal locks featuring a pair of bows, and she rarely ever changes it as so.
    Asami's nails are always done and are changed every week.
    She is 5'6 and weighs 132 lbs.

    Asami is two-faced. She smiles and then takes what she needs, not really concerned about the backlash. If she does something bad, she throws someone else under the bus and acts innocent. She possesses the rare gift of being able to lie without batting an eye. Asami feels no guilt for doing bad, and is often called a brat by adults. But there is a brain in Asami's little head. A brain that is for remembering things, that has reasons and motivation for everything she does — Asami may be a brat, but everything she does is with good reason and ample thought. Every thought has been calculated and considered, and perhaps that is what makes it so mortifying.

    She hides her flaws under her skin at the sight of her — soon to be — lover. At least, that's what she thinks is best.

    Noteworthy Skills:

    ╔ Psychology ╗
    Asami bears the great skill of flattery and sweet talk. Even if a nasty rumor does pop up somewhere in the school, no doubt that it won't even make a dent in her reputation. And after she finds out who the culprit, they'll be in for an appalling surprise.

    ╔ Attention To Detail ╗
    She knows a lie when she sees one, Asami pays extreme attention to detail, and often knows a person's personality with a quick look in the eye. Probably one of the most handy of her skills, she would probably be lost without it.

    Other Information:
    Asami was once diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa, but since then has recovered from the traumatizing experience.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  9. Sorry, gonna have to drop out due to lack of internet for 2 weeks. Star can you tell monk for me? It takes 5 minutes to load each page.
  10. Everyone has such delightfully yandere characters! I'm so excited! I'm also ready for my character to try and screw every yandere girl over! Well... Maybe. We'll just have to see how things play out. ;P
  11. Me too, I love both of your characters and can't wait for this getting started
  12. Change of plans. Someone came and fixed the internet.

    Faceclaim is Banba from Akuma no Riddle, if anyone wants to know.

    Name: Yukinoshita Tsukari
    Age: 16 (second year)
    Gender: Female

    Physical Traits:
    Tsukari is an albino. She is average height, and most noticably, bears a long scar along the left of her face which has been stretched significantly. It was clearly inflicted as a young child.

    Tsukari is a calm and quiet person, and is incredibly shy. She is soft spoken and never raises her voice in anger. She has an obsession with cute things, or rather, things she considers cute (which are usually relatively repulsive to others: for example, zombies.) However, she also possesses another side, whom no one, even herself, knows about. It is probably a form of MPD. The second personality goes by the same name, but is essentially the polar opposite of the original Tsukari - she is loud and obnoxious and somehow even has a different accent. She dislikes most things, but has a fondness for the original Tsukari. The second personality is capable of controlling when she emerges, but the original is not because she doesn't even know about the second.

    Noteworthy Skills:
    Tsukari remembers everything she learns, perfectly. She can read a book and will memorise it's contents word for word the first time.
    Due to her being the heir of the local gang, Tsukari has full access to the black market and has very little trouble obtaining things she wants.
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  13. YAY FOR AKUMA NO RIDDLE CHARACTERS~ (Since mine is from it too. Banba is actually in the corner of my character's picture. :P )
  14. Goes to show how much I disliked Isuke or whatever her name was. I didn't even recognise her and I only watched it a week ago :D
  15. Well, Hypnotism VS someone who can change who they are at will... That could become a very repetitive fight.
  16. OMG~ XD I'm sad that you disliked her. I liked her because she was ambitious. It was unfortunate that she failed not only once, but twice technically. And I'm glad that someone other than me has watched that show. :)

    And yes... That should be an interesting battle. I'm excited for all of our characters to clash, but somehow co-exist.
  17. Nah, I disliked her. Too much of a whore. Also, her ambition was just "Get money!". She was one of the few characters I couldn't sympathise with. I mean, there was Sakura Kyouko look-alike who was in it to secure food for her family forever. There was old woman who was in it so that she could finally die. There was Shin'ya who was in it purely for day-time banba's happiness. Then she was just "Money so I can buy my adoptive parents a second island paradise plz"
  18. *Giggles* Yeah, but I almost found her comedic. She was the one who would always do stupid-ass stuff. Including the fact that she had Sakura Kyouko look-alike call her 'Isuke-sama'. I just found her a bit more entertaining. Especially since she got the ball rolling early. And the fact that she exploited that Tokaku Azuma was a 'virgin killer' made me smirk. She poked at Azuma's weakness and then laughed at her for it. Of course, when she tried to kill Azuma... That was really sad. That was when I started to hate her.
  19. Eh, she was the sadistic control-freak kind of character though, and I hate those ones. The better part of that Isuke-sama scene was that Sakura Kyouko look-alike was totally up for doing it and shook it off as if it were a normal day-to-day request.
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