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  1. Important: You don’t need to know anything about the first Xesious RP, this will be another story not connected to the first. Anyone can join.

    Xesious is a world much like our own, though there are differences. It is a world full of magic and mystery; but something evil seems to be coming, beginning to take over the land. With many inhabitants and travelers will anyone take the responsibility of stopping the evil, or just go about their usual life?

    Xesious World Description:

    • Transportation: No cars or motorboats, only carriages, horses, coal trains and any other without gas.
    • Towns and Cities: Buildings made from wood, stone/brick, or something similar just not very modern building tools, like skyscrapers. Roads are made from dirt, stone or brick as well.
    • Government: It is called The Kingdom. The main leader is a King, though the Kingdom is made up of a council of other lords from each nation.
    • There are good demons and evil demons in this world. Some help out people, some are friends, some attack people.
    • There is electricity
    • Cloths are both modern and medieval.
    Social Class in Xesious:

    Lords: They control areas of Xesious. Some have more power than others. Nations are like continents, they have lords. Provenience's usually have multiple towns who have lords. Others could only have one or two towns under their control.

    Nobles: The rich, with respect. Knights are considered nobles. They usually have special privileges.

    Commoners: They are the middle class of Xesious.

    Peasants: The lower class, families have harder lives than most.

    Jobs (Description):

    Healer: There are not many healers, these are what they call doctors in Xesious. Most of them are known and travel to people in need.

    Knights: They are the police of the Kingdom, following orders by the lords and king. They are nobles.

    Assassins: They work for assassin guilds. They are given missions to kill people no matter the reason.

    Mercenaries: They take jobs offered by people. These can be good or bad, even some are similar to assassins. They are free to accept or decline any job offered.

    Merchants: They buy and sell goods while on the road.

    Priests/priestesses: They banish evil demons. Usually they are nobles as well.

    Alchemists: They are engineers/ inventors of this time, creating potions, artifacts, etc.

    Blacksmiths: There are a lot of these, though only a few that are very good. They either have a shop or travel where they please. The ones that travel are usually the really good ones.

    Thieves: They take what they want, for whatever reason they want.

    Extra Info about RP:

    • I want to try to make this RP detailed and in-depth, like a story.
    • Feel free to make interesting characters with creative details and secrets. (Secrets can be added in your Character sheet or left for when we role play)
    • If there is a job you come up with and it is not on the list feel free to ask.
    • You can play as many characters are you want and make them as interesting as you want.
    • I want the RP to have romance, drama, action and comedy.
    • Any kind of relationships are allowed, romance, rivalries, etc.
    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Only first is needed but if you want something interesting or a secret about family, last can be added.)
    Age: (Any range of age is fine, just don't be ridiculous. Though if you want a younger sibling that’s fine.)
    Sexual Orientation:
    (As many as you want but be reasonable. Magic and such.)
    Weapon(s): (If you only want magic thats fine.)
    Social Class: (see above for social class.)
    Job: (See above for jobs, if you have one not on the list don’t be afraid to ask.)
    Reputation: (This is if you want your character to be known throughout the land)
    (If you choose to keep this secret, feel free to.)
    Extra info: (Anything you want to add.)

    My Character:

    Name: Elie
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    -Can control and create electricity/lighting
    - Can create explosions
    Weapons: Her sword (Shown in picture below.)
    Social Class: Commoner
    Job: Mercenary
    Reputation: She doesn't have a big one though some people know her. There are told to stay away from her, she is dangerous.
    Personality: At first, Elie is quiet and doesn't seem to like people. She is skilled at what she does and most people try to stay away from her. When you get to know her it seems she has two different personalities. One being kind and a hero type while the other being quite the bad guy.
    History/bio: When Elie was young, a demon attacked her village. However, the demon decided to use Elie to destroy it, taking control of Elie and using her magic to attack the village. Once everything was done, the town destroyed, the survivors didn’t believe that Elie was being controlled. They claimed she was dangerous and locked her away in a jail. There Elie grew older, though the imprisonment changed her. After a few years, Elie lost control and destroyed the jail. She left and stayed away from everyone. Though, she needed money, so she became a mercenary.
    Extra Info:
    -Elie was treated poorly while in jail.
    - She has trust issues due to her home not believing her and locking her away.
    -Travels with Fang sometimes; he's the only one she feels she can actually trust

    Characters in RP:

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  2. Ok I'm in, but I want to make a good demon is there a way demons look or can I be creative?
  3. You're free to be creative!
  4. Name: Fang Karmnaz(never tells anyone his last name)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    -Takes on the properties of a dragon
    -Can turn into a dragon(cannot currently do)
    -Extensive control and creation of fire
    Weapon(s): His fists and his sword 'Black Blade'
    Social Class: Noble
    Job: Mercenary
    Reputation: Fairly well known for being overwhelming in a fight and his style is like that of a beast. Called 'The Human Dragon' or sometimes 'Dragon Knight'
    Personality: He seems and kind of is a quiet guy that observes what's happening before he finally begins to speak, to many people, he seems unapproachable so no one knows if that observation is correct.
    History/Bio: Fang's lineage can be traced back to that of the ancient dragons that once ruled the lands, seas, and skies of the planet. This fact is unknown to him seeing how his mother and father have kept it a secert, he is also the only one in his family who possess a large amount of draconic blood running through his veins. During his childhood, his blood had surged multiple times, causing him to rampage while also blocking him from recalling those events, frightened about what was happening to him, he fled from his home at the age of sixteen and became a mercenary. His goal is to fight the strongest foes he can find in order to become one of the strongest swordsmen and 'humans' in the world...but everything he thought he knew about himself is about to take a drastic turn.

    Extra info: -His dragon blood only activates when his emotions take control and surge out of proportion (as of right now)
    -Works with and travels with Elie from time to time when they meet
    -Travels with a large ,telepathic, white wolf named Duran
    -Lastly, often refers to Elie as 'princess' and himself as her 'knight'

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  5. Accepted! :D
  6. Name: Tai-Lee (mostly just known as lee)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Abilities: Illusion arts || Elemental magic dark and fire || Enhanced speed and agility

    Weapon(s): Scythe(element: fire) and sword

    Social Class: Commoner (or so they think)

    Job: Mercenary/Assassin

    Reputation: Tai-lee is a well known mercenary, most people hear of her but never see her.

    Personality: Tai-lee is confident and doesn't doubt her choices, she can be playful, funny, kind and caring and is most of the time, but she can also be cold. Tai-lee is mostly very straight forward with people not hesitating to rip someone to shreds for saying something that insults her or the people she cares about. Under all this Tai-lee is lost and has no idea where to go next.

    History/Bio: Tai-lee was abandoned as a child, just left to die, but she was found by another demon who raised her to be an assassin. Tai-lee never liked killing but she had no choice. Tai-lee was taught to never show any emotion because they make you weak. She killed her first victim age 12 and from then on she hated herself, she hates looking at her own reflection or even show herself to people. Tai-lee appears to be a mercenary in day time, but this is to spy and look for any sings of enemies or demons, but at night Tai-lee reveals her demon form and becomes the assassin she was taught to be. Most people are told to stay away from her, she is the best assassin and don't underestimate her fighting skill.

    Extra info: Tai-lee has two different appearances, her demon appearance and a human appearance || she also has large fox demon with the intelligence of a human for a pet, he's always with her, and she rides on him.

    Human form[​IMG]
    The form that she takes most of the time.

    Demon form[​IMG]
    In her demon form her hair is black, with red tips at her fringe, she has cat ears, and tail along with two black wings that look slightly torn up. Her eyes turn red and cat like.

    Raven is very sarcastic and demanding, Tai-lee mocks him by calling him "Boss"
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  7. Name:





    Sexual Orientation:



    Aphria has proficient skills in magic:
    • Healing Magic, to an extent. Medicine is often still needed.
    • X-Ray like ability, meaning she can touch a body and see past the exterior and know the inner workings of a person's body
    • Slight ability of telekinesis
    Also, she has good knowledge of herbs and other medicines.​


    Duo wields two small daggers​

    Social Class:





    Aphria is known as a very talented young healer. Aphria is known as a third generation healer and is known to work from peasants to nobles.
    Aphria often acts rashly and expects the worse out of situations. She is always afraid she won't be able to help someone in need and she will fail them. Often she gets tongue tied and is horrible with explaining situations or problems.

    Her good qualities is her love of everyone and everything. Aphria often works to heal assassins, even after they have killed people. She doesn't like to see anyone be hurt. Someone once told her she would attack her enemy and then immediately go to heal them, which is only partially true. Her heart is kind and forgiving, but she doesn't trust easily. She never lets anyone close to her and she has plenty of secrets. Aphria is very thick and doesn't let people hurt her. She's tough. Loving but really thick skinned.
    Aphria's father and grandfather were both healers, who were known to heal peasants to nobles. They worked hard and became nobles themselves by their merit. When Aphria was born she showed promise in magic and quickly she was trained to become a healer. Surpassing her father and grandfather quite quickly, thanks to being a third generation healer. Aphria recently has started to travel around, learning more about medicine and healing people in many different places.

    Why she started traveling? She doesn't talk about it. Aphria has a lot of secrets and doesn't plan on talking about her past. Her goal now is to heal as many people as possible, from assassins to Lords. She doesn't want a reputation, except for the traveling healer.​

    Extra info:

    Not much other info is currently available about her.​


  8. You're both accepted. Though HollowEastWord, one of your pictures isn't working.
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  11. I'm interested in this idea. I'll just have to nerf the crap out of my OC to be fair to the rest of the participants.
  12. Great, you're free to join.
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  16. Hmm, perhaps some kind of advertizement might be in order. I'll give it a few more days and see.
  17. What is the technology level of the time? I understand that there is electricity and that gasoline hasn't been used for transportation yet but that still leaves a pretty wide range. A year equivalent estimate works if you don't like long, drawn out answers.
  18. Well, that's kind of a complicated question to answer, I haven't really thought about it all. Let's see, well there's no real time period because a lot has to do with magic. For instance, most of the technology we have in real life can be in this if it's being run by magic of some sort. Guns are allowed, but not the modern ones we have today. There's no laptops, internet, TV, phones, etc, that kind of stuff. However, say for a phone it could be using some kind of magic device instead.
  19. Name: Alber Schiffer

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Orientation: straight

    Abilities: He has no idea what his are. Sometime before this starts, I'll figure his out.

    Weapons: a pair of revolvers. He does have a small number of crudely made magical bullets but those are stupid expensive to make so they are used sparingly.

    Social class: Ex noble, now commoner, borderline peasant.

    Job: Alchemist

    Reputation: Dangerous to others... and himself. Not the greatest of reputations. Some call him crazy.

    Personality: Alber is a case of a mistake taking himapart from top to bottom. Once energetic and eager to make things, after the fireworks mishap, Alber has lost the confidence to deal with explosives, his area of expertise, leading him to do anything but that, ranging from modifying couches to making lights that shined random alternating colors to a lamp that would follow the reader's eyes for easier reading. His only mildly successful contribution in the last five years was imbuing a tray with a contained ice spell to instantly chill beer but it wasn't remotely cost effective. He carries a desire to put his family's reputation back together but at the same time is too busy burying his head in the ground and doing things without risk which has left him to slowly grill himself figuratively as he continues to lose more money than he makes and prove himself a laughingstock again and again.

    Bio: The Schifferin family was one of the most respected yet small line of inventors once upon a time. Once upon a time was about five years ago. Talent ran in the family and Alber was no exception though he had a habit of making uselessly flashy things. He worked excessively with gunpowder and fireworks along with anything bright and flashy. As it turned out, he managed to drag the family name through the gutter singlehandedly. It was obviously an accident of sorts tied to him getting a little too excited with experimentation and a fireworks show for the town which I'll create or pick if they already exist but haven't been detailed. As a result, he blew up the family shop, leaving a burning mess where it once stood, taking out most of his family members. Since then, he developed an aversion to explosions, using them as little as possible. His inventing ran dry and got crazier by the month. Their family's accumulated wealth took hits from rebuilding the shop and could only spiral downwards as Alber failed to come up with anything of use in the coming years. The crazier the stuff he came up with and the more he tried to revive the shop, the more apparent his lack of success became and he was labeled a failure by most of the other commoners and nobles who had once come regularly. His personal reputation got bad enough that the family name could no longer be mentioned without those who heard it remembering Alber trying to frantically increase interest in whatever dumb invention he'd just come up with.


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