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  1. So XCOM 2 is now suddenly looking really nice. :3
    (I love it when they let critics get pre-copies, we can get a gauge of it's value beforehand and still buy it day one).

    I will admit, it seems clear they've been decently inspired by the Long War mod.
    And considering that there are two things I'm sad they didn't carry over.

    1. Eight Classes

    Well yes, they do technically have the original 4 but gave them two distinct paths. But Long War's eight also had two distinct paths too (sometimes three). Still, 8 possible specializations is pretty solid.

    2. Vanilla Squad Sizes

    I'm not looking for Squads as big as in the very first XCOM, that just get's to be so many you lose investment for your men. But Squads of 8 I just found one could pull off far more tactics with than squads of 6.

    Other than that though? Based on Total Biscuits review (I'm still going to see Angry Joe's and Beagles impressions later on) I'm happy with pretty much everything. Though personally I might end up avoiding the 'dicey' upgrades in exchange for more guaranteed ones. But that's just due to learned habits in the first where reliability = survival. But who knows? New game, new war zone, some tactics of mine will certainly need to be changed.
  2. I wish I was good at strategy games, but alas if I played this, aliens would control the Earth in like 5 days because I am shitty as hell with micromanaging and memorizing hotkeys.
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  3. They'll probably have an easy mode so you can cut yourself some slack while learning it all. :P

    That, or just don't use ironman mode and reload like a mother fucker.
  4. The thing about me is in my mind, Easy doesn't exist because I like to feel challenged and experience a game how it's meant to be played, and functionally retarded AI just isn't that.

    I just have this horrible way of forgetting about units. I'll park them somewhere as I set up my next few moves and then by the time I remember they were there, there's usually flashing notifications telling me my machine gun team is now currently sitting under a platoon of Panzergrenadiers.
  5. XCOM is turn by turn play. It's impossible to get neglect some units for a long time.

    Though if XCOM 2's difficulty is like the firsts, the AI is barely touched.
    The only AI modification is them being less likely activate certain abilities.

    Majority of the changes are just troop count and troop stats.
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  6. No worries. The aliens already control the earth. You're playing as the resistance this time around.
  7. Oh god.

    I must have been in charge the last game.
  8. You're now the canon reason why we have Xcom 2.

    Welcome to history.
  9. The Aliens taking over is Canon because the majority of players ended up losing their first game.
  10. I can't wait for people to mod in EVEN MORE VOICES. Seriusly. I want someone on my team speaking Afrikaan, another speaking Japanese and a angry insane Finn. This looks really, really promising.
  11. Some of the current voice packs I imagine would only need minor tweaking too. :P


  12. Prime grenade. Throw rookie.

    Installing the classics on my tablet for work was an amazing idea.
  13. I tried the classics before.

    Was not expecting to spend action points for turning my head. XD
  14. Was on a CRPG mini-binge lately, so it didn't feel too far off. The larger squads felt nice.

    But so does leveling a building cause it has filthy xenos in it.

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