Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

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  1. Your the new student at Xavier's School for gifted youngsters. The only place where you feel at home with other mutants, you have yet to master your mutant powers completely so you came to the school. Its up to you whether you skip your classes or attend them all, you listen to your mentor or your the rebellious one.
    Its all up to you.

    Any X-Men Original Characters are allowed and you can even roleplay your favorite characters from X-Men. (Assuming their not taken.)

    You can roleplay a student, or you can roleplay a mutant in the Brotherhood Of Magneto or you can make your own renegade mutant group if you want. The possibilities are endless.

    Now lets get to the roleplay!

    Felicitas mixed in with the group of students that flooded into the hallways of her new school. She felt lucky to be able to come here after convincing her parents that it was a school for the smartest kids. It seemed so cozy already. For once she felt like everyone else. A native-american lady approached me with a warming smile.

    "Hey. I'm Storm, I'll be showing you to your dormroom..Felicitas?"

    "Ah. Yes. Thank you." Felicitas replied politely. The older lady led the fourteen year-old through a plethora of steps until finally she reached a long extending hallway with doors placed on both sides. Storm pointed out the one at the very end and excused herself. Felicitas walked towards her room, her hand feeling along the wooden wall.

    This was going to be amazing.

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  2. Logan stood leaning against a wall arms folded across his chest. He wore his black X-Force uniform with his mask off. Another new day, another bunch of runts, he thought. Some will make it others won't. He saw storm talking to a girl showing them their new rooms. He wondered what his old team was doing. The brotherhood had been quiet for some time now that usually meant a storm was on the way. It was a raging ocean, and the wave was becoming tidal.
  3. Vallerie plays with the electricity shaping it into ball and stretches it out. She stops and the electricity sinks back into her skin.
  4. [size=+1]The suitcase drifts through the doorway of the dormitory room, following in the wake of a small teenager, the hood of his leather jacket slung over his head to partially cover his thick mop of brown hair.

    The ability to move things with one’s mind is, he notes for what is likely the millionth time, a fairly practical ability for a mutant to possess.

    And hell, even if it was shitty at least he didn’t have green hair growing out his face or something.

    These were to be his new quarters for the year, and they weren’t all that bad in comparison to some of the dumps at which he’d crashed in his sixteen years of existence. The walls weren’t falling down around him, for one thing, and there was even a bed that wasn’t falling apart. Concentrating, he moves the suitcase past him and deposits it upon the mattress, letting out a sigh of relief when he finally releases the item. Things get heavy to lift after a while, especially when you’re using telekinesis to lift them.

    Luggage suitably placed for now, he moves back over to the doorway and leans out, watching the hubbub of activity just outside; new students dragging their belongings into their new quarters, a whole mishmash of mutant teens. Even some parents helping their kids move in, the bittersweet part of his head notes sardonically, but he pays it little heed.

    After years, he’s finally found himself amongst peers, amongst people who understand what he is, who won’t flip their shit when he does the things he’s capable of doing.

    He’s finally somewhere he belongs.

    This is going to be amazing.[/size]
  5. Vallerie yawns and walks up to her new dormitory room. Everything already unpacked since she came a bit too early but nobody seemed to mind.

    She never usually talks and it's very hard to get a single word out of her. Anyone that says 'hi' she just does a little wave and continues what she was doing. Nobody will make her speak here. Not today or tomorrow. In fact hopfully never.
  6. Logan watched a few more kids find their way about, one with a hood he made note of. Some girl with electricity went to do her thing. After a bit he headed down the hallway down a flight if stairs. After passing a rental scan he entered the lower levels of the school. Only those who were in a team or training to be on one were allowed down here.

    He popped his claws as he walked to a giant steel x shaped door way. Didn't always use to be this special metal, he thought. But it's better than bone. Still it almost killed me. Slows my healing factor too. I remember when Magneto tore it out. Logan shivered and sheathed his claws. Pressing a button he entered the Danger Room and pulled on his mask.
  7. Felicitas finished the packing of her room, signifying with a nice long sigh.

    "Why did I pack so much stuff?" She giggled. Felicitas walked out of her room before encountering a young man who seemed to be able to control ice. She watched him awestruck. He noticed the petite girl and asked her what her power was. Felicitas blushed. She never really used her powers, much less talk about them.

    "I'll show you. If its okay with you." Felicitas answered timidly. The boy nodded and she closed her eyes. Then all the sudden his icy ability turned into fire and he shouted as it burned. But then it stopped. The pain, the fire, everything that just happened disappeared by that.

    "My ability is Subject Reality.. I'm able to manipulate the boundary between fantasy and reality by turning one into other and blurring the border between them.. Sorry if that hurt.." Felicitas said still as timid as ever.
  8. [size=+1]The hallways are still heaving with new students as he watches from his doorway, taking in the sights and the new faces. His newly-acquired fellow students, this lot. Hopefully he’d get to know some of them in the coming weeks.

    However, right now he was starting to get more than a little hungry.

    Under his hood, his eyes fall upon a pair of students not too far down the hallway who seem to be demonstrating their powers to each other. Not really his thing; hard-learned life experience has taught him to keep his abilities on the down low. But they’re not busy moving in, and perhaps one of them knows their way around this place.

    It’s an impressive campus, he has to admit, but goddamn if it isn’t a maze to him right now.

    Closing the door and navigating his way through the crowded corridor, he comes to a stop in front of the pair.
    “So, uh… don’t suppose either of you know where you can get something to eat round here?”[/size]
  9. After awhile Logan can came out of the danger room and headed back to the hallways. First day at school was all about adjustment getting to know each other. When he was done changing into blue jeans and a simple black shirt he went to greet some of the new kids. The one with the hood asked about where to eat. He walked up to them

    "The names Logan or you can call me Wolverine. Whatever works for you, I'll be your combat instructor for the duration of your time hereof your looking for something to eat its down the hall to the left Beast is handing out the lunches, can only guess what he cooked up."
  10. [​IMG]
    Kitty Pryde had just come from a training session, running down the halls in her customary X-men uniform. The yellow and black of her outfit contrasted the dark brick walls that lined the inside of the academy, blending her in with the other students, even as she shifted through walls and people alike.

    "Sorry! S'cuse me!" She called as she easily passed through anything or anyone she came in contact with. She was so late it wasn't even funny! There were new students in her dorm and she wanted to be there to meet them, of course Nightcrawler had kept her in training longer than she was hoping for. Kitty grumbled to herself as she passed through the walls leading into her room, knowing exactly where to travel to get to the right place in the building.

    "Finally" She sighed, opening the door and catching Logan already greeting people. "Oh!" She smiled, walking up to him and giving him a playful nudge. "You always seem to beat me Logan!" Her cheeks flushed pink, admiration for her mentor coming forth in form of a flirtatous sway.
  11. Logan ruffled her hair a bit " it's a habit." He said with a smile. " I was just telling them where to eat and if they expect to make it out there they need to take whst their taught serious. I know you hate being late, what were you up to?" Friends, school, maybe even training Logan thought.
  12. "Training..." Kitty rolled her eyes as he ruffled her hair like a child. "Its one thing to train alone, but it's a whole other world trainging with NightCrawler" She swated at his big hands, taking a step away from him to avoid being tossled again. "Come on Logan, it's the first day, Their not going to take the first day seriously! No one does! Except maybe you~" She hummed at him, rocking back on her heels as she looked at the hooded student, holding out her hand for him to take.

    "Hi, I'm Kitty!"
  13. " uh huh." He liked her a bit more then a friend. It was slightly obvious " we'll I said my piece ill be in my quarters if anyone has any questions. It's right around the corner . You kids watch yourselves." He winked at kitty as he left.

    His living area wasn't that large and he didn't have much in it. A bookshelf, table a bed few swords. His closet was lined with uniforms and jackets. He removed his shirt, lay down in bed and thought about what he'd teach this year.
  14. [size=+1]“Combat… instructor?” He drags the words out, as though surprised by their use alongside each other. “I thought this was a school? Y’know, with Maths and History and grades and--”

    The arrival of another new face, dressed in strange black and yellow clothing, cuts him off mid-sentence. The big serious one, Logan, seems to know her; a returning student, he guesses. When she’s done talking to the man she rounds on him next, holding out her hand and introducing herself as ‘Kitty’.

    Flashing a smile, he shakes her hand.
    “Nice to meet you. My parents, infinite in their wisdom, decided to call me Enoch, but I prefer to just get called E. A lot less Biblical, and less likely to cause me to get the shit kicked out of me on a regular basis.”[/size]
  15. He couldn't focus. There was a lot riding each year on the new kids after all some would become x-men others would be content they learned how to control their gift. He rolled off the bed and started doing push-ups. After 25 he got dressed and headed back to the hallway. Kitty and the new kid were still there.
  16. Vallerie sits against the front of the door in the hallway saying 'hi' to whoever came by. She was trying to get used to interacting with the other students.
  17. "Nice to meet you E!" Kitty was uppity- as always. Her cheerful ponytail bounced behind her as she pressed her index finger to her lip, curiously wondering what type of power this new student had. "So..." She began after a long silence, being too withdrawn in her own mind to actually speak. "What do you do?" She smiled at him, swaying her hips as she waited for him to answer. Kitty had a hard time standing still- or paying attention for too long.

    "I mean- What are your powers?" Out of her eye, she saw Logan again, coming out of his room and looking her way. It had been a strange relationship between the two of them, always a weird sense of romantacism in the air.
  18. He saw her talking to the boy, but he was too old to feel jealous. He smiled at her admiring her beauty as he leaned against the wall waiting got something to happen.
  19. Vallerie accidently lets go one of her electricity balls and it starts bouncing off walls and she runs after it.
  20. Rusti was brought to this place, knowing that "gifted" wasn't the word that described him at all, however he knew nothing about this school, so he didn't know what to expect. He was left at the front doors wondering wear to go from there, so instead of going inside he decided to pick up his bags and venture around. He was always known for doing stuff like that.