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    Basically I'm starting to play XCOM again with the Long War Mod.

    And one of the features of the game is to name and customize your guys, which allows me to base it off people.
    So this time around I'm doing it with people from Iwaku. So if you want to take part please fill out the CS (Note the long War Mod means I'll be fielding approximately 40 soldiers during the game). :3
    Any troop roles not filled by a volunteering user will be subsituted with a Celebrity, and if a user joins afterwards a Celebrity of the chosen class will face a sudden mutation.

    Now I will be posting some updates as I play through the game.
    However, it will mainly be when big or important missions happen.
    If I add updates for every single mission not only will this thread get spammed but there will be a good amount of "You guys wreaked shit up with little issue, the end" tales going on.

      • Click on the other tabs to see the installments.

        In all honesty this tab you're reading now is only here because some episodes are a bit long, and making it the default can cause some unnecessary scrolling.

      • "Two Possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying".

        So now it's time for the XCOM Project, first thing to do is to pick our base.


        Let's go with Nigeria, Mobility is very Important. :3

        Next let's see our base layout.


        I'm going to need some Satellite's up ASAP, more money, more bonuses, more staff.
        First Target? Africa!

        But we'll need the Satellites to work with the Uplink too.


        There we go, all better. :)
        Now that Engineering is up to speed, let's choose what to Research.


        I think I'll go with Xenobiology.
        That lets me trade Sectoid corpses for Scientists.
        More Scientists means more Science.
        More Science means more Technology.
        More Technology is good. :3


        Oh yea, Mexico ditched us.

        Now, with all that under way let's do a mission shall we?
        And I don't know about you, but I'm really craving me some Meld.


        Oh... This doesn't look so good. :(


        Yea, I kind of figured.


        Poor Sod.

        Now, what important lesson did this experience teach us?


        Though thankfully, other than that Fiasco the Mission went by with little trouble. :)


        Still sucks that we lost a guy though...


        Nice stuff, I'm feeling all better now! :)

      • [​IMG]

        So earlier on I had a piece of Meld sitting where I had no way to reach it... >:C
        *Notes to self to prioritize Jet Packs*


        Ok, since last time my air support started to take a huge beating... So I need to get myself some extra jets.
        But I lack the current funds to, so that leaves the Gray Market.

        I'm going to miss all that Meld though. :(


        Though seeing a maxed out air force does feel rewarding. :3


        While we're talking about base management, Xenobiology is now done and I've switched to Alien Weaponry.
        Gotta have those Scopes.


        Oh, and we're getting more power too.
        We kinda hit the limit already with the Satelite's.

        And in case your wondering, no I didn't sell Gray Market supplies for this. I got the funds for it from another mission.

        Speaking of missions though, what's this?


        *Le Gasp* It's a Council Mission! :D
        That means high rewards, and reason to bring out you guys!

        But wait, it's a Bomb Mission. Fuck!
        And in the cemetery at that... This is gonna be tricky.
        Let's bring out our best! :D

        Now let's see who we have up!


        Dervish the Scout, highly mobile and can take a punch.
        You'll be designated to the majority of the Bomb Disposal.


        Chicken Head the Sniper, very accurate.


        Windsong the Sniper.
        We've got a lot of Sniping ahead of us it seems.


        Aaron White rocking the big Gun! ;)
        May your bullets guide you.


        Myself :3
        I'll be fighting in the front lines.


        And Nick Clegg.
        Our Demolitions expert.


        And here's the full team assembled.

        Now to explain the basic load out and tactic going on here:
        Everyone is wearing light armor, the goal of this mission is to disarm the bombs against the timer. For that we need Mobility.

        Aaron White is sporting a Medic and Flashbang, to provide support for when the Big Gun isn't needed.
        Windsong using a laser sight and smoke, for maximum accuracy and to provide defensive support when needed.
        Myself with extra ammo and a flash bang, so I can fire off more shots before a reload and stun an enemy when needed. Also using a Battle Rifle, less accurate but more damage (I end up regretting this choice).
        Dervish is sporting a Battle Scanner and Medkit. Scanner for scouting, Medkit because his high Mobility can get him to a wounded ally quickly.
        Nick Clegg with Frag and AP Grenades. Her whole class is specialized on using offensive Grenades. They could provide a much needed boost in damage.
        Chicken Head using a laser sight and flash bang, for maximum accuracy and to stun a foe when needed.

        Now Iwaku Ranger's, let's roll out!

        *Na Na Na Na!*
        Oops, sorry. Still jamming out to the Power Ranger's theme. :P


        Now we've just started the mission and Dervish has already disabled a bomb power source.
        Hopefully we keep this up. :)

        (Note: I forgot to screenshot it, but we end up getting delayed to 1 turn till denotation at one point... *gulp* o_o)


        Chicken Head and Windsong provide some much needed fire support to get us out of a potentially lethal stalemate.


        Everyone else also lends a hand with shutting down the Bomb power sources.


        And after a bit of pushing Dervish makes it (with time to spare) to the Bomb itself.


        With time to spare we take up defensive formations right before disarming the Bomb.
        Aliens are bound to show up the second we turn it off.


        Right on que.


        Hook, line and sinker. :3


        And we finish the mission with two promotions, not half bad team. :)


        Windsong get's Snapshot, the ability change positions as a Sniper is crucial.


        While I get Covering Fire. Shooting when the enemy makes an attack? Yes please. :3

    • XCOM is a video game were you play as the Commander of Humanity last ditch defense system against Alien invasion. You get funding from the different countries, and you use this funding to expand your base, get better gear, research alien tech and use it for human/defense purposes etc.

      It's half a global strategy game, managing the panic of different nations and your air force against Alien UFO's, and it's half turn based strategy, as you field a squad of soldiers and fight squads of aliens. Sometimes on general 'wipe them all out' missions, others with set objectives like rescue the hostage, disable the bombs, or save as many citizens from slaughter as possible.

    • The Mod.

      Basically Long War is a Mod that focuses on being a mass improvement/upgrade on Vanilla XCOM.
      It adds a lot more options and abilities for the player (More soldier slots, more classes, more abilities to choose from etc.), but it also gives more options to the aliens. And significantly buff's them as well so the game although giving more flexibility is also a more challenging game.

    • I'll disclaim right now. I'm not the best XCOM Player, despite having watched a number of Beagle's vids (which has taught me a few tricks) my skill is rather amateur. So there are some tweaks I'll be doing to keep it more playable for my specific style and skill level. If not stated otherwise, the tweak is a .ini modification.

      Difficulty Mode: Normal
      • Ironman in Honor (Game Options): For the sake of fairness, balance and legitimacy the game will be treated as Iron Man. No reloading, mistakes are for good. But the reason it's "In Honor" is because Long War is a Beta Mod. That means game breaking errors are to be expected. So for the sake of the campaign not horribly ending as a result of coding errors, I'm leaving myself the ability to reload in the case that one of these situations does happen. A Game over as a result of my own actions though will be respected.
      • Cinematic Mode (Second Wave): +25* Aim for Soldiers and Pilots, it's the Mod's built in "Easy" mode. I air quote that because it only really makes starting soldiers actually competent at fighting. *Cinematic's boost was increased to 25 for the Pilots sake. But the Soldiers starting aim has been lowered by 10, so they effectively are still only gaining +15.
      • Commanders Choice (Second Wave): All rookies can become any of the 8 classes on promotion. This should have been an option in the base game being perfectly honest.
      • +10 DEF: Long War buff's the Alien's aim a ton, like to unnatural levels. This acts as a bit of reassurance against it (Basically it's -10% chance to hit).
      • +10 WILL: Long War actually nerf's the soldiers Will by 10 simply so pointless panics becomes even more common. Effectively shits on one's ability to use tactics or have disciplined soldiers, so this simply knocks it back to the original value.
      • SHIV Catch-Up: So SHIVs don't pale compared to soldiers they also gain +15 Aim and +10 Defense.
      • 60 XP for first Promotion: All other ranks have the same XP requirement. All this tweak does is it let's me turn my rookies into proper roles (you guys) sooner (going on a mission guarantee's the promotion), rather than munchkining kills with rookies.
      • Increase Solder Stat Variance: Add's more uniqueness to each soldier.
      • +10 Starting Soliders: Extra bodies due to the stat variation.
      • Tweaked Country Fund Amounts: The overall funding level is the same. There isn't a global increase/buff of cash. All this does is make USA less of a money powerhouse, and reassigns it some of the other countries. With other minor tweaking so Russia and China are now on equal footing with USA, while Canada and Australlia aren't left in the dust.
      • Tweaked Soldier Nationality: Some minor tweaks to the chances of coming from X nation. But the only big change is reducing the chance of being American to be being equal to other nations, rather than being sky rocketed ahead.
      • Slower Alien Tech Advancement: Aliens tech will still improve rather than stay the same like in Vanilla. But they will increase at a slower rate, since matching it normally require labratory power gaming from the player.
      • EXALT Nerf: Exalt is already harder than aliens via classes and numbers alone (in other words organized Zerg Rushing), and also benefit from alien tech advancement. This basically makes it so their more comparible to aliens difficulty wise, and puts emphasis on the fact they're rushing you with a ton of grunts. Plus remember these are basically Cults who decided to praise the aliens, not top of the line professional soldiers with exclusive Global government funding and support. (Specifics: -2/-3 Elite HP, -5 Aim, -10 DEF).
      • Will Loss reduced to 5: The fact that when a soldier is critically wounded you risk losing them (most likely in a deadly situation) in bad enough. The situation does not need the original 15 will loss as well, which effectively turns the soldier into one bound to panicking at the fact of just about anything.
      • Starting Panic 0: The war with Aliens has *just* started. Let the panic build up from in-game actions. Long War already nerfs Satellites (one's main means of panic control) anyways.
      • Terror Mission Civ Dead Panic: One of the things Long War does is allow more aliens to be on the map (maps that do not increase in size). As a result, in Terror missions it means one can expect almost every civvy to die without you breaking any form of tactics. So I've halved the panic penalty from killed civies to balance for the fact of all the extra aliens. Note this also means that no matter how bad the mission is going, retreating is less attractive because doing so means even more Panic.
      • Archthrower in Pistol slot: It functions as a weapon in every way. Why it isn't treated as a weapon already is beyond me.
      • Modified Interceptor Stats: 400 Hours Max to repair, 24 hours to re-arm, 12 hours to move elsewhere. Seems both more realistic and less of a hassle this way. Aliens still dominate the skies enough that they'll still win quite a bit.
      • No Skyranger Maintenance: Why do I pay Maintenance on something you always have, and have no means of getting rid of?
      • Escaped UFOs Reduce Panic: Escape essentially means they fled. Why this adds panic is beyond me. That and this is a rare occurrence. (Note it only reduces panic by 2, where in Long War Panic is reworked to be out of 100 instead of 5).
      • Autopsy Requirement: Only 1 Alien Body is needed to do the Autopsies.
      • No Bonus Fatigue with Officers: Officers are another role/dynamic to the squad. Getting penalized for this is just cumbersome.
      • Psy-Training Hours Reduced to 5 Days: Small tweak to prevent soldier clog up when Psi Testing is a thing.
      • Slight Perk Tree Edits: Class Perk tweaks modified, to either make it so basically vital perks don't conflict, or open more flexibility to the classes
      • Modified Alien Stats: Tweaks stuff that just seems silly, off etc.

      • Note that if a Perk came with bonus stat points, those stat points are also transferred with the Perk.
        Details on normal perk trees here.

        Assault: Switch Gunslinger with Close Encounters, and then Switch Gunslinger with Extra Conditioning (Note although Extra Conditioning is an end game perk, it is a scaling perk, meaning early game it's benefits are minimal.

        Assaults main job is to seperate themselves from the Party (putting themselves at risk) to deal heavy damage. They shouldn't have to compromise on security as a result.

        Rocketeer: Switch Opportunist with Javelin Rockets. Switch Danger Zone with Shock & Awe.

        Rocket's are your emergency "Oh shit!" button. So all the powerful rocket perks being restricted to the final rank seemed wasteful. Also, this way you now need to choose between maximum effectiveness with rockets, or additional rockets? More "Oh shit!" buttons, or stronger ones?

        Gunner: Switch HEAT Ammo with Executioner.

        Robot Enemies are already designed expecting you to pack the HEAT, and Shredder fills the Gunner's roll of controlling big targets. Not sure why it got changed to be one or the other in the first place. Used Executioner as to not get in the way of Gunner Overwatch builds.

        Sniper: Switch Snap Shot with Low Profile. Switch Lone Wolf with Ranger.

        Snap Shot is basically required for the Sniper to be viable. No sense is something that makes a class usable being delayed for longer than needed. With said switch Lone Wolf would almost never be picked though, so it's been swapped with Ranger. That way Sergeant Rank becomes a "Which situtational bonus do you desire?" rank.

        Scout: Switch Gunslinger with Battle Scanner. Switch Low Profile with Smoke & Mirrors, and then Low Profile with Flush.

        Wow... I have no idea why Battle Scanner with Smoke & Mirrors got delayed so much. You can't even scout properly without Scanners. And Mirrors gave it something to do otherwise (assuming ideal flanks weren't available). But Low Profile is also related enough that it in turn doesn't deserve to get pushed to end game.

        Medic: Switch Steadfast with Smoke Grenade, and then Steadfast with Combat Drugs.

        Medic can now go into two completely different kinds of builds (Three if you count overwatch). Smoke support or Medical Support. Additionally it made little sense why smoke grenade buffs weren't stack-able (when they buff different things entirely), or why your Medical support couldn't handle stress well if you wanted them to tend to the soldiers effectively.

        • Sectoids: No Low Profile. Why are the Grunts being given more Defense?
        • Thin Men: Non-Leader's don't gain Lightning Reflexes as Technological advancement. So many Aliens having that screws over overwatch Tactics completely. But to balance this Thin Men have been given +10 Defense at this Tech level instead.
        • Zombies: Mobility Lowered to 6, HP lowered to 5. They're zombies... they're not meant to be fast, and it's to be expected that Soldiers know to aim for the head.

    • Character Name:
      Nickname: (Assuming your guy lives to reach the rank that unlocks it).
      Preferred Sex: (I cannot change the sex of soldiers, so depending on my roster I might not have enough room for everyone to be the sex they want to be).
      Class: (I suggest making a back up in case one becomes too popular).
      MEC: (Would you like to be turned into a MEC when the time comes? Note the number of people here will be limited due to Meld restrictions in game)
      Skin Color:
      General Appearance: (Please note there's only so much that I can customize, so if you're not already aware of the games options try to keep it simple).

      • Infantry: You're mainly the pointman/gunslinger. You specialize in shooting multiple times, and going on overwatch in order to cover your friends and keep the aliens under control.
      • Assault: Grab a Shotgun, run up close to the enemy and blast their fucking face off. Pre-warning, risk of death as an Assualt is higher than most.
      • Gunner: Carry a Light Machine Gun and double up as a class to pin down/control an important foe, and deal high damage to enemy mech's/robots.
      • Rocketeer: The "Oh shit!" button. You're the guy with the giant rocket launcher that we use to inflict damage on a ton of aliens, soften us enemies, or clear away a wall. Note that rockets per mission are limited, and that outright killing a foe with rockets sacrifices scientific goods. So rockets are used sparingly.
      • Engineer: You're main role is come packed with a ton of Grenades, and use said grenades to damage enemies, buff allies and help make us aware of our surroundings. You are also better at taking in alien prisoners alive than any of the other classes are.
      • Medic: Your essentially the healer of the group. You carry all the Medkits to help patch people up and keep them alive.
      • Scout: You stay somewhat ahead of the others, using your high mobility and battle scanners to get an idea of the surroundings. Though be warned one of your main rolls in triggering and avoiding enemies overwatch's (with a massive accuracy penalty). Mainly, you're the one sent ahead to scout, and then used to get the enemies to shoot at you instead of your friends).
      • Sniper: Sit back behind the others, and take out targets from afar. High Accuracy, High Damage, can be further back on the map. Very Good in outdoor missions. However don't expect to be brought along with any missions involving storming inside buildings or structures.

      • Irish (Male Only)
      • South East Asian (Male Only)
      • American English (Both Sexes)
      • British (Both Sexes)
      • Australian (Both Sexes)
      • French (Both Sexes)
      • German (Both Sexes)
      • South African (Both Sexes)
      • Spanish (Both Sexes)
      • Italian (Both Sexes)
      • Russian (Both Sexes)
      • Polish (Both Sexes)

      • Archwar/Mr.Chicken Head - Sniper
      • Ay-Ex/Nick Clegg - Engineer
      • Dervish - Gunner/Scout
      • Gwazi Magnum - Infantry
      • Silver Paladin/Aaron White - Gunner
      • Windsong - Sniper
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  2. I'm going to try my hand at this.

    Character Name:
    Mr. Chicken Head
    Preferred Sex:
    MEC: Nope
    He's black!
    General Appearance:
    Been while since I've played the game so random numbers. 4th head, goatee and buzz cut(black), and make Mr. Chicken Head's armor blue.

    I would like to see a screen shoot if possible and when he dies. That would be appreciated!
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  3. Windsong.

    Australian sniper.

    Also, gonna reinstall my copy too for funsies. Long war was such a nightmare though.

    Naming soldiers after finally was also a nightmare.
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  4. Character Name: Aaron White
    Nickname: The Paladin
    Preferred Sex: Male
    Class: Gunner with Sniper as Backup
    MEC: you choose
    Accent: British
    Race: White
    Appearance: Black hair (average length), White armor (Red if I can't have that.), any head. Just make me look cool.
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  5. I probably will post screenshots of the soldiers as they're made. I'll make a mini-archive of it in the OP.
    And any mission where a solider (That isn't a rookie) dies I will definitely be making one of the missions I share/talk about.

    And hopefully if I name them after you guys the losses won't be that hard.

    Don't worry! Iwaku's strong bonds will keep us going!
  6. Mr. Chicken Head will become the bane of the Aliens!
  7. Character Name: Dervish
    Nickname: Scurvy
    Preferred Sex: Male
    Class: Gunner/ Scout (Fun fact, I was the go-to support gunner in my time in the army, whee. Scout also ties in, I was in armoured reconnaissance.)
    MEC: No thx.
    Voice/Accent: For Mother Russia
    Race: Canadian
    General Appearance: White, short black hair, clean shaven, green armour (if there's trim, white trim)
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  8. *salutes* I will serve with great honor, Sir! Just don't get me splattered all over a train platform. Anywhere but there.
    (I always seem to lose more guys in those than anywhere else.)
  9. I should clarify, by race I meant to say skin color (I'll alter the OP CS accordingly).

    They're so many flags that soldiers can come with that I can't promise anyone to be under any country.
    Plus it's something I can't change in customization.

    Cool! :)
    Also that actual military experience would bump you up on Medal Priority.

    In Long War the medal systems been re-worked so they work more as squad leader bonuses.
    If someone with said medals is on a mission the entire squad benefits, sometimes no matter what, other times if within a certain radius.
    I'm not surprised.
    That map is a bitch. :/
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  10. Hmm, once you finish do you think you can post the kill results? Like who racked up the most kills out of all and who was the worst shot. Stuff like that.
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  11. Worst shot I doubt because I can't track the miss rate (plus it'd be unfair since I'm the one consciously tell them what shots to take).
    Highest Kill count I can aim for though.

    However, it should be noted that since some classes are more built on support and others are more built on killing it does give some classes a distinct advantage over others.
  12. Understandable.
  13. Nice! I'll be excited to read about my adventures of blinding aliens with my bedazzled bling.

    Also, this. And screenshots of death, as mentioned before, would be fantastic. It would just be kinda neat to get an overview of who did what.
  14. Unless if I end up being really quick with the screenshot button, the best I can do is a picture of the corpse and then whoever shot them.
  15. Do you think you can record it?
  16. Also, while waiting for more people to sign up I'm looking up other possible Long War tweaks.
    But post/share if you have any suggestions on what other tweaks, second wave options etc. to use.

    I'm already part of a Lets Play group for another game where recording is required.
    And without a secondary hard drive for video that Lets Play is starting to push the limits as it is.
  17. Get an external Hard drive. They're fairly cheap, and can be pretty large.
  18. Lack of cash to throw around at such things.
    I basically have to hold onto everything I got now in order to be able to go to a convention coming up in a few months.
  19. /gasps
    It's been so long since I've played XCOM. Fun days.

    Character Name: Nick Clegg
    Nickname: King
    Preferred Sex: Female
    Class: Engineer (or Medic if not that.)
    MEC: I don't mind!
    Voice/Accent: Damn, no female Brits! I'll go with Russian.
    Skin Color: White
    General Appearance: Red hair and Blue or White armour.
    Make me look cool as heck.

    /casually reinstalls game for some semi-nostalgic fun/
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  20. Create a Virtual Hard Drive, pleb.
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