XCOM-Esque RP?

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  1. Basically what it says in the title. The gist of XCOM is that, during the Cold War, aliens begin to invade the planet. In response, all of earth collaborates to form the XCOM project to deal with the Extra Terrestrial threat.

    In the games, you play the commander of XCOM, and is a combination of 'Real-Time' base-building, and tactical squad based turn by turn strategy game play for the missions.

    Now obviously, not everyone in the RP can simultaneously be the commander of XCOM, so I am here for ideas on how to make this RP idea a reality.

    Also, me and specially appointed persons will be the ones controlling the aliens.
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  2. This thread is no longer locked.
    So post away your suggestions my friends!
  3. I'll throw my flag of interest in here. Would we be playing individual soldiers? Then their probable replacements? Haha

    If you are looking more for just the action aspect, character death won't be problematic. However, if you're going for lots of character, drama, development, etc...that approach would be a little bit more difficult to manage.

    Anyway, to reiterate, I'm interested. I hope a few more people will be.
  4. Are elements of Enemy Within going to be in this rp as well?
  5. We talkin' UFO Defense?
  6. See I've been looking for a XCOM RP to join or co-create with someone. with XCOM 2 around the corner (Can't wait for November) I got to thinking going from the standpoint of the new game is a great opportunity for roleplayers.

    I propose we start in the XCOM 2 time frame to make things interesting. Since we have no idea what most of the mechanics actually are in game, we can make up our own game mechanics to along with.

    As for who the Players are, we are the Soldiers, obviously. You as the creator of the RP can be the Commander and Central and make up our missions.
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  7. That was my idea Killjoy.

    I was actually gonna say that the XCOM 2 route would be the best, and easiest, route for us to take with this RP.

    If you want to help me make this, by all means :D.

    I've been busy with stuff for the past week or so, which is why I haven't responded here.
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