Y U No English? Writing very poorly, and learning to do it proficiently.

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  1. I guess I'll start.

    hlo mii naem iz korbii i liek 2 rp nd m lukinq 4 frendz 2 du iht wit

  2. Which part of this is learning to do things proficiently? There's plenty of exercises and workshops on learning to improve your writing skills in the Roleplay Institute, if that's what you're after, but I'm not sure what this post is.
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  3. I think this is supposed to make fun of people who refuse to write in legible English. Could be wrong but that's my guess. And like the whole "Hey hit me with your worst English" kinda thing.
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  4. For a minute there I thought that was a new Language !~ lol

    I still believe that..

    For better English please watch this show on YouTube. In the UK with foreigners trying to learn English. It's funny! I promise you that.~

    It's called Mind Your Language and has around four seasons.:)

  5. Well if you read the title it says "Writing very poorly, and learning to do it proficiently". Seems pretty clear to me.
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  7. I could see how someone could interpret it as "I write very poorly and want to learn how to write proficiently." That's what I thought it said at first, actually!
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  8. Thank you!
    Finally someone else saw my point here .. I thought I was stupid for a second ._. ~
  9. T|-|15 15 1/\/ L3375p34|< t0 p155 j00z 0ff

    |-|@ |-|@ |-|@


    "This is in leetspeak to piss you off.

    Ha Ha Ha

  10. Razlin gets it. I wanted to do this out of boredom. I can actually teach you guys, but I want you all to attempt it first.
  11. tr0ll0l0l0l0l0l0l

    \/\/3 @r3 @/\/0/\/

    \/\/3 @r3 /\/\@/\/y

    j00 [@/\//\/0t 5|_|r\/1/\/3

    /\/\@|<3 j00r t1/\/\3

    "Troll ol ol ol ol ol

    We are Anon

    We are Many

    You cannot survive

    Make your time"
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  12. The irony is that it takes a lot longer to type like that than, well, this.
  13. This is like a Trolls Language lol

    Totally inefficient. >:(
  14. @Kestrel: Well you know what they say, "Life's a Bitch and Irony gets her off."
  15. It's very easy, once you get the hang of it.
  16. This seems like it belongs in Board Games rather than in General.
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  17. @ fatal: games you say? oh! OH!

    @ 5tr@/\/g3 g@/\/\3. t3h 0/\/ly \/\/1/\//\/1g /\/\0\/3 15 /\/0t 2 pl@y. |-|0\/\/ @b0|_|t @ /\/1[3 g@/\/\3 0f [|-|355?

    "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?"
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  18. I wonder... If I actually roleplayed in forums, would it be this popular? Yep, probably.
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