"Xeria"-based RP. [Dice-based Sci-Fi/Fantasy RP]

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  1. I'd like to do an RP based on a setting I created known as Xeria: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-world-of-xeria.92451/

    In our RP, our characters are tasked with maintaining a particular Zion-sponsored outpost (possibly a small colony on the edge of the frontier, like a wild west town of sorts). Occasionally, weird things happen, and the outpost gives us orders to go places and do things like raid dungeons. We'd also have jobs like having to defend this encampment from attack, and possibly gather supplies for it. In general, make sure this particular outpost prospers.

    The RP is going to use a custom set of rules that I created personally. They're designed to be easy to pick up and use, as well as be rather modular. I'll post the exact ruleset later.

    There'd be a few jobs, like:
    -Engineers: (who have the ability to build cool stuff)
    -Miners: (who are specialized in destroying stationary equipment and barriers)
    -Medics: (who are good at healing people)
    -Security/Hunters: (who are more specialized in combat situations. Every class can fight, but they're especially good at it)

    And I'm thinking there will be one other job, but I'm not sure what it should be, yet. I'm thinking maybe researchers? Who give us bonuses when we find cool things? I'm not sure yet.

    As for the system, here's what we'll be using:

    Rules (open)

    How the RP works is that your character has several "base stats". They are:

    -Stamina (Max HP for your character. Or rather, every stamina point gives you 10 more HP. "Minor" enemies usually only get 5 for each point)
    -Willpower (Max MP + 10 for each point)

    You start out with 50 points (not sure if I'll keep that number, I might make it a little higher) to distribute among all of these stats (no stat can be lower than 1). In general, 5 is what an "average" (untrained) human is capable of. How many points is how many sides (plus one) your die has when that stat is rolled.
    For example, if you have an agility stat of 1, you basically flip a coin anytime agility is an issue. If it lands on 0, you can't move at all. If it lands on 1, you budge about a foot or so. If you have a speed stat of 5, you roll a six-sided die, which can land on anything from 0 to 5.

    As for combat: Each type of combat chooses one stat to be a "speed stat", another to be its "damage stat", and a third to be its "special stat" (which is basically a "magic attack"-type deal. It's also useful for more passive abilities).

    -Melee: This is everything from swordfighting to punching things. (Speed Stat: Agility, Damage Stat: Strength, Special Stat: Dexterity)
    -Magic: Spellcasting. (Speed Stat: Dexterity, Damage Stat: Intelligence, Special Stat: Perception)
    -Munitions: Ranged Weapons, including guns and bows. (Speed Stat: Perception, Damage Stat: Dexterity, Special Stat: Intelligence)
    -Monsters: Summoning creatures to aid us. Basically, this world's equivalent of a pokemon trainer. (I haven't worked out stats for this one yet.)

    When two opponents attack each other, each round you roll their speed stats against each other. For example, a tribal warrior (with a club) vs. a tribal hunter (with a simple bow). We'll assume both characters have every stat as 5. Both start with 25 HP (5 x their Max HP stat).

    Before they attack, they choose which skill to use (in this case, they both just know standard attacks with a base damage of 3).

    [Warrior rolls agility 2.]
    [Hunter rolls perception 3.]

    This round, the Warrior was slower, so the Hunter gets to attack first.

    Now, the hunter rolls their damage stat.

    [Hunter rolls dexterity 5]
    A direct hit. 5 x base damage 3 = 15 damage. The warrior takes 15 damage.

    Now it's the Warrior's chance to attack. He rolls his damage stat, which is strength.

    [Warrior rolls strength 1]
    The warrior doesn't get so lucky, his attack just sort of glances off the hunter. The hunter takes 3 damage.

    Now we move onto the next round.

    [Warrior rolls agility 1]
    [Hunter rolls perception 2]
    Again, the warrior is very unlucky. Because the hunter rolled a perception twice as high as his, the hunter gets to attack twice before he can.

    [Hunter rolls dexterity 1]
    The arrow barely grazes the warrior. 3 damage.
    [Hunter rolls dexterity 5]
    Direct hit. 15 damage. The hunter dies.

    That's the basic jist of the system.

    All yee interested, post, please.
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  2. I've added the basic gist of the rules.
  3. Well, I'm interested.
  4. Good! I've added more detail to the setting. I hope that draws in more people.
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