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  1. With the second expansion being out I'm betting some people (like myself) are getting back into it again. So now seems like a good idea to see if people either have Iwaku Character Pools to share, or want to be added to people's games.

    If the latter just post general details like clothing, hair, class etc.
  2. Haha I'd be up for being added to anyone's game. It'd be interesting to see what becomes of me. XD
  3. All I want is short dirty blonde or brunette hair, sunglasses, and desert camo-- gender and class is up to whomever wants me. Whatever class I get, I want to die doing something heroically stupid.

    I also hereby declare that I am fully willing to come and voice act myself if X-Com is played within a time zone I'm around, to more fully realize my sacrificial lamb.
  4. Any Class preferences, or ways to design your character?

    Note, vanilla classes are basically:
    -Stab Stuff
    -Heal/Hack Stuff
    -Snipe Stuff
    -Explode Stuff

    But I like to add modded classes which expand it to
    -Shotgun to the face
    -Scout Stuff
    -Pistol Stuff

    Note, you can technically do those 4 in Vanilla, I just like adding more specialized classes and replacing the more split originals with them. :P
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  5. Shotgun to the face, you say? Blow an enemy to shred, you say? Alright, I may have to change my answer, I can't deny the desire to RIP AND TEAR when given the opportunity.
  6. I've been adding characters to the character pool since the game came out. Sometimes Iwakuans, sometimes people I know in the real world, sometimes characters from stories I've written, et cetera. I'll share all the Iwaku folks I've made here.

    The story for names throughout the X-COM games for me has been as such.
    • Rookies get no name, no armour, and only basic weapons. I affectionately call these nameless soldiers "Jimmy."
    • Jimmy's job is to go ahead of the rest of the squad to trigger pods of aliens. This puts them in great danger, and many accidentally go too far in their wish to save the Earth.
    • If they survive and achieve a third rank or higher, they earn their name and a save spot.
    • I'm taking screenshots from the character pool, so none of their mission/kill data is presented there. That's why they're all 0/0.
    So basically, if you see your name down there, it's because a Jimmy managed a 1 in 5 chance and earned their name in alien blood, fire, and brimstone. If you don't see your name down there, it's either because it went to a fantasy character/real life person, or the Jimmy who would have earned your name didn't make it. Don't worry though, I have an endless number of Jimmies: One of them will earn your name eventually, probably.

    Though, obvious disclaimer, I've no idea what most of you look like, and thus made characters that I figured fit something about you in a purely fantasy sense of the word. Any actual likeness is unintended. I'll ping everybody who I've made a character for here, so they know about it and can maybe have a chuckle in their day that someone tried to create a fantasy version of them in X-COM.

    They've been put in alphabetical order here. If you'd like to view the full album continuously, link here. If you'd like to view them one by one, simply scroll down: Every name pinged has a link to a character screenshot beside it.

    @Alan: You hack all the things, and wear enough face concealment that no alien will ever know who you are.

    @Alphakoka: The masked sniper, who makes aliens fear going outside at night in Indonesia.

    @Brovo: Hello, captain unremarkable.

    @Darog: I gave you a pink fuckstick & Bowie tat. I figured you'd like it..

    @Dervish: You think some of your allies might be unhinged. Your only true friend is a robot named Wilson. It's been weeks since you last shaved. You can't remember what your last day spent in weather above freezing is. You are... THE CANADIAN SOLDIER.

    @Diana: Your character nearly bought the farm a dozen times, and every time, they managed to barely pull through in the end.

    @Drakel: There's no dragon stuff, but I gave you a pair of cheap sunglasses instead, and camo in the blood of your enemies.

    @dragonesper: Orange grenades, orange clothes, normal-ish looking..

    @Goldmarble: The man-sized Canadian tank, without losing any of the firepower.

    @Grothnor: GREEN IS THE BESTEST.

    @Hana: Yes Hana, super cereal..

    @Hellis: You like comics, and the Jimmy had a hockey mask. So I decided to take a few pointers from the Punisher and made you into "The Viking".

    @Holmishire: You've survived every campaign I've put you through, and look kickass doing it.

    @Jorick: Arrogance incarnate, just the way you'd want it.

    @Kadaeux: Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    @Kestrel: If I have to explain your nickname to you, slap yourself.

    @LimeyPanda: No noxious venom or gas is going to bother you, surely.

    @Minibit: Nobody knows who you are, just that if they go near RP Help & Discussion, content mysteriously appears in the form of sniper bullets.

    @Orion: We're both fans of this game, so the backstory for your character is thus: Cutting down a Berserker with a basic rifle and prayers.

    @Rain of the Night: You're part of a matching set of lovers that rampage across the Canadian countryside, wrecking aliens like it's nobody's business.

    @redblood: Giveth no fucks, taketh no fucks.

    @Red Velvet: Maori tattoos.

    @RedWillow: The post apocalyptic wonderchild.

    @Sen: I figured the only thing better than twitchy was giving that animation set a shotgun and a sword.

    @Seba: You save people from afar pretty consistently.

    @Seiji: I imagined a suave protector of all things womanly trapped in a jungle slaughtering aliens for a year. You have a beard from God, and a cigar to match.

    @Slade: 100% Pure Trump-grade Shitposting incarnate.

    @Snakey: A fairly normal looking guy who brain pans people with psionics.

    @Touch of Insanity: You're part of a matching set of lovers that rampage across the Canadian countryside, wrecking aliens like it's nobody's business.

    @Windsong: Once, you cleaned up schools. Now, you clean up aliens. Same difference.
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  7. Dude this is beautiful. I would shower you in cookies. You made my night XD
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  8. IT'S SO AWESOOOOME Hairstyle+colour+voice nailed 10/10
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  10. Wilson, my beard, and I shall keep the world safe from ET scum because you can't trust fleshbags.
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  11. XCOM eh? I've been wanting to play XCOM 2 but lack a capable system. This piece of junk I have is from '12. I can play Enemy Within pretty well, though! I've been keeping up with XCOM 2 via YouTubers and it makes me yearn especially when they make tactical errors.

    Anybody interested in fielding me would best place me in any class but Sword Gal, with a preference for a Squadsight Markswoman. I need a mohawk.
  12. I want to be in! I want guns and stuff.

    Maybe make me a big burly dude. That would be cool too. I guess that depends on how realistic you want to be. Most realistic --> approximately Gaston, probably.
  13. For those wanting to make me (maybe? Plz? :C ) out of Vanillia classes my preference is Grenadier or Sniper.
    Though with modded cases I basically prefer the Gunslinging Bad-ass sort of deal.
  14. @redblood: Giveth no fucks, taketh no fucks

    @Brovo is 100% correct :D I have NO IDEA what this thread is about :D I just skipped forward to the part about me. Teehee

  15. I'd be cool with sniping shit. 8)
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  16. Only request I have is making my armour green and white. It's been a thing for me for over a decade whenever I can customize muh dude. Right now Captain Canada looks so bland, he belongs in the House of Commons in like the 4th row and you only notice him when he puts on a hockey helmet to fight the other political party during heated sessions.
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