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  1. Elie walked through Flora. It was a small town in Xesious, though still had quite an interesting problem. Fortunately, Elie was hired to solve the evil demon problem and she had just finished. After all Flora was know for it's peace and beauty. They couldn't have demons running around terrorizing their visitors. It's how the people who lived there made money, they needed people to come. She collected her award, quite a bit of money, and had decided to spend some of her new money on something to eat.

    She found a nice place and walked inside. The price wasn't too expense yet the food seemed good. She sat down on a bar stool and asked for some food. First she was given some water to drink while she waited. She sipped a bit, sitting there quietly thinking.
  2. Fang wasn't originally going to stop in Flora, but he needed to replenish his provisions and might as well get a nice warm meal in his stomach for him and Duran while he was here. He bought his provisions at a nearby shop then headed toward the tavern. As he walked through the streets, he saw the looks people were giving him and heard them as they continually whispered "Its the Demon King," or "He looks so timid can he really slay demons and other monsters?" he kept his eyes on the ground drew his cloak around him concealing his body and said nothing as he continued on his way. When he entered the tavern it was alive with laughter but when the customers took notice of him it grew silent, he took a table away from everyone with Duran by his side, ordered food for them both and sipped his water as he waited for his meal to arrive. When their meals arrived he and Duran slowly ate as the atmosphere slowly started to pick up and the sound of laughter once again resonated the building.
  3. Zeet had just got home, 7 in the morning. He took a piece of paper and pinned it to a bulliten board, then wrote on the one before it DEAD in big red letters. He took his hood off and chuckled a bit. He walked out his house after locking everything. He smiled wide as he stepped into the streets of Flora, "good day." Zeet said to a bunch of people passing by, he walked down the sidewalk to the main parts of Flora. He entered the tavern, a day off was a steel for an assassin, especially to lure peoples suspicion of him being one in the first place. He walked to the front, "gimme something to bring the edge down." He said elbowing the tender, he smiled and went to the back with a smile.
  4. "Come on, a town must be here somewhere..."

    I fumble around with my map, smoothing out the edges and constantly eyeing over the name "Flora". A quaint little town, peaceful and small. That doesn't mean it's worthless, however. The last time I came here, I snagged quite a bit of coin from the fat royals of this place. The houses of the rich are easy to spot, all you have to do is look out for the really not that obvious golden lined flags, pretentious statues and carefully crafted gardens that would be wrecked if you dare step one foot into one. A show, all just to radiate their brilliance. Nobody gives a dam about them, but, it does make my job a little easier. Can't really complain about that now can I?

    I reach the front gate after perilously dealing with flies, mosquitoes and fiendish demons. Sporting my white casual gear, I put my hood on and strolled through the town, remembering the ins and outs of the town.

    "1 exit that away...Ah, a nice little dark corner over there to escape...Oh, what is this?"
    I spotted a hidden nook behind a tavern. As I walk closer, I could see around the corner bushes to hide in, a cellar door and a back door.

    "I bet this tavern makes quite a bit of coin with all the business it has. I wonder how much it's worth?" I whisper to myself
    Looking around to make sure no one is watching, I sneaked into the path, readied my my bag and picked at the door carefully.
  5. Just as Zeet got his drink, a man stopped him before he could take a sip, nobody saw him enter, how'd he get there? He wispered something to Zeet, he placed his drink down and got up. Zeet walked out the Tavern with the cloaked man, the mysterious person disappeared, Zeet put his hood back on, then climbed up the front of the tavern to the top where he could get a view of the town. He pulled a map out of his pocket and saw a big red dot on i, and under it, it said TARGET.

    Zeet jumped from building to building to the house with the red dot on the map. It was occupied with a family, he was a bit earlier than expected. The man told him in his ear a she slipped the map into his pocket, "The family will leave soon and the target will be alone, wai ton top of the building acrossed the street for me." Zeet watched the family leave, leaving the man alone in the house. "ready?" the man said startling Zeet. "yeah sure, let's do it." They jumped down from the fancy house they were on and walked to the man's house. "Up I go." and then Zeet disappeared tothe top of the hous ein front of a window.
  6. Despite the peacefulness in Flora,there was a small crowd of mostly young women building up at the entrance of the town."Kyaa!Sora we love you!~" someone in the crowd shouts as the rest of the crowd squealed in delight of seeing Sora,the famous 'son' of the Lord of the North.Not only he was famous for being a son of a lord,but he was also very attractive,and the way he talks also naturally captivates a lot of girls' hearts.

    "I'm very flattered with all your kindness,fair ladies" Sora said,smiling gently at all of them which got them all squealing."Now,I appreciate your very warm welcomes,but I must go and find a place to eat.After all,I did come all the way from the North,and the journey left me quite hungry".The girls of the crowd gave way for Sora to pass through."Au revoir,fair maidens" he said,giving them one last smile that once again pierced through their hearts leaving them in awe.

    Sora walked calmly through the town,smiling at the citizens who bowed as he passed by.He was actually a bit confused why they had to bow,since he was just the Lord's son,not the Lord himself.No matter how much he would tell them how unnecessary it is,they kept doing it.Some even call him "Prince Sora",although he wasn't the son of the King,but just a son of a mere Lord.Spotting a fine-looking place to eat,he smiled and walked towards it.Before he could even reach for the door,he was once again surrounded by another crowd of girls,and he couldn't help but just smile at them.Well,I guess eating will be a bit difficult... he thought.
  7. Reidan wasn't sure why he was in the town of Flora. Well, it was far away from his home - that's one thing going for it. And from what he could remember of the place, the people here were nice in their own way. Quiet, respectful for the most part. When he was younger, Reidan would have been bored. But these days he was older and wiser, and happy when he could get a few moments of rest. Walking on the dusty streets with his hood up against the wind, he looked around for the tavern he remembered being here. There it was, over by the town cobbler. "The White Rose." "A little sterotypical," Reidan thought to himself, "but it will do."

    Reidan gently pushed open the door and glanced around the common room. The usual tavern scene greeted him - men and women enjoying their drink and song. He wove his way through the various tables and sat down next to a dark haired girl with a long, red, sword on her hip. He called out to the bartender, "A mug of Florian red, please, my good barkeep. I remember it from the last time I was here - a good a wine as I've ever tasted." The bartender smiled and grabbed a rough glass from below the bar. He turned to a barrel set into the wall behind the bar and pulled a stream of dark red liquid into the cup. "There ye go my friend, a cup of Florian red."

    "Thanks." Reidan tossed a few coins across the bar and settled into his cup.
  8. Fang paid for his and Duran's meal, but also left some extra coins to buy everyone in the tavern a round of drinks. Some of the men seated raised their mugs in salute to him, he simply raised his hand slightly then walked out as he noticed a group of people, mostly young women a couple of feet away from him. He turned his attention back to his sheathe as he retightened it then pulled down his hood just as a small breeze swept through the town, his golden eyes quickly scanned his surroundings until he found what he wanted, a blacksmith's shop. Duran quickly trotted in that direction before Fang even had a chance to move, she must have wanted to lead this time, a small smile appeared on his face but quickly disappeared as he followed after his four-legged partner. As they passed the group Fang bowed his head in greeting to them but said nothing as he caught up and walked shoulder to shoulder with Duran.
  9. Right after opening the door, my head turned upwards towards the source of the movement. Flocks flied away from something.

    "Huh, looks like an assassin to me. Who else would be running on rooftops, endangering birds and pigeons everywhere?"

    Opening the door and peeking out, I looked out to another empty room. Opening the door on the other side, I could see the kitchen bustling with energy. The chefs were busy, cooking up various cakes and frying chicken. A moving table was near the right entrance, food placed on them, ready to be taken by the waiters. A huge table in the middle contained assortments of ingredients. Waiting for the right moment, I moved behind the big table and could already see a chest behind the counter.

    "Ah, that's where they keep their valuables..."
    "Prince sora!"

    I heard at least a 15 girls near the entrance, all what seemed to be fawning over some guy.


    I inch forward to the chest, picking at it carefully.
  10. Alastair sighed as a merchant walked into The White Rose. "FOUR DAYS! FOUR DAYS!" yelled Alastair at the sky. "when I get back up their, you... you are in huge trouble Samuel!" He threw is cloak open and wore it more like a cape and continued walking down the avenue. Alastair was happy to see the sun being from Yeoton, a town three day north of Flora by horse and full of snow. A whole day to myself till I have to kill my mark Alastair thought to himself. He could get use to Flora except for the money. Alastair turn the corner and saw The Blacksmith.
  11. Elie noticed a man sit by her who had ordered a drink. She glanced at him for a moment but once her food was placed in front of her she turned back away. She picked up a fork and began to eat her food. She could hear people excited about someone, though it's not like she cared. People didn't matter to her, it was her job and nothing else. That's the way it always was, that's the way she figured it would stay. After all, it seemed she was getting more jobs than usual now, mostly having to do with demons. That was good for her, it was one of her favorite things. She finished up her food and took out some money to pay the bartender.
  12. "Ophyca, where are you?" Father Micah, around his 90's now, shouted out of the back of the church. He knew that's where the boy was, it's where Ophyca went to get some peace for the day. To sister Indrie's grave. Father Micah hadn't known the Sister, he was only twelve himself when the sister had died almost 80 years ago. But the boy, Ophyca...he never aged. And he always watched that grave, as well as the church and the town it was in. It had been named several things over the years, but now, it was known as Flora.


    "And...well, that's about it." Ophyca said with finality. He had been talking to the grave site for a little over an hour, just his thoughts, and his remembrances of his time with the sister. It was his way of coping with it, his immortality and how he hated to say goodbye. During one of his rampages when he was at full strength, Ophica, known as Ashraim then, was stopped dead in his tracks by the teenage Indrie. It wasn't her beauty or anything like that: he just viewed her as insignificant. But she wasn't...oh no. She was the most significant person in his life. Cause the moment he laughed at her please and turned around, letting his guard down, Indrie used an ancient sealing spell that branded itself on his back permanently. It was painful, and when he finally turned to Indrie, his rage was unfathomable, but something was odd. She was...taller than him, now? The spell had worked, she had sealed up most of his powers, and had left him in a child-like state. Well...except for the horn. And the small amount of wind magic he could produce. She took care of him after that and...well, that was just too painful to get into. Mortals had it easy, they have but moments, and their grief is very brief. For immortals...grief lasted lifetimes.

    "I'll see you tomorrow morning, Sister." Ophyca said cheerfully, a big grin on his face. "I've got errands to do, but I'll be back soon!" Ophyca was perched on Indrie's solitary gravestone. Where the wording on the grave stone should have been worn, it wasn't: the grave was pristine. That's what Ophyca did, mostly. Just take care of the grave and keep the church and town safe. Ophyca hopped off the stone after hearing Father Micah shout out of the back of the church. "Coming father!" He squeaked, and scampering towards the church door. "I know you have errands to run, old friend! I don't want you to be late to town!" The father laughed. Father Micah had known Ophyca from his childhood, and while Ophyca remained ageless, Micah had taken over the church upon Indrie's passing. "I know, I know. Just doing my daily rounds in the garden!" he chimed with a cheerful smile. His pointed ears and foot-long horn poking out of his forehead made him quite odd to the populace of Flora, who obviously didn't know his real identity. But, everyone knows of him, and the townspeople like him well enough. "I'll be off now, though. Don't wait up for me if I'm late!" And with that, Ophyca grabbed his satchel and headed into town at a dead sprint through a field, Father Micah waving and smiling after him....


    Upon entering the town, their seemed to be many things going on. He waved at the few shopkeepers he knew well, picking up the necessary supplies he required and continued through the town. His pack filled with his required items and trinkets, he made his last stop in an alleyway. "Ivan...where are you? I know you're here!" Ophyca said with a laugh using his horn and poking around. "Ahhh! Cut it out!" a male voice said, and Ivan's magical concealment spell was broken. He was holding his knee, a middle aged, rough looking man. A cliche' eye patch to boot. "You know you're eye isn't missing, right?

    "Shut it, twerp."

    "It won't get you women, Ivan!"

    "I said, SHUT IT!" Ivan shouted, shifting his eyes back and forth. "But...I have it..."

    Ophyca's eyes lit up brightly. "You mean...you found her locket?" Ivan nodded slowly, handing it to Ophyca, the small, silver, diamond shaped trinket flashing in the sun. "On the house. You're a good customer." Ivan nodded to the Ophyca before disappearing. Not being able to contain his glee, Ophyca threw the necklace around his small neck, tucking the locket beneath his shirt as he traveled through town. He had gotten a good haul today. Ophyca was a collector of sorts: He liked old human objects. Ages ago, Indrie had lost a locket on one of her journey's, and Ivan had found it for him. Ophyca was passing by some well-to-do eatery in town, when he saw that there was someone pulling a lot of attention from the local ladies. "Must be a popular noble or something. Time to have a look-see!" He said and with a jump, bright green energy flew around him, his horn giving off a dim green glow as he controlled the air around him, using it floating above the ground to see who was making a commotion. He landed on top of a street lamp, balancing on the tip of the object using his air manipulation as he gazed into the middle of the crowd. "So, that's who's got the ladies swooning, huh?" Ophyca laughed a bit as he looked on at the guy in the see of women. He couldn't place it, but there was something odd about this guy...
  13. I'm getting really hungry... Sora thought under his smile.He looked around for the last time at the crowd,and with doing just that he somehow entertains them(and he doesn't know why himself),he finally stopped."Um,I am sorry,but I'm kind of getting a bit hungry..." he murmured with a slight smile.The ladies dropped silent,then started giggling,and Sora couldn't help but giggle along while scratching the back of his neck.

    After a few farewells and thanks to the crowd,he went in the fine diner where,as expected,everyone stood up and bowed as he entered."T-there's really no need to do this everytime..." he mumbled as he showed them a slight unsure smile."Hello,Prince Sora.What may I get you this fine day?" the man in the counter asked."There's really no need to add 'Prince' to my name,but I would like to have-" before he could finish,a plum woman came out from behind the counter door."No need to think of what you would order.Leave it to us!" the woman said,and Sora couldn't help it but just smile and take a seat somewhere in a corner.He didn't want to attract more attention,since he believes he just got a lot,and he has just been in the town for ten minutes.

    "Care for some tea?" a waiter asked."Oh,uh,yes please" Sora responded.The waiter laid the cup of tea in front of him and bowed before leaving."Ah,a little peace..." he murmured as he picked up the tea cup and sipped from it as he waited for his lunch.
  14. Ophyca was kinda curious about this guy. It wasn't very often that nobles or anything of the sort would pass through the town: even when he was a full formed demon he didn't think Flora the place worth his time to wipe off the map. "Curiouser and curiouser..." He mumbled, holding his chin in thought. Well...might as well ask him, right? "Yup, that's the only action I can take! I must know!" and with a single minded, and terribly thought out, logic, Ophyca hopped off the lamp post and headed inside. The people there waved and smiled, knowing who he was, and he made an effort to hide his presence as he walked toward the table behind the mysterious young stranger. "Would you like something to drink young man?" The waiter asked, almost blowing his cover."

    "Ahh...oh, umm...." Ophyca tapped his horn a bit, and then perked up. "I'll have some milk please." Giving the waiter a toothy grin. The waiter laughed, telling him he'd get it for him in a moment, and walked away. Now...now is the time.

    Ophyca stood up on the cushions of the bench like seat that was just behind this mysterious boy. Ophyca said, very abruptly and in a squeaky voice. "Hi."
  15. When Fang and Duran arrived at the blacksmith a large man appeared from behind the forge and heartily smiled and greeted them both. "Young master Fang and his beautiful wolf Duran, I'm happy I get to see you two again. So let me guess you infamous 'Black Blade' needs sharpened?" the forge master asked, Fang simply nodded his head and handed his sword over then watched as the master worked on the grinding wheel. He turned his attention to a work bench where a broken chest plate lay, "Oh that, terrible story, it was damaged by a troll's war hammer. I'm not sure if its even useful as scrap now," he heard behind him, Fang brought the armor over to the forge then began to work. Several minutes later as the forge master ,known as Dwain, was polishing Black Blade Fang laid the newly repaired chest piece beside him then was handed back his sword as Dwain inspected his work.

    "Simply remarkable, its as if the piece was never split in half, I see you've been paying attention to my lessons, lad," he laughed as he slapped Fang on the back. "T-thank you Dwain," Fang mumbled as he readjusted his sheathe, handed Dwain his payment and turned to leave when Dwain said there was some work to be done if he was up to it. Duran lazily laid close to the forge as Fang went to the second workbench and began to engrave crisscrossing vines as specified by the costumers order.
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  16. Sora stopped sipping from his tea and looked behind him."Oh,why hello" he responded,giving him a soft smile while holding the tea over his lap.If he did the same to a girl,her face would probably boil.It happened once in a tea party with his father's friend's niece,but that's a complete different story.

    Before he could say anything more,two waiters came up to his table and started laying food on his table.There was steak,turkey,a salad,and other food of sort that you would usually see in a high quality fancy diner.The diner they were in wasn't of that sort,but somewhat close."The chef said this was free for you" the waiter said,bowing."What?But that is quite unfair..." Sora responded,looking at the amount of food that was laid on the table.The waiter didn't respond any further and left.

    Sora sighed,then turned back to Ophyca."Uh...this might be somewhat sudden,and we just met,but...care to join me in this meal?" he asked with a smile."I mean,this is a big meal for just me to finish..."
  17. Ophica blinked a few times in amazement as the waiters brought out a bucket line of food items, many of which were quite fancy and garnished with all sorts of herbs and things of that nature. "Oh wow, popular with girls and cooks alike! You must be an important person!" Ophyca said, noticing his milk had been set on his table. He grabbed the cup and thanked the waiter as he passed by taking another order in the back, "Join you, huh? Weeeelll...." he mumbled, a drawn out tone after his last word indicating his thought process was a little...verbal at times. "Sure, why the heck not!" and with that, Ophyca walked quickly around to where Sora was sitting. Hopping up into the bench on the opposite side of the table from Sora, Ophyca smiled at him with a toothy grin, revealing slightly pointier than average canine teeth. "Thanks for the invite! I'm Ophyca! What is your name, Mister important person!"

    Ophyca had to sit on his knees to have his chest reach the table top, and was gazing over at Sora. 'Hmmm...seems pretty normal, I guess.'
  18. "I-important?Me?Ah...not at all.I don't believe I am,ahah..." Sora said with an unsure laugh."I am Sora.It's a pleasure to meet you Ophyca,and thank you very much for joining me".He set down his tea on the table and reached out for,of all the things on the table,the salad.

    It was somewhat unusual for someone to not know who he was,and he felt weird and rather happy about it at the same time.For once,there was someone who seems like they will talk to him just as equal as a 'regular' person.And 'regular' to him is when someone is not a Lord nor being related to a Lord at all.

    "So..." he started,poking a cherry tomato from the salad."Did you want to ask something earlier?"
  19. Ophyca happily sipped at his milk, using both hands to hold the cup. He was thanked for joining Sora at the table, and nodded towards him. "It's not a problem at all, sir! I like meeting new people, and I've never seen you around here since I've lived here!" This didn't really reveal Ophyca's secret of being well into his 400's, but over the near century of living in this town, he could put faces to names on a regular basis. Mostly do in the high probability he was alive when they were born.

    "Umm...well...you just seemed kinda lonely." Ophyca observed as he reached for a small piece of turkey and nibbling on it. "You were surrounded by people with smiles, yet you didn't seem like you enjoyed their company at all." Ophyca didn't really have a sixth sense for this kind of thing, it was more how Sora had reacted to all the attention. "So, I guess that is a question though: Why are you lonely?" Ophyca could relate to loneliness, being immortal did that to a person.
  20. Sora smiled at Ophyca's cheerfulness,and it wasn't the same slighltly faked smile he would give to other people.Somehow his cheerfulness made him feel at ease.Poking and biting on the leaves,he shook off the thought and looked at him after he asked the question,his smile fading.

    "Lonely?" he repeated,pausing for a moment before going back to his slight smile."Hmm...It's not that I dislike other people,I actually like them.But I never had a normal conversation with anyone" He started stirring and playing with his leaves."Being the Northern Lord's son...somehow being popular among young women...it gave me this rank where I was adored and respected...and I don't like that much.I just want to be treated like...like an equal,normal citizen,or I guess you can put it that way...But it's not like I can do much about how the people look at me." He ate the leaves that were on the fork with eyes blankly gazing down on the table.

    After a few moments,Sora glances up to Ophyca and swallowed his food."Oh,I'm sorry!Did I say too much?I must've gotten carried away..." he said,letting out another unsure laugh.
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