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  1. Welcome To Xonnen!
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    Xonnen is having an uproar now that a human girl has entered one of the schools to study there. Pretty much anything can happen from this point. :P More humans may come in or some more Xonnen characters. Heck... if you have characters from other universes, you can add them too!

    There issss a little Xonnen history I forgot to mention which involved another universe as well called Bliiten (pronounced bl-lie-ten). Pretty much Bliiten is a corrupt universe where people have taken experimentation too far. Taking test subjects from their own universe, they created Xonnians. Xonnians went through hell for quite a time until they became advanced enough to create a blockage between their universe and the Bliiten one. Still, Bliiten exists. But everyone on Xonnen pretty muchs hates anyone from Bliiten. More than humans.


    Everything is taking place in Xonnen which is an alternate universe to Earth... where people are all born female and with crazy colored hair. And anime is super popular too because why not. xD Things start off in Xonnen University, where Calix and other uh... Xonnians... (see the Xonnen thread for pics and descriptions) are studying. Adventure awaits! Tally ho!

    -Character Sheet-

    -Accepted Characters-

    -Hibiki Wataru (Owner is "Lost")
    -Rabia Negligence (Owner is Neko_Green)
    -Ko Fujishiro (Owner is NyanCat15)

    -Other Things-

    No god mods or mary sues please. I'm pretty much okay with anything though as long as you follow the rules of the site.

    Also, you can be one of the characters that are listed on the in-character thread if you want. Just tell me by typing it below. ^.^

    P.S. I love Calix and his fabulous pink hair <3
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  2. Name: Hibiki Wataru

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    P.S she has bright yellow hair

    Personality: Even though she's a girl she likes to act as a boy, dressing like a delinquent for her own pleasure and joy however goes back to acting like a girl after school. She has no shame and likes to be around people who are interesting or different in her eyes. She loves cosplay and can go from acting all girly to a blood thirsty delinquent.

    Likes: Apples, Sports and Cosplay

    Dislikes: Boring and Average things

    History: She has had an average life, her parents brought her up in a calm nice environment and has had lots of friends also she's never been in any traumatic experiences. She moved house and school and has now joined a new school full of new students and new experiences
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  3. @"Lost" Uh the pic isn't there? O.o uh ohz
  4. I see it!
  5. Weird... on my page it says "IMG" instead of showing the pic. O.o ghooost pictuuure
  6. Yep! Thank chu! :3
  7. Yay
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  8. This is intriguing would it be possible within the parameters of the setting for me to play as a Neko like character.

    Name: Rabia Negligence
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Her Scarf she where the clothes she has in the picture. Also doesn't have a tail cus she's half Neko
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Rabia is a generous, spontaneous, bold girl. Who is willing to take any step to further her life dream of achieving the answers of living through knowledge. With above average intelligence, she is near the top of her class. But Rabia has the drive to keep going, and the cleverness to trick who she needs. Rabia is a sly girl but can appear a bit timid in new situations as well as cute.
    History: Rabia is half Xonnen and half Neko. She was born in Xonnen, as the north child is a relatively poor family in Xonnen standards. As a child, a Muslim missionary came and tried to convert the neighbourhood. Being a mostly hardcore atheist neighbourhood, they didn't listen. But Rabia did. Though she's not too religious she prays before going to sleep and tries her best to do what's right. She did great in regular school and moved on the Xonnen Univerity. While at the university she found someone that she likes, Rabia has a crush
    Likes: Dreaming, knitting and stuff like it (mostly because the yarn), Teasing/Flirting, Manga
    Dislikes: People touching her ears, calling her a cat, people that judge her large bottom,
    Other: Rabia is bisexual if. If there are any people who what to be her crush that's cool just tell me.
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  9. @Neko_Green Of course! Although you'll probably get a glomp from the character Momo since she's a neko fanatic. XD heheh
  10. @Neko_Green Your character has been accepted. :3 Join the RP whenever you wish! ^.^
  11. Umm who should be Rabia's crush.
  12. You can choose, remember anyone under 18 there gender can Change :D
  13. What about Momo Kurai?
  14. Think her gender can change still as well...
  15. I know it can change, I think she's going to Rabia's crush. Is only BadDeerGaming allowed to control the characters in the first post besides her OC in the IC. just wonders are they like for all the player, just wondering. Don't hit me.
  16. Why would I hit you? I'm confused :D
  17. It was a semi-stupid question.
  18. Was it?
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