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  1. Invitations had been sent all around the multiverse to fighters of varying degree of skill and power.
    The invitation wrote up a rather tall tale for some, not only promising of being crowned the ultimate fighter they would also gain the power to make any wish they had to become reality.

    For some to be able to get anything they could dream of was too good to pass up, for others the opportunity to fight against new and exciting opponents was in itself worth the trip.

    Once a fighter accepted the invitation they found themselves transported into a colosseum like structure. The center was filled to the brim by fighters, too many to count. Some you might have known and some you certainly didn' was that a 16 feet tall velociraptor just now? Before you could process anything more the entire area would be enveloped by a loud and enthusiastic male voice.

    “Ladies and gentlemen! Your illustrious host welcomes you to the Ultimate Fighting tournament!” You couldn't really tell where the voice was coming from, though it felt like it was booming right into your head. “As you can see a large number of fighters have been gathered from all over the multiverse to this one spot! Due to the sheer number of fighters gathered the first preliminary matches will be team battles! Three randomly selected fighters will be chosen as a team and have to work together to continue on to the next fight! You will now be transported to your pre-selected battle arena! Good luck!”

    With a loud FWASSH everyone would vanish from the colosseum and be transported to their designated fighting arena.

    Three particular fighters would find themselves in a rather dour place.


    One of them a large and imposing man would speak up.


    “It appears our opponents have not yet arrived...”

    The mans voice was like gravel and the earth itself seemed to shift slightly under his feet as he moved around. “...That will soon change.”

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  2. A few others would find themselves in what appeared to be a lush jungle area.


    One among them however didn't seem impressed.

    "Ugh how annoying...I thought this was a test of ones personal skill! Instead I'm going to be pulled down by two simpletons. But I guess it doesn't matter..."


    "I, Kira Daidohji will bring us victory, kicking and screaming if I have to! Ready yourselves, I'm sure our opponents will be on us soon enough!"
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  3. Tira had been standing alone in the forests of Kagutsuchi for quite some time. After meeting Noel, things had changed so much for the girl. No longer did she feel herself bound to Soul Edge's every waking order but now she had found someone who seemed to truly have Tira's best intentions in mind.

    Almost didn't seem real to Tira but after a while of trying to act as if this had all been one nightmare, she finally came to terms with it. Everything had changed and for the better. But even so there were still times where Tira needed some alone time to think to herself-and well the other personality lurking within her head.

    But while she was musing her thoughts, a raven soared through the air before landing gently onto Tira's shoulder with what appeared to be some kind of message in it's beak.

    An invitation to a challenge where fighters of varying quality would go and compete? Tira could care less for the novelty of the event, she didn't need to win any sort of tournament but perhaps if Noel got the same invitation, the two would be able to see the other's skills in action against a wide cast of other fighters from different worlds.

    Kissing the raven on the head, it soared away leaving Tira alone with her thoughts once more.

    "I accept."

    As she was transported to the arena where she'd be fighting, she'd hold her ring blade over her shoulder and glanced at Tremor as she spoke. A man who could move the very earth as if it were his plaything? Things were already looking very interesting.

    "Well, then let our opponents come! I grow tired of waiting!"
  4. A long time ago, there was a Samurai, whose name was lost to history. His Shogunate was under peril, his comrades slaughtered by the enemy and his wife in danger. Out of honor and love, he committed a heinous act for the power to protect them all, cutting down the guards that protected the legendary tsukumogami. Hannya the cursed armor and Kien, the Bloodthirsty Sword. To combine both would be to transform him into a being of incredible power, enough to gain all that he wanted. He just never thought to count the cost.

    That man was long since dead now.

    And replaced by the creature known to the world as Bishamon!



    This was the war he had been craving, the frenzy that had overtaken him in his need to see blood spilled surging through the cursed samurai's senses. What did he care for a wish? He had everything he could ever want...But the opportunity, to taste new flesh and new blood? Ah, you couldn't put a price on that, not for all the treasures of the world.

    He was home.

    Kien was withdrawn from his scabbard with a hiss of cursed steel, as he looked into his reflection and grinned.

    It will be bloody.

    We can only hope.

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  5. As the light faded, a tall woman accompanied by her intimidating guards, glanced around at the disgusting environment she was now in.
    "Madam, this is no place for you." The birdman protested as the guard with the dog head only chuckled.

    "Nonsense, Horus." The woman responded. "After all we should get used to it. This is what the world shall resemble once I have." She grinned as she flamboyantly walked over to the people nearby.
    "And are you my opponents, or perhaps...?"

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  6. Before the group could converse any further a an energy ball would fly by Eliza nearly hitting her before creating a crater in the ground.


    "Oh dang! I was so close!" A boy dressed in yellow would exclaim. Another boy would step up as well flanked by a robot of sorts.


    "That's okay Bao! We'll get them for sure, isn't that right sis?" The female looking robot would stand silent to the boys question.

    A third one would show up as well though it seemed like she wasn't paying too much attention to what was going on.


    "Eko's drawing a picture to our new friends!"

    Tremor could only stand in disbelief at the trio facing them. "...Children...we are facing children?"

    "Hey! Don't look down on us just because we're young!" The boy in the top hat exclaimed. "I'm a first class vigilante! Call me Carl Clover."

    "And I'm Bao! I'm a Psycho Soldier so you better not underestimate me!"

    "Hello! I'm Eko! I'm so happy to meet new people!"

    "..." Tremor would glance back over to his own team mates. "This does not feel right."

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  7. A cloaked figure stood several feet away from whatever that monster thing was with a blue haired girl sitting upon it. Underneath the hood, the figure's bright green eyes scanned its surrounding as it appeared as if it was in a weird jungle area. The invitation promised some sort of reward for participating in this battle; however, the cloaked figure wanted to get to know its "partners" in this tag team. Though, the little girl was obviously bloating too much with how she, herself, can bring the whole team "victory." This was something that was worth seeing.

    "Looks like we're stuck with another nitwit! If she thinks she can handle whatever the hell we're going to be up against with then let her do it. Stupid kid doesn't even know us and yet she thinks that she's stuck with simpletons! What a dumbass!" Laughing could be heard from the cloaked figure as it stared at the girl. Though, another voice appeared to be talking from the same being.

    "L-Luna... You shouldn't be like that. We're supposed to work together, remember?" This voice seemed much more shy - the opposite of the earlier voice.

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  8. It was a pretty pleasant place for a fighting tournament. It almost felt like she could just sit down and take a nap or something. Maybe she would, actually. Noel sat down at a bench and was about to lay down, when suddenly there was some crazy laughter, causing her to sit up with a jolt.

    "Huh? Who...?"

    A samurai with...two faces?

    "M-maybe I should've stayed at home..."

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  9. A fighting tournament. A certain Chun-Li was no stranger to these kinds of events. In the past, she had encountered men with destructive psychic power, people strong enough to level mountains with their fists, and even people from other dimensions. Most of them dressed up in weird costumes for some reason, some of whom were able to shoot webs or operate high tech suits of iron.

    And yet somehow, at the end of the day, she could still be surprised from time to time.

    This was proven with the weird samurai guy.

    Well, in any case, let's let bygones be bygones. He didn't seem like an immediate threat (yet), so perhaps it was going to be like last time with the other interdimensional people where they'd fight in teams. If that's the case, may as well get acquainted with her potential allies.

    As long as that guy didn't try anything weird.

    "... Are you alright? What's your name?" The woman would ask the (presumably) younger girl, "Mine's Chun-Li."

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  10. The guards rushed over to their mistress' side immediately.
    "Boss, you alright?!" Barked the dog man as the bird checked for any injuries.
    Eliza simply dusted herself off. "Nothing to worry about, Albus, Horace."
    She shot a glance at the fighters that had just met. "It looks like we'll have to divide these brats between us. Well no matter."
    She licked her full lips before her skin, hair, face in general split through the middle to reveal an unnatural skull. The obviously annoyed woman or creature hissed her statement despite being only bone as her subordinates readied for battle.

    "In my experience, feisty young ones like these brats are some of the best tasting!"
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  11. Some short pleasantries aside it seemed that their foes would have arrived. The way they moved, their attire and one of them appearing from mid air it was quite clear what Chun-Li, Noel and Bishamon were facing...



    "Target acquired."


    "Both of you stay calm, don't rush into things until we know who..." Hayate would look over to Bishamon. "Or what we're facing."


    "Hmph, they're all dead." The final one replied with a metallic tone in his voice before charging towards the one closest to him readying an overhead swipe.​

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  12. "Hahahaha, anyone who didn't get their PhD at 11 years old is a simpleton to me!" Kira replied with a condescending tone. "Don't worry I'll make good use of you as fodder!"

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  13. Tira's evil disposition had been lessened as a result of her time spent with Noel. But her other personality had not left her and was eager to see the blood of these children on the ground. Well, it was a fighting tournament after all and old urges like this were hard to stamp out even with someone as kind as Noel caring for your well-being.

    Swinging her ring blade around, Tira didn't give Eliza's strange appearance a second thought. After seeing something was terrible as Soul Edge, not much really fazed the girl anymore.


    "Age doesn't matter if you can throw a punch or swing a blade! These brats will fall all the same!"

  14. "Eep!" Bao had to take a few steps back when Sekhmet made her appearance. "This old lady's really scary!"

    "Don't worry Bao! She's all bark and no bite you can take her for sure!"

    Bao would just gulp and nod towards Carl's direction before going into a battle stance. "Y-you're right! If I win this tournament I can show the rest of the Psycho Soldiers how much I've grown!"

    With that Carl would turn his attention towards Tira. "Well said lady!" He replied. "We're the ones that are going to exit this arena as the winners after all."

    While Bao seemed to have settled on facing Eliza and Carl seemed to have his sights on Tira that left Tremor against Eko and her magical drawing.

    "I am not comfortable with this..." Tremor replied as he raised his fist for battle.

    "Eko's going to do her best and win this for her sisters!" Eko exclaimed in excitement from the shoulder of the drawing like creature she was riding.

    Perhaps if he would target his attacks towards the creature he could spare the girl any damage Tremor thought to himself. Despite the fact that he was a member of the Black Dragon clan he wasn't really a person who would strike down 5 year olds...

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    As Kira and Trinity argued, their partner, stood near by, facing tree. Bang! His fist bashed into a near by a tree, quickly sidestepping to another side, and begins punching that side. The two could notice the dents the man was placing om the tree, it was pretty hard to miss. He would stop as kira started another rant.


    "Let's just get this started."
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  16. Combo would get his wish as something big leaped down from a nearby tree.​


    "Grr, Slash knew he heard something! Slash will beat you and become champion!"

    Their second opponent would emerge from the bushes.


    "Roar!" The dinosaur like creature would roar towards the two lolis and the boxer.

    "Hey what about me!" Something else big would emerge from the vegetation.


    "Oh boy, I can't wait to winning this tournament and wishing for unlimited bananas! The tribe's going to love it!"​

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  17. "Will you be my partners in this great war?"

    There was an awkward pause and then he grinned, revealing serrated teeth to the two.

    "Excellent. We will bathe in the blood of our victims and devour their souls for the glory of battle!"

    Let none say he never made an effort to bond with his teammates. : |

    Still, in the deepest part of his soul that was still the Samurai of honor he once was, he recognized that at least in the beginning, they would be required to work together. As they were put together, naturally honor would dictate that he must do what he must to protect and to synergize with them.


    Hannya could barely keep a straight face at that idea. This vessel was his, his limbs and his skill were his to use and to control. And what he wanted now, more than anything else? He wanted blood.

    Kien flashed in challenge to the red caped ninja, Bishamon laughing maniacally as he rushed in, avoiding the one who initiated attack for an overhead slash of his own for his chosen opponent.

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  18. The metallic ninja would counter the attack with one of his own. "Useless." He'd push the samurai back before charging in with a punch and kick combination.

    Meanwhile Hayate would face off against Chun-Li. "I guess the demons can keep themselves occupied when we do this more by the book." He'd bow towards Chun-Li. "I am Hayate. Are you ready to face me?"

    Noel in turn would square off against Sasuke, who unlike Hayate would spare no words and toss a kunai in her direction.

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  19. "Oh, yes! D-don't worry about me! Um, I'm Noel Vermillion. Nice to meet you, Chun-Li!" She introduced herself before looking back over at the scary samurai man.


    After that thing almost resembling a team bonding session, their opponents appeared, who strangely seemed actually less threatening than her teammate. One of them was even introducing himself before the battle! How nice, maybe-


    Noel knocked away the kunai with Bolverk before taking aim and firing at Sasuke.

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