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  1. He let out a sigh. Life was so dull. He’d finally let himself out of the house. Staring at the same walls, the same things for days had gotten him irritated and grumpy. Fresh air will do him good. It was dusk, just dark enough for him to go out comfortably. He could go out in sunlight, as he kept on top of his blood drinking through buying bags of blood from the donor clinic. They got money to keep there medical research going, Tim could live close to a normal life.

    Working as a designer for the statues normally. The park needed some new one as idiots had smashed some of them on purpose. So, might as well do it while it was quiet and he could get a better look at the idea. He wondered out with his work bag and sketch book, sitting on a park bench he’d been known to sit on daily before he’d gotten his job. He loved it there, so peaceful with the little baby ducklings and swans waddling around.
    That was it. Swans.. Use the money to make a water feature for the swans and ducks to nest on, as well as look beautiful in the center of the very large pond. He sat there drawing contently for a little while, mostly oblivious to the people walking past and staring.
    The stars made patterns in the twilight sky as the moon began to reflect in the water. It was just another day and another night where everything was the same. Daisuke had just turned 24, and he spent another birthday drinking to his heart’s content. It started to get unhealthy after 2 years, but why should he care? Nobody was going to tell him otherwise. The taste of whiskey managed to take his mind off his troubles anyways, “So why not?” he thought.This year was different though, he didn’t feel the urge to drink as much as he used to. Having that on his mind, he left the bar and walked off into the park to clear his thoughts.
    Not many people were in the park at this time, so it was a good opportunity for Daisuke to walk around and enjoy the scenery for once. No snot-nosed kids running around and giggling, no dogs barking, no frizbees or footballs soaring across the air. Just peace & tranquility.
    So much peace, that Daisuke was actually astonished when he saw somebody sitting down at the park bench near the pond. Who in their right mind would be in the park this late at night? Besides him, of course. Feeling a bit curious, he decided to walk over to the bench, right behind the young man drawing something in his sketch book. Daisuke took a look over the man’s shoulder and observed the drawing, then looked at the swans swimming around in the pond. “That’s pretty cool. I take it you like to draw?” He asked.
    Tim breathed softly, smiling at his drawing lightly and adding to it. He heard foot steps but tried to ignore them, keeping his head down and hoping they’d just disappear. They seemed to. Hm, they must’ve gone out of the exit behind them.
    Lies. He nearly jumped out of his skin, yelping and getting up, looking back at Daisuke with a startled expression on his face. “Sorry..You..Scared me.. Thank you” He murmured, calming down and taking his seat again. “Not used to people around this time of night. Normally too cold for everyone” He murmured, tucking his scarf back under his chin and carried on adding to the drawing. Jeez, he jsut made a right royal twat of himself.. Now he remembered WHY he stayed inside.
    After that, he looked back, noticing the other man giving him a weird look. “What is it?” He asked, also not used to people standing and staring at him. He knew he had red eyes, but they weren’t that interesting, were they?
    Daisuke stood there a bit, keeping a look of confusion on his face. He cleared his throat and shrugged it off. ”You like to draw?” Daisuke asked with a smile on his face, pointing at the sketchbook on the bench. ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you or anything, it’s just I’ve never seen people sit here and just…draw.” He shrugged and then invited himself to sit down on the bench next to the younger looking man. ”You have some pretty nice eyes,” He blinked. “You from around here?” Before letting him answer, Daisuke shot out for a handshake. “My name is Daisuke.” He smiled sheepishly, hoping he did not make the wrong impression.
    Tim winced slightly. Man this guy was weird, but who was he to talk, he drank blood out of a packet on a daily basis. He smiled a bit, staring to his drawing pad. “It’s just a sketch.. The council wants a new water fountian here since some idiots ruined the last on. I’m just designing it” he replied lightly, still a little confused over what he should do about Daisuke, it was rare anyone came to talk to him.
    As the hand came out to shake„ Tim took it and shook it lightly. “Y-yeah… I’m Tim” he replied again, shuffling on the spotout of nerves. “I live in the old fashioned flst block about a mile away. What about you?” he asked quickly, trying to get off the subject of his eyes, even if the comment did name him blush slightly.
    “I live a few blocks away from the only bar in town. It isn’t too far.”
    Daisuke took back his hand and scratched the back of his head. “What brings
    you here at this time of night?” He blinked. “Wouldn’t it be easier for
    an artist to do their sketches in the…Erm. During the day?” He could feel
    a drop of sweat roll down the back of his neck. The last thing he wanted to do
    tonight was to offend someone he had just met.
    “I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s kind of….You know.” He stuttered a bit.
    “Weird. I’ve never seen an artist come here at night.”
    Well that did explain the strange smell of alcohol on this man. Tim just shrugged lightly.
    "Well I’m not a big fan of using daylight as lighting for my drawings.. too over bearing" He explained quietly. There were other reasons, but it seemed plausible that the glare from a bright sun might hinder someone’s art work.
    "And weird isn’t always bad" He said quietly, feeling slightly awkward. He hadn’t been on a proper talking basis with someone for a while so he didn’t really know what he was doing.
  2. "Hmmm...Understandable." Daisuke smiled and spread his arms across both sides of the bench. "You're right, it isn't bad." He closed his eyes as he put his arms behind his back and began stretching. God, he was exhausted. His birthday had just passed, yet it still felt like there was something missing. Daisuke was living a simple man's dream- He lived alone. Ate, smoked, and drank alone. Watched TV alone, bathed alone, just about everything was done by himself with the utmost privacy. Being able to do whatever he wanted to without the constant nagging from anybody was probably the best thing he could ever ask for....
    But why was there feelings of emptiness lingering inside of his heart?

    Oh well.
    Daisuke was perfectly aware of the situation he got himself into.

    "In fact, I think being weird makes someone unique." He opened his eyes and looked over to the younger man. "Say, Tim. Do you think we can meet again here tomorrow night?"
  3. Tim wasn't much better at being alone. He actually hated it. The constant silence really bore into him at the best of times, let alone at the worst. SIlence was... Just plain awkward. But he'd gotten so used to it, talking like this was even more awkward. He tried to keep drawing but he was so distracted and unfocused that he couldn't get anything new down, just shading the bits he'd already drawn seemed to be the easiest thing to do so he didn't look like he was stuck.

    Daisuke's question struck him a bit. Again? Seriously? This guy wanted to talk more? What about? What made Daisuke think he'd be good to talk to? Lots of questions ran around his head. What to do? He'll stare if you don't answer. Say something, stupid!

    "Err.. Y-yeah, sure.. I'll be here drawing anyway.. for the project I'm doing so.. Just come out when you want" He said softly, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

    The world was starting to get lighter.. And that was Tim's que. He couldn't sit in the sun. The whole Wizard of Oz witch scene of I'm meltingggggg wasn't one he was willing to go through, even though he'd normally be unaffected thanks to his blood drinking, he felt low, so it wasn't worth the risk. "I...erm... H-have to go ok? See you tomorrow" He murred, gathering everything and shoving it back into his bag. He was normally quite neat, but nerves through that RIGHT out the window. He waved a small by as he did a little rushed walk back his his apartment...
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  4. "Seeya." Daisuke smiled and waved a little.

    About 10 minutes passed and Daisuke found himself looking around aimlessly.
    He couldn't believe it- When was the last time he's ever had contact with another human being? Of course, there was the bartender at the local pub, but the man didn't seem to pay any attention to Daisuke. It was just "Here again, eh?" and that was pretty much it. No conversations, no laughter, just Daisuke drinking and receiving glares from folks who thought he was out of his mind for drinking too much.

    "Ohhh man. I hope he doesn't think I'm some sort of creep." He mumbled to himself as he finally got up from the bench. "SHIT!" His back began to ache sharply. Perhaps slouching on a wooden bench for 10-15 minutes wasn't the best idea.

    Daisuke took both of his hands and rubbed the middle of his spine to help calm the nerves. After the aching subsided, he stretched his arms out once more and sighed. "I'm so tired..." He mumbled as he began to walk back home.

    "I hope he comes tomorrow."
  5. After getting back inside his home, he sighed softly. Silence again.. It was really starting to grind on him. Meeting Daisuke was weird though. Most people neer paid any attention to me what-so-ever. The most he got was the comment "weirdo" as people walked past, and that was it. He sat him down with the drink he needed to keep healthy.. Blood. It mostly just looked like red wine, so he just pretended it was that, sat on the sofa for a while and watched the sun rise through the window.

    His mind kept trailing back to Daiske. He was pretty handsome.. And seemed sweet. He then shook his head and sighed. He couldn't get too wrapped up with the humans. It would make things complicated. He'd live longer than the human would, and could he really deal with any more losses like that? That's why he cut himself off in the first place... With all these thoughts running around his head, he started to get a headache..

    He shedded his blothes off, just throwing them where they would land as he couldn't really care tonight, clambered up into bed. It was cold.. As usual... He let out one last sigh, and tried to sleep throgh til the next night...
  6. The pain inside Daisuke's legs was unbearable. He said his home wasn't far, yet it felt like he was walking for a thousand miles. It was whatever now, at least he got home. Now was the time to relax, and eventually go to sleep.
    "I wonder if there's anything to drink..." He thought to himself as he unlocked and opened the front door. Daisuke's home was just another little house in the suburban area. It had 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen with a bar countertop. The living room was next to the kitchen, so when Daisuke walked in, all that awaited him was a couch in front of the TV next to his very own bar. Too bad there was no one else there to accompany him, this house felt so lonely sometimes.
    Daisuke sighed as he closed the door, and flicked on the lightswitch. He has been living in this house for about 3 years, and nothing has changed. No rearrangements, no damage to the property, nothing. He took off his shirt and threw it over the couch while he walked over to the refrigerator to find a prize of some sort. He didn't care what it was- as long as it was something to quench his thirst.
    Ah, there it was. A fancy looking bottle of Chardonnay next to a carton of orange juice. Without hesitation, Daisuke took the Chardonnay and placed it on top of the counter, along with one of his wine glasses. Before he could pour the drink into the glass, he heard a familiar voice inside his head.

    "You're pathetic!" A woman's voice screamed.

    "Well, you know what?" Daisuke screamed back at the woman. "If you really hate it so much, then why don't you just leave already?" He slammed the bottle on the counter.
    "Please, Daisuke...This is a very bad habit, and you're so young too...Can't you see it's destroying your life?" The woman was crying now. "I love you, I really do, but I can't sit here and take this." She rushed to Daisuke's room and brought out a suitcase.
    "Wait.....What do you mean?" He caught up to her and closed the door behind him. "I'm sorry, but this is just too much." It didn't take long for the drawers to be cleared of the woman's clothes and personal items.

    A single teardrop landed on the suitcase as she looked up at Daisuke.

    "You need help, Daisuke...And I just can't do it. I can't handle you."
    "What..." Daisuke muttered as she rushed past him with her suitcase in hand. A taxi was already prepared outside, so within the next few seconds, she'll be gone.
    Daisuke stood there dumbfounded as he heard the front door slam. He could hear the engines roaring, and yet he just stood still. From that moment on, everything went completely black.

    "Oh god." Daisuke sighed as he put his hand over his head. "I really do need help."
    He opened the bottle and began to pour it out in the sink. Just looking at the bottle made his head hurt even more, so he quickly threw it in the trash and walked over to his room. He was so tired, he was in so much pain, but he was grateful for one thing at least. He got to meet someone who actually appreciated his company, even if it was for a short while.

    Daisuke stretched himself out on his bed. "Goodnight..." He mumbled as he began drifting off into sleep.
  7. By the next night, Tim was up, another drink gulped down, and set up his drawing stuff. But he actually packed a lot less then normal. Just his book and some pencils. He knew he wouldn't get much time to draw, with Daisuke talking, but he sort of didn't mind. His project was nearly finished yesterday, in fact, he had to hand in the sketches tomorrow morning. One last all nighter to get it finished. It was a good feeling after all the hard work he'd put into this.

    He got dressed, but then.. changed his mind, and got changed again... and again.. and again. "DAMN, stop it" he grumbled. Everything he pulled on either looked nice, and wasn't comfy. Or was comfy, but made him look like a tramp. Since he didn't have a reflection to look back to, this could've gone on all night. He sighed in the end, grabbing his old favourites.

    A jumper, a bit like a granddad's jumper. But it was warm and soft, gave him a lot of comfort when the nights were cold. Then he pulled on some of his black jeans. They were ripped at the knees and slightly higher up his thigh, but that was from crafting things. Scalpels would easily cut through when he was busy working. He often hurt himself and never noticed til the sting kicked in and bothered him. But they were comfy. His jumper covered some of the slits higher up, so there wasn't much of a draft, and his coat would sheild the rest while he was walking.

    He pulled on the same old scarf let out another sigh. Knowing someone was gonna be there waiting for him made his nerves bubble up, but he had to keep it cool. He pushed his hair back out of his eyes, hoped for the best, and opened the front door to venture out.
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  8. The entire day was over before Daisuke knew it. When the hell did he even wake up?
    It was around 8 PM when Daisuke began to get himself prepared for another rendezvous at the park. He made sure to look and smell nice for the man awaiting him with a sketchbook in hand. He was really curious to see what else Tim created. "I bet he has even better work hidden in there." Daisuke muttered as his thoughts began to race inside of his head. He was so nervous. By the time he was finished, it was practically pitch black outside. "Shit, I might be late." He thought to himself as he locked all of the doors."It's going to be an even longer walk." He shoved the house key in his pocket and began making his way to the park, hoping to see Tim again.
  9. Tim was there. Waiting. He honestly thought that Daisuke wasn't going to turn up for a while. He just sat sketching, trying to not look around for him and get all ansy. It couldn't help, and wouldn't make him turn up any faster, that is, if he wasn't going to. He went through his old sketches, and started to write notes here and there to use in his presentation tomorrow. He'd go straight for the park to there, so he had to make sure everything was ready. He was quite nervous about showing his work to people. But even more nervous waiting for Daisuke.

    He saw him getting closer and gulped lightly. It's ok.. Relax.. It's just person wanting to talk to you. Not like he's your boss or anything.. Stay cool. Don't freak out. It's just another person he thought to himself, secretly readujsting his jumper and his coat so he was comfy, and looked good. It was hard to tell what he looked like with no reflection, but he felt good about the way he was sat, so hoped he didn't look stupid.

    As he got closer, Tim looked up and smiled lightly. "H-hi.."
  10. After an hour of walking, Daisuke finally reached the park. "I oughta move closer.." he thought to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm so tired now.." He looked around to find the other man. It was so dark, practically everything was black to him.
    It'll take forever to find him at this rate...

    Daisuke jumped back upon being startled. Was he in front of Tim this whole time? Nonetheless, he regained his composure and sat down next to the other man. "Hey, I'm so sorry if I made you wait. My house is farther from here than I thought." He smiled nervously. "How long were you here for?"
  11. Tim just smiled slightly. Daisuke scared him the first time they spoke, so it was almost a little bit like pay back, even though Tim wasn't like that. "It's alright, you turned up... That's the main things" he said softly, continuing to add to his drawings.

    "Oh? ERM.. Not long. I got here early anyway because I gotta hand this project into the council tomorrow" he replied again, tucking a strand of his hair behind his ear so he could see better. How could it be he had more butterflies in his stomach then the night before? This was so weird.

    Now what to say?.. Err... He then thought, he did put a small bottle of vodka in his bag before he left. Tim wasn't a light weight, so he could risk drinking before the big meeting. He pulled it from his bag and took a few gulps, before silently offering Daisuke some.
  12. Daisuke took the bottle and took some small sips. "Is this vodka? I can feel it burning against my throat..." He looked at the bottle and then back at Tim.
    "I didn't know you drank that kind of stuff." He chuckled before taking one big gulp.

    "Shit, it's been so long that I almost forgot what it tasted like!" After making that exclaim, he took one more gulp and passed it back over to Tim. As he passed it back, he took a quick glance at the drawing on Tim's lap. "Hey, can I see what you're working on there?"


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  13. Tim just smiled lightly. "Eh, it's one of the cheapest alcohols to buy" he replied softly. And mixed nicely with a gulp of blood if you did the measuring right. He thought, watching Daisuke gulp that down.

    Jeez, that guy knew how to drink. And this guy with human? Dang.. that's gonna sting in the morning. He shrugged it off and took a large gulp himself, letting it sink down to the pit of his stomach. Hm?

    Tim was drew back when Daisuke asked about his sketch book. His hand gripped it protectively at first, but.. there was nothing to hide in here. It wasn't a personal one. It was the one for work, so there's no harm in it, right?

    He passed it over gently. "It's for.. something to put in this large pond bit. Council asked me to do it, so the swans have a island in the middle to kinda rest on inside of the banks where idiots can hurt them.." He said softly, leaning towards Daisuke as he flicked through the book, looking at hi own drawings carefully. A fresh pair of eyes might be able to add something to this, so he kept his pencil close to hand just in case.
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