Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children

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  1. OOC Thread

    Anyone wanna make an x men roleplay?

    specifically a school roleplay and we're all students studying at that school. i think it'd be fun and could make for some great stories. what do you think?

    (this could just be a casual rp. create students living their everyday life, things like that. some romance here and there. teen things. the works.

    or we could try to create deeper plots? what say you?)
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  2. I'd be very interested! And the great thing is the institute has no age limit! There are students of all ages because there are always mutants that come out of hiding after years. Would you be including the canon x men characters or will it be oc's?

    I am up for either casual or deep plots.
  3. I may or may not include the canon characters. Till someone shows an interest in them I guess
    but I'd like to focus mainly on OCs.

    would you like to suggest something else?

    sounds good!
  4. I'm up for this
  5. yay

    canon or OC? :)
  6. I usually go for OCs because I'm worry too much if I play a Canon character
  7. I was thinking we could also make up our own classes if we are going to do this school rp.

    like create the xavier institute world ourselves , reimagine it
    not reimagine it as in change canon or something , just

    imagine what it would be like inside. i mean you all must've imagined what it would be like to enroll there right, be a student. take classes

    which means we're probably going to have professors too.

    sound good so far?
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  8. I like it, yeah. OC's are much more interesting and less stressful. I'm an avid comic book fan so I'm pretty familiar with the way the Institute works but I'm cool with changing things up!
  9. X-MENaurrrghflflfklkjlkkjlk!

    (Translation: I'm interested.)
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  10. I wanna be an x-dude!
  11. Interested, if we're doing OCs.
  12. Count me in, Been debating some of the more fun powers that can be used. though I would very much like it if it was OC only (excluding teachers, because having Xavier teach biology would be cool)
  13. So, I think we have enough people interested. We going to do this?
  14. Then there's the flip side, myself. I only know from the movies how the X-men work, along with some additional knowledge from tv shows. So I'm not sure how Xavier's works in the least. Should probably read the comics at some point though

    Also Xavier teaching biology would be interesting.
  15. Looks interesting :3
  16. If this isn't created by weeks end I'll set it up myself, seeing as the OP seems to have phased out.
  17. Eddi you can't do that, it isn't right to make something because the Creator is MIA.
    Make your own version of it :3 that way you don't get this.

  18. Hence my statment. If its not done by weeks end. I am perfectly allowed to make a mirror because the GM has disapeared. if he/she comes back I will hand over if they ask. untill such time my statment stands. also what the hell are you going on about?
  19. They were here this morning...
    Also if you make a Mirror you have to make a Interest check... though I am sure you know that because you are smart... and I know you wouldn't do something as evil as using this interest check as a way to wimp out of making your own.

    Also I want to see what they are doing with it :3 if they set up a OOC and such and what they wish from us.
    I have a few Ideas but with the number of RP's I am in I may not be able to attend this one.
  20. I'm not even going to bother any more. You cannot, and will not tell me what I can and cannot do. I stand by my statement and will continue to do so.
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