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  1. Tiffany Ann Rose
    Age: 17
    Height: 4"11
    Hair color: Long Black hair that flows past her hips and behind.
    Eye color: Ice blue
    Skin complexion: Pale

    Time: 1701

    It is dawn, Tiffany smiles softly. Long since she has fed from humans and how she loves to look on their faces when they witness who she really was. Humans in general, were nothing but her play things. She often captures them and locks them up in the basement. She love the sounds of humans begging for her to release them. The look in their eyes and the smell of their fear. She walks over to the bureau and brushes her long hair. Tonight will be the night where she will have so much fun. She sits on the chair that was pulled out forher in front of her bureau. She puts on a pair of pearls around her neck. Her dress was the color of magenta and her corset was tight. She applies perfume on her chest and behind her ears. Her vampire race had a rule of being mated to a male at transition. But during Tiffany's transition, she had no one.. She brushes the soft black curls of her hair. Looking at herself in the mirror. Beautiful.. but who would want her? She doesn't know if her race exists.
  2. Name Logan Ryder
    Age 21
    Height 6'0"
    Eye color emerald green
    Skin tan
    Logan had just stepped off the ship. He had been sailing for 3 months as a merchant marine. He decided he was going try and and find an inn with some vacancy.
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  3. Spending hours of trying to prep herself for bait. She gets up and walks to the door and locks it as she exits her small chamber. She walks the long hallway and goes down the stairs. Her butler appears in front of her and offers her a drink of blood wine and she puts her hand up decline. She walks over to the coat rack and grabs a her shawl and slowly turned around.

    "When I'm gone, prepare supper. I will be back in a hour or so. Soup will be delightful." Tiffany smiles softly at her butler. Her tummy growled. She puts on her shawl and walks out. Outside the moon was bright. She walks to town in the dark. Men and women were hand in hand. Drunks where obnoxious and running around as if children. Prostitutes were around with rich fellows. Tiffany enters a tavern. She walks to a bar stool and sits. Taking off her shawl. She eyed the bartender. Smiling she ordered a bloody Mary. Waiting for bait.
  4. While walking around looking for an inn, he stumbled a cross a tavern. "It couldn't hurt to go in and get a drink. Maybe the bartender will know of an inn with vacancy." He walked inside and took a seat next to a stunning young lady. He ordered a beer.
  5. Tiffany tapps on the glass a bit and looks at the wine. She sits it down and sighed. Suddenly a male sits next to her.She looks at him and smiled. He orders a beer. She studies his aura and notices that he is a some important person. She couldnt put her finger on it. She sits her shawl on the counter and tuns her attention to the male.

    "Greetings and salutations. Why isn't it such a beautiful night". She begins to speak with a heavy Spanish accent. She giggles and looks at the male.
  6. "Yes it is madam." He took a drink of his beer. "Would please tell me why such a beautiful young lady is a place like this."
  7. She pays for the Males beer and giggle. The question seem so odd to her. Every place she's been too where all the same
    Men would grab at her and she would grab at them. She strokes the beads of her corset. "A place like this T'is so lively. What? A woman such as myself can't be entertained by idiots such as these." She laughs and looks at the people in the tavern and slowly looks back at the male. She strokes his arm. "You seems tired".
  8. "Thanks. Sorry, i meant no offense, its just a place like this doesnt suit you. He finished his beer. "Yeah I just got back from 2 months out at sea. I've been trying to find an inn but there have been no vacancies."
  9. "At sea". She bats her lashes slowly and strokes his arm. "The inns here are no good. I remember first coming to this small town I rented an inn for a night and saw rats. It was disgusting." Goosebumps arise on her chest. She jumps off the stool. " I have a place you may stay if you wish."
  10. "Sounds good to me. I should only be in town for a week and no problem working for my keep." He stood up "lead the way madam."
  11. She takes his right hand into hers and walks out the Tavern and into town. "You don't worry about giving me any money for your stay. I'm glad to have you as my guest". Few minutes later they arrive at her small place. She opens the gate and walks in. Going to the door and turns the knob and walks in. The smell of soup is in the air. She smiles at the scent and the turns back to the male. "Come in"
  12. Logan walked in, smelling the soup. "Does anybody else live here with you." He removed his jacket and put it on the coat rack.
  13. She removes her shawl and puts it on the coat rack. She bites her bottom lip and looks down. " I have a servent but no one else." She looks at the male with innocent eyes.
  14. "Oh I didn't know you had a butler" he looked into her eyes. He felt a weird aura off her.
  15. Tiffany looked away. 'He seems harmless.. ' she thought to herself. She swallowed shyly. That's odd. No one has made her feel shy before. She was thirsty but she can't harm him. She wanted to get to know this human. "Yes I have a butler. He's really sweet. Since my parents had died..." that was a lie because she was abandoned at transition.. So she had no clue who were real parents were. " - he took care of me. So I live alone with him. It can be lonely at times.." she trails off.. "before you run up to the guest room, would you like some supper?"
  16. "Sounds amazing. I haven't eaten good food in a while." He followed the young lady to the dining room.
  17. She softly smiled and turned away to the dinning room. Everything was set up. Two bowls of soup were at sides of the table. Fresh baked bread, butter and salad. Wine was also set. She quickly took the wine off the table. "Alcohol at night before bed is bad". She lied again. She knew that in his glass there was poison. She puts the wine away and takes out tea. Smiling she sets it down and sits at her side.
  18. Logan took a seat next to her. "I never caught your name madam."
  19. She took her spoon and put it in the soup. Grabbing the napkin she placed it on her lap and smiled softly. "My name.is Tiffany." She takes the spoon and leads it to her mouth careful that her fangs won't show. "I know I seem strange but... I won't hurt you or anything.. your safe here." She bit her bottom lip. He must think she was crazy. Oh God of darkness help her.
  20. That last comment seemed odd, but he didn't question it. "My name is Logan Ryder. Nice to meet you tiffany."