X's Escape

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    My name is Experiment X12-B. Would you like to play with me?
    I want to play with you.
    X12-B is an experiment gone wrong, a product of gene splicing has left the world with a monster in its wake, and to make maters worse she has escaped.

    ♢ Plot ♢

    X12-B, more commonly called X, is an escaped asylum experiment, it is the first time she's really seeing the human world with her own eyes, and she loves it. Especially the women.

    Having found a grand place to hole up in, a dark little slum in an abandoned building X has made it her buisness to take one of these female for herself.

    The story can go two different ways, the slave escapes and X is found, or the slave submits and X continues to use the girl.

    To be honest there is no real plot outside of X hunting for the woman she wants.

    You MUST be 18+ for this, those who aren't will be cut off before it can even begin.

    If you are interested or have any questions message me.
  2. I'm interested....um....how do you feel about post length? I'm good with grammar and spelling, but a paragraph is usually the max I am able to give.
  3. Generally that is the minimum i will accept, of course you will undoubtedly get much longer posts from me. But thay should do just fine.
  4. yay^^ I will try to give longer posts. If I'm not giving enough detail, just let me know.
  5. Should we take it to PM?
  6. Hm I'm interested in doing the one where the slave submits? How intense is this gonna be?
  7. I'm very interested in this role play. I like your idea. If you are willing please pm me. I usually give one to three paragraphs. Normally I'm having to do dominate characters, however, I'd love to if able be the submissive character. I do have some limits and would be willing to share, and would like to know if you have limits yourself.
  8. Give me a few hours and I will have a starter for you.
  9. It can be quite intense if you have questions please feel free to message me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.