Xmen vs Avengers:Return of the Registration act

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  1. Its been 20 years sense the mutant registration act was made, in those 20 years mutants have more respect, and Xavier's school is still open, but are still treated like secondary class citizens, and are still met with violence. The Mutant Registration act II is made again and this time it has more support. This time if the mutants dont register they will be arrested and if they fight killed on the spot. A new generation of Xmen and the Brotherhood of Mutants begin to rise. Both fighting the registration act, so the goverment asks SHIELD to open the Avenger's initiative and bring back the Avengers to take out the rising teams

    can have original characters.
    Characters who were young(IE ShadowCat, Rogue, or Iceman are ok but they must be older) and characters who are immortal(Wolverine, Sabertooth, And Thor) are ok
    no killing unless theyre a NPC or have permission
    Follow the rules of Iwaku

    short Bio

    Name David Erik Lehnsherr
    age 20
    alias Magneto II
    look [​IMG]
    costume Black suit, rings, and a black trenchcoat
    race: Mutant
    powers: Like the original magneto Magnetism manipulation, he can levitate himself thanks to his steel tipped shoes and has electrokinesis as well but is learning to control it.
    Personality Kind, smart, but has a cold heart, and wants to help humans but still is angered that they hate him even though he tried to help them.
    short Bio Is the last Child of Erik Lehnsherr. He was raised as being the heir to the Brotherhood of Mutants but when his father was killed, he went to the place he knew he would be safe. Xavier's School, when he was 6. He learned to respect humans but deep down still believes his father may be right
    Other: Secretly wants to join the Brotherhood, and stop the registration act by any means necessary

    Name Jean Charlotte(Charlie) Xavier
    age 18
    alias Lady X
    look [​IMG]
    costume will wear a black jumpsuit
    race: Mutant
    powers:Telepathy, can read minds, create illusions, mind control, create a psychic link with other telepathic mutants, reads memories of peoeple. But she has trouble taking on other telepathic mutants. She is also has Telekinesis but hasnt mastered it yet.
    Personality Sweet, Cheerful, caring, Loving, smart, careful, and brave
    short Bio Is the daughter of Charles Xavier. Taught to respect humans and mutants, and bring peace to both races. Taught not to fight back and be the better person by trying to fight back with peaceful methods. Met David when she was 4. She became like a sister to him, she considers him her brother
    Other Worried for her brother David, and hopes he doesnt turn evil
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