Xiaolin Showdown: New Generation anyone?

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  1. I've been re-watching Xiaolin Showdown and an RP idea came to mind. It would be a new generation some characters from the show but mainly our own original characters.

    Okay here is my introduction to my idea.

    Omi and his friends after defeating Wuya the five dragon warriors had many years pass where they relax with little worry of evil taking over the world for they had managed to maintain the balance of the Shen Gong Wu. After time they had finally hidden all Shen Gon Wu artifacts in hopes to keep evil from ever reaching power to take over and to keep the balance between good and evil. But after many years and a few warriors vanished leaving Omi at the temple of Xiaolin. He stayed so that he could prepare the next set of chosen dragons along with a few new elements of the dragons.

    Please watch the first 2 minutes and 15 seconds no you do not have to have seen the whole series I just wanted everyone to have a background on Dashi and Wyua. Also to have the basic knowledge of the Shen Gon Wu. And if you watch the whole first part you’ll meet Omi and his friends when they would be young and learning what it means to be a dragon in training. You will also meet Jack Spicer and Wyua. As we progress I will explain each Shen Go Wu and there abilities.

    Please reply here if interested so I know if it is worth making an IC and OOC/Sign Up threads.
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  2. Sure I'd join in if more people come in and I still have spare time. Just send me a PM/Conversation if more people appear.
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  3. Okay will do.
  4. Xiaolin Showdown was one of my favorite shows growing up~ I'd love to join this RP.
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  5. Okay thanks. After a few more people I will go ahead and post the OOC/Sign Up thread.
  6. Okay if your wondering what I might add at the sign ups is simple rules, CS, and the amount I have in mind for both sides and yes it can change.

    Now with what I will add on the plot is how Omi's friends vanished, what happened to some of the Haylin side and maybe some other things still deciding for most of the plot shall play out through the RP. I'll explain more on why it will mostly be played out if needed and in the OOC.

    This is all notes for a heads up when I make everything, and if I feel there are enough people interested.
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