INTEREST CHECK Y Crisis (counter-terrorism in a dying world)

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  1. This will be kind of like the television show called 24 where we're about to have a really bad time full of twists and turns, terrorist activity, betrayals, shootouts, car chases, drama, the whole shebang. Basically, things are about to get really messy up in here. This plot will take place in an alternate history that I've used before, but it died out so I'm rebooting this alternate history but with a different spins on things. In this roleplay the world is currently experiencing what's known as the "Y Crisis", a dramatic deterioration of the Y Chromosome, with two major side effects. Men sometimes experience deteriorating health and die if they don't get special medication. It's also causing the male birth rate to decrease so drastically that only one out of every twenty births leads to a male child, and it's unknown if the number will keep decreasing. Scientists have been unable to do anything to fix it or even figure out what's causing it, only slowing it down in some ways such as artificial insemination, but the companies are charging insane prices that only the richest people get that and it's only a temporary solution. That being said, the effects of the crisis are continuing to worsen. Due to slowly beginning during the time between the two world wars, it has changed some aspects about the future, sometimes in unexpected ways. World War 2 ended early with France becoming a major superpower, gaining territory through a treaty as Germany surrendered after Hitler succumbed to the effects of the Y Crisis. Japan was not placed into a conflict with the U.S. and has remained as an Empire after the dust settled and the final treaties to end the war were laid out. World War 3 is now threatened to begin over men as the resources needed to sustain countries, as the fall of a birthrate of a country would trigger the entire country to also fall.

    Even in this desperate times some people still have hope for the Y Chromosome, but for now all they can do is preserve what's left until they can figure out a more permanent solution before the human race becomes extinct. Some people have plans to continue the human race without men, but it's a race against the clock to see if such technology would be implemented and it's received harsh criticism and setbacks. Obviously, some people will resort to drastic measures during such desperate times. Some do bad things to try and fix the problem; others do bad things to take advantage of it. Both of them can be equally dangerous.

    We, the Genetic Conservation Agency, otherwise known as the GCA, has been created in response to the Y Crisis as part of the U.S. Department of Defense, meant to handle all things related to the crisis and find a solution. We've sent agents to protect men from being kidnapped by terrorists as part of a "forced protection plan", controversial but considered an effective measure in preserving what's left of the men and their Y Chromosomes. Erik Walter, one of the few male senators, has an important speech today regarding the issue, and has been entrusted with our protection. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

    So that's the idea in a nutshell. Our characters can be members of the GCA, a terrorist group, civilians who get caught up in the mess, politicians (some of whom will be scheming behind the scenes), etc. We won't be able to trust anyone because any of our characters can have secrets that we're not telling each other. We can have more then one character, and to make things even more suspenseful you should feel free to have your characters die. Basically, I want this roleplay to keep us on our toes. I won't tell any more of the plot right now because we'll be finding out the plot as we go along. However, if you need or want more information you can PM me for it. You can also give me ideas of your own or keep them to yourself for a surprise.