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XMen Files

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Anime-Otaku12, May 1, 2015.

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  1. Cheyenne dodged the attacks thrown at her by storm, her massive wolf form preventing her from dodging all of the attacks. The ones she could not Dodge, she threw up her giant arms to minimize damage. Storm wasn't going easy on her. She was attempting to help her improve her speed in her massive wolf form. Albeit the progress was slow, she was slowly getting faster.

    As the last barrage of lighting and hail assaulted her, Storm stopped. She smirked.

    "You did well. You are slowly improving your speed. KeeP up the good work cause your next mission is coming up fairly soon. Richie will be your partner for this mission. Train with him a little before you Back to your dorm."

    Storm called out to Richie to have him join Cheyenne in the ring for a little spar.
  2. "Yes Ma'am." He said, in a deep baritone voice.

    Only just recently did he discover his mutant ability had zero idea on what the limits are currently. He was still new to the school and was trying to get a feel for what the hell actually goes on at this school. Sparring was apparently a thing, and he was about to go up against a big ass werewolf. Jesus H Christ. Is she like 7-8ft tall? All muscle. This isn't a spar, it's torture. If she was an average human, then there would not be an issue. But no, it was a werewolf that was resistant to fucking lightning bolts. This was going to be bad.

    He climbed into the ring and looked the werewolf over. "I am guessing this is the part where introduce ourselves, or did you just want to punch me in the face?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.