XCOM rp?

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  1. Hi waku o/

    i been gone for a long time...Came up with something i really wanted to do

    With the recent announcement of XCOM 2, i became hype...So i thought, why start a XCOm squad RP? Simple..and could be fun..

    Theres not much for me to explain, RP were we are a squad fighting off a alien invasion

    However there can be multiple ways to do this to add some kind originality

    We can be a squad of misfits who eventually go from being cannon fodder to become one of the most elite fighting forces for XCOM

    RP a small community of survivors that struggle to stay alive in the ruins of [x city] after the aliens shrekted the whole place...kinda forming a militia version of XCOM

    EXALT members

    and whatever else someone can suggest


    the combat in the RP can be true to the game by having players roll dice...everyone has hit points and certain rolls either damage you or damage the foe...Meaning..Someone is gonna die

    of course players can always re roll with a new toon to be the replacement...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.