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  1. Please delete this IC thread. I forgot this was a thing. This was my mistake. And I wasn't ready.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Mentioned: King of Diamonds @Queen†Chaos
    Interactions: King of Diamonds @Queen†Chaos

    Dianna's shoes clacked lightly on the stone of the marketplace as she walked around, eyes scanning out from under the brim of her hat, shielding her face from the sun. She looked keenly for the items that she seeked, taking in what each person sold on their stalls. None so far had what she desired, rare, uncut gemstones, fit for the display on a queen's crown. She only wanted those that would be fitting for her, rare, expensive stones from far away lands.

    Stopping, Dianna eyed a merchant's stand fondly, examining the stones that were on sale. Removing her arm from where it was linked with her partner's moments before, Dianna slowly, in almost a predatory manner, walked up to the trader's stand, leaving Garrett behind for a moment.

    "Pure, uncut diamond. A rare commodity." She spoke to the merchant, her tone curious and questioning. "Where were these specimens found? If you don't mind me asking."

    The merchant looked up from his books, stunned slightly by the presence of, from what he could tell, the queen of the Kingdom, at his stall. "They… They were mined from the mountains." He responded simply as Dianna picked up a diamond. "Please don't touch the merchandise… Your highness."

    The request fell on deaf ears as Dianna inspected the jewel, looking at it from all angles. Then, she put it back down, her face now cold, eyes squinted and a slight aura of anger around her. "As I suspected. Fake." She sighed, turning back to her husband. "What should we do about this, dear?" She asked him. "It is quite wrong to sell fake products in our kingdom, even more so to try and deceive us into buying them."

    "Please… No... I wasn't trying to deceive anyone…" The trader pleaded as Dianna moved back besides Garret, her arm intertwining with his once again. She continued to look at him, taking some small form of satisfaction from seeing this trader of false goods fear the punishment that was about to be sentenced to.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Banner Made by Me ♥

    On the Hunt
    Elora gazed up to the hued sky; pinks and yellows intermingled with oranges in a dance that brought awe to the young woman's face. However, she wasn't here for awe, Elora had a goal, one, if concluded underneath such a beautiful sky, would simply ruin it's spectacular warmth and radiance.

    Late afternoon seemed to be the time when the Queen of Spades found herself most alive - something about the nighttime sky (or at least the dark-setting sky) brought peace to her. The darkness had been her friend and ally years before she took the throne to the Kingdom of Spades, and with it's unwavering loyalty to her own purposes, she didn't see that comfort fleeting anytime soon.

    Elora crouched down onto the cobblestone sidewalk; her fur jacket just short enough to evade the evaporating puddles from the former nights rain storm, however, the smell of fresh dew in the dank and murky streets -especially in this area of Pip- was a welcome smell. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs and body with new energy.

    Woof. Grr---woof woof!

    Elora looked down to her right side, finding #1 growling and advancing to her left flank. At that moment, Elora was thankful for bringing the dog, mostly because he was a fantastic companion when she was out alone, trolling for the targets she was after, and also, because of her lack of self-awareness, she could always rely on one's sense of smell to alert her. Her lip pulled itself into a half arched grin, giving her the appearance of a dangerously playful child.

    "Alright, boy. You lead, I'll follow." She watched as one bounded off down a rather dimly lit area of the harbor she was currently in.
    Normally, it wasn't exactly hard to lose a pitbull, let alone one the size of this guy, however, once Elora turned her head down the small alleyway that One had scurried down, she had to momentarily rethink her previous mental statement.

    An audible sigh escaped her lips, before she slowly and cautiously looped her thumbs into the belt rings of her faded navy blue jeans, resting her hands just enough to feign complete innocence - mere exploration, should one catch her wandering these streets. She had her large fur hood pulled up around her hair and head, giving off her face as just as shadow.

    Steadily, she began walking down the small, narrow alleyway, following the barely audible growls coming from One.
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    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
    Mentioned: Dianna- Queen of Diamonds @Unbound
    Interactions: Dianna, Merchant
    Location: Merchant's District
    Mood: Agitated
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    The sun shined brightly on the Kingdom of Diamonds today, as the King and Queen strolled through the cobble stoned pathways of the Merchant District, in search of precious uncut jewels to be featured in Diana's new crown. Garrett stood silently next to his wife as she scanned the stalls for the perfect jewels, whatever she wished to have Garrett would give it to her in a second. Most stalls seemed to contain jewels that lacked a certain finesse that would catch the Queen's eye, but when Dianna located the jewels of one Merchant's stall Garrett soon became weary.

    "They… They were mined from the mountains." The Merchant stuttered out in response to Diana. Garrett's eyes narrowed at the Merchant, he shouldn't have been so weary of Dianna's inquire of his jewels if they were legit. But moments later Dianna would reveal that his jewels were in fact a hoax and Garrett's theory would be proven correct.

    As Dianna returned to his side, the corner's of Garrett's mouth turned up in excitement. It had been weeks since he'd been able to publicly humiliate someone of the lower class and today was a good day as any to do so. "Bring him." He ordered one of his four guards.

    Treading with much power, Garrett brought both his wife and crowd to the square of the Merchant's District. The guard threw the merchant down on the cobble stone as the man pleaded with Garrett to spare him of his life. "Give me a reason." Garrett said kneeling down before the weeping man.

    The man looked feebly up to the King. "I...I don't understand."

    Garrett's dry chuckle filled the square, "You don't understand, huh?" Garrett said, holding his hand out to the man. As the poor merchant took it Garrett turned the man's arm till he heard a crunch, Garrett whispered into the man's ear. "See my wife over there..." He paused before continuing, "She's going to give you something special and you're going to be grateful." He said before standing up and letting the man go.

    Returning to Diana Garrett smiled gentle, yet sadistically to her, before turning and looking at the crowd. "This man dare try and sell counterfeit jewels to your queen." He called out to everyone, the crowd's sounds of disapproval rang out. "So he must be punished...but since it is such a marvelous day his blood will not be spilt or his days spent rotting away in the prison, no that just won't do." He shouted out before turning and looking straight at the merchant himself. A small part of Garrett felt bad for the man's fate, but he had an example to make of this man, business was to be conducted legitimately within the market. "For your crime of selling counterfeit goods, I sentence you to spend the remainder of your days in absolute poverty without hope of ever escaping its cruel grasps." He said, before looking to his wife.
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  5. Queen of Clubs
    Location: Clubs Castle, Throne Room

    "Your daughter's application will be reviewed, but do not expect a change of decision. The University of Particulars does not accept mediocrity." Najiba nodded dismissal to the petitioner, and signaled for the next person to come forward, biting her lip to hold in a yawn that threatened to escape. No one looking at her face would think her bored - she listened attentively to each subject who came forward to share their problems, proscribing rational but fair judgments on all. Though many were disappointed that they did not receive more assistance, no one would leave the castle that day feeling their queen had been biased, inattentive, or unsupportive. They might, and indeed many did, feel the queen displayed a disturbing lack of emotion, calmly and rationally responding to even the most tragic of tales. But at least that was not unexpected. Besides, the Queen of Clubs was supposed to be intelligent, not emotional. It was only fitting.

    The next petitioner stepped forward and dropped to her knees exactly ten feet in front of the throne. "Please, your majesty, have pity on a poor farmer! My husband is dead these many years, and I don't know how I may support my children!"

    "Please explain your situation and your request more clearly, madam," said the queen sternly. She folded her hands on her golden, silk-clad lap and waited patiently for the woman to control herself. The simple gold tiara enfolded in her thick, black hair twinkled in the chandelier's blazing light, adding to the intimidating ambiance of the receiving hall. Marble walls lined with gold foliage, columns topped with intricately carved gold decorations, immense gold-framed portraits of past monarchs all bore down on the humble petitioners, impressing them into quelled obedience. The Queen saw petitioners here each week, hearing the woes of her subjects and dutifully proscribing solutions. It was an age-old tradition of the Kingdom of Clubs, and a time-honored duty of the Queen. Najiba would never dare to overset it, no matter how much it bored her. She knew the needs of her people without listening to their weekly whining, and she knew the best solutions without hearing their pleas for assistance. But it was the duty of the monarch to hear out her people, and so she would, week in and week out, until the end of her reign.

    Najiba put on as sympathetic an expression as she could manage, and heard out the farmer woman's sad story of loss and poverty. Farmers were very important to the kingdom, and it would certainly be a waste to let this woman's lands lay fallow. Her personal worries were of little concern to Najiba, but it did behoove her to ensure the continued use of prime arable land. "I suggest you remarry at once, madam. I will have a list of eligible partners sent to your home for you to choose a groom."

    The woman gaped at her like a fish, stunned by the unfeeling yet practical recommendation. "But, your majesty! I need a farmhand, not a husband!"

    The queen raised one delicately carved black eyebrow, with a gaze that had been known to silence kings. Her subject was not unaffected, and snapped her mouth shut with a gulp. "Labor is labor," Najiba pointed out, in her perfectly calm, flat voice. "And married labor is free." She nodded to the woman, and when the petitioner showed signs of protesting further, waved to a guard to escort her out. Turning to a scribe on her left, Najiba asked, "What time is it?"

    "Almost noon, your majesty."

    "Very well, we will adjourn for today," she nodded, rising gracefully from her throne. A clatter of activity met this pronouncement, with the guards loudly proclaiming the end of the reception hour and shuffling the remaining petitioners from the room. Najiba twisted the golden lily that adorned her wrist until the stem wrapping around her arm fell in perfectly even increments. "I will be in the library. Send any paperwork or servants requiring instructions there," she said, stepping down from the dais and sweeping out of the room.
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  6. 2889zeb.png


    ♥HEX CODE♥


    The King

    Kingdom of Hearts: (The Gardens)

    Before Astraya Arrives: Relaxed & Happy
    After Astraya Arrives: Fatherly


    NPC: Astraya (Youngest Princess of Hearts)

    NPC: Astraya (Youngest Princess of Hearts)
    PC: Aphrodite (Queen of Hearts)


    It was a beautiful morning in the Kingdom of Hearts, it was always beautiful and serene in this kingdom. Kingdom of Hearts had and still has the least amount of trouble of any kind in all of Pip, thanks to the years of peaceful negotiation and the Monarchs of the Hearts Kingdom learning to kill others with kindness and not literally kill them and start wars for no reason. The former Prince of Hearts, now for many years, the King of Hearts was taking a moment alone in the beautiful and flourishing Gardens of his kingdom. He was sitting on the big boulder near the entrance of the Gardens, that some of his wonderful people painted bright pink, his favorite color. He loved when his citizens showed their appreciation in the way of self-expression, the best way to show genuine love and admiration. He had woken up pretty early this morning, he would usually still be in bed until later in the afternoon... unless someone woke him up out of his peaceful slumber, and that someone was always his loving Queen and on some occasions his youngest daughter would help her.

    His magnificent crown was placed perfectly on top of his head, his beautiful hair resting at his shoulders, keeping out some of the noise of the world. Even though he isn't fond of quiet areas, when it came to his alone time, Valentine loved when everything was peaceful and it felt like the world had stopped just for him. "A beautiful morning leads into a beautiful day." He chanted to himself, his little mantra that he recited every morning. It helped him get through the tougher days when things didn't go the way he hoped they would. Lately his kingdom has been in a peaceful state and he loved that. Valentine is known as The Peaceful Ruler. While the other Monarchs of Pip had their own ruthless methods of dealing with their people, he tries to treat everyone equal and make judgments that are fit for the crime or crimes but that don't go into the territory of senseless abuse or humiliation.

    While he sat on the boulder, he wouldn't notice or hear someone coming from one of the castle's many back entrances and coming towards him. The individual walked ever so quietly, not wanting to be noticed by the King. As they crept behind the male, they would start to move their arms forward and upward. Right when they had their arms next to the King's neck, they wrapped them around his neck and gave him a big... hug. "Astraya..." He smirked, knowing only his youngest daughter would surprise him like this. She has her mother's cunning ways which everyone could tell. "Hey Daddy!" The little girl yelled as she move in front of him and pulled him by his hands forward. "Come on, I want to show you something." He stood up and followed his daughter towards another area of the Gardens.

    "Where are you bringing me?" He raised his right eyebrow, giving a huge smile towards Astraya. "It's a secret." He shook his head but followed her towards wherever she was bringing him to. "Some of the citizens helped me make this, close your eyes daddy." He shook his head but closed his eyes, waiting for Astraya to tell him when to look. "Okay... now!" Opening his eyes he would see a portrait of the entire Hearts Kingdom's Family painted on a large section of the bricks of the Gardens, his mouth was wide open in shock and astonishment. "Astraya... you did this?" She nodded her head yes, her long hair going in every direction. "It's beautiful sweetheart." He picked his daughter up, giving her a huge hug and a kiss on her right cheek. "Your mother has to see this, go get her... hurry." He grinned, putting her down. "Ok!" Astraya ran off back into the castle, going to find her mother.

    He turned back towards the painting, getting closer to it and looking it over. "This is amazing, I can't even paint like this." His little daughter was truly an artist and she would do great things for the Kingdom one day, just like every citizen, royal, noble or other would do for the Kingdom of Hearts. While he waited for his youngest daughter and his Queen to come to the Gardens, he just stood there and marveled at the painting. "Amazing..."

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  7. Underlined phrases are in American Sign Language.


    ♠ ♥

    ♣ ♦

    Mentioned: The King and Queen of Diamonds [tagged later]
    Location: Merchant's District.
    Feeling: Curious, Outraged, and Vengeful.
    Activity: Updating the Timeline.

    It was a beautifully bright and blazing hot afternoon in the land of Pip. A baby blue sky hung above the world, and below it, not a single cloud blocked out the weather or sunny star today. Cooling, cold winds from the East blew throughout the land of Pip as monarchs spent their day out and about, doing what any monarch should do. Whether that be tending to their civilians or scavenging about for something interesting. The four castles of Pip shined in the sparkling daylight, even the Kingdom of Spades. The occasional cold breeze blew green grasses around as flower petals came down from their stem one by one. The trees were bright and happy, getting their daily dose of sunlight while bearing beautiful and mouth-watering fruit. Little children played and danced and laughed around in the heat waves as their parents watched them in harmony. Although the weather was heated, the minds of others were not.

    The land of Pip itself was a beauty to behold in all of its magnificence, and so were the four humongous castles that scattered about. Windows were open and curtains were flowing, butlers and maids were humming while doing their autopiloted routines. Schedules were being planned, meals and desserts were being baked and prepared as their savory aroma filled the castles of Pip, slowly diffusing onto the towns and villages below them.

    All four suits, the Hearts, the Diamonds, the Spades, and the Clubs were truly meant for royalty.
    But before royalty, the regals are human, and Vance Eden, together with Diane Harley, roamed the land freely, enjoying the sun rays on their already tanned skin, hoping to monitor some of the monarchs today.
    A cold wind cooled Vance down but sent Diane shivering down her spine.
    Vance laughed and smiled through his round lensed sunglasses, and for a moment, he could have sworn Diane blushed.

    Oh, he knew. He knew Diane had some sort of romantic feelings for him, but, alas, he was not into the romantic goodness that everyone seemed to crave, instead, he was more curious about the world than anything else, hence why he is here today, walking about, taking Diane along for the ride.

    As for Diane's perspective, her cheeks turned red due to the heat, and her skin's reaction to said heat doesn't do very well, making her body turn into a red hue if you looked and stared hard enough at her. And, although she had feelings for the Jack of Spades, Diane wants to branch out onto other people, hoping to find true love that hopefully doesn't come from sexual desire.

    As expected, the walk around Pip was as silent as can be, since the woman by Vance's side could not speak. After a good half hour of walking as sizzling pathways burned at their bare feet, Vance filled the silent void by creating conversations that he knew wouldn't be answered by voice.

    "It's really hot, don't you think, Diane?" Vance looked at her, she nodded.

    The hot blaze of the sun blinded both of the Jacks as they continued their walk amongst the grandeur of citizens who laughed boastfully as they compared each other's spouses and children with their friends.
    The view that was shared between the Jacks were phenomenal, they could see everything glisten and glimmer in the sunlight as winds grew more frequent but less cold, making everything seem perfect for the moment. It was a day to remember.

    Then, Vance suddenly realized that this was the first grand day marking history between the current monarchs of Pip. He turned to Diane to see the same reaction, a smile from suddenly appearing from ear to ear on their faces.
    Anything could happen in the span of twenty-four hours, destiny could be reached, the American Dream could actually be proven to be true, death and wrath will be shared amongst civilians.
    Anything could happen today, so the two Jacks went for a walk to prove their theories to be true.

    "It's cool that there's a cold wind once in a while, it cools everyone down, so they wouldn't have to be so angry when a hot day like this happens. Not that being heated is a big problem, it creates more drama." No response. No response from voice, anyways; Diane always used Sign Language with Vance, since Vance understood the language pretty well.

    "I agree." in American Sign Language.

    The Jack of Spades led the Jack of Hearts all around the four kingdoms. First, the Hearts kingdom, then the Clubs, the Spades, and finally, the Diamond Kingdom.

    The name truly spoke itself, the kingdom glistened and gleamed with bright cold, white, and opal colors, making the Diamond castle scream wealth and riches in the sunlight. Peasants begged for redemption while the wealthy laughed on their graves.
    The two Jacks walked side by side towards the Marketplace/Merchant's District, the central point of treasures and crime. Exploring the area, the two noticed that a merchant, much like the castle outside, was selling shiny transparent jewels that sparkled, even without sunlight. Eden and Harley had no interest in buying anything, and thus, they continued on.
    An array of jewelry, food, and desserts
    were strung throughout the District, still, not striking any interests in the two Jacks. Coming back around, ready to leave the District entirely, they noticed something quite peculiar.

    The King and Queen of Diamonds, conversing with the merchant they have encountered before.
    Puzzled with a sprinkle of curiosity, the two Jacks hid in plain sight to see the commotion that was going around.

    "What should we do about this, dear?"
    "For your crime of selling counterfeit goods, I sentence you to spend the remainder of your days in absolute poverty without hope of ever escaping its cruel grasps."

    The two Jacks were shocked and outraged, such a low life thing to put down an innocent merchant. With jaws open slightly, the two Jacks looked at each other, both giving the look of absolute pity, not for the merchant, but for the monarchs.

    The first event of the timeline has been written forever, and there was no way that the two monarchs were going to get out of a spiraling path of negativity. Vance Eden and Diane Harley disappeared into the crowd, heading back to the ancient pillar that created, remade, and destroyed the lives of other people.

    "You would think that the Diamonds would do good around here, but they're just like every other peasant I've seen."
    "I agree."
    "Such a shame to them, out of all things, poverty? I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy."

    Diane nodded as she scribbled down the tragic event that occurred today, smiling with absolute wrath.

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  8. [​IMG]
    Involved Characters: Garrett - King of Diamonds - @Queen†Chaos
    Location: Merchant's district ~ Kingdom of Diamonds

    "I...I don't understand." Dianna's mouth twisted into a sadistic smirk, listening to the merchant grovel as Garrett sentenced him for all of the district to see. Such an act of public humiliation was exactly what was needed when someone so foolishly tried to sell her fake goods. It was something she despised, clearly shown in the way she had no second thoughts about cursing the merchant to a fate worse than death. She looked at Garrett, her smirk plastered onto her face as he sentenced the merchant.

    Once Garret had turned to face her, she gladly made her way over to him and the merchant, eyes focused on the prosecuted. She seemed to have no notice of the crowd that had gathered to behold the punishment, set about putting the sentence into action. Her smirk had faded ever so slightly, replaced by a simple but malicious smile.

    Raising a hand towards the merchant, Dianna spoke a few words under her breath, and then simply returned to her husband's side. To most, it would seem as if nothing had been done, although most knew that was simply not true. They all were well aware that the merchant would soon lose everything, and that any who would try to trade with him would feel his misfortune for themselves. Soon, he would be worse than the few homeless peasents that hid in the alleys of the diamond kingdom, and would find no solace among those who lived within the wealthy expanses of the kingdom.

    Once the crowd began to disperse, Dianna walked back into the crowd of the marketplace. The ordeal had tired her slightly, but still she had yet to find what she desired from the various traders within the marketplace. She did not want to postpone the discovery and purchase of the required gemstones for her crown, but the prospects of finding them here seemed more and more unlikely.

    Almost resigning herself to defeat, fatigued after performing the punishment, Dianna leaned on Garret as they walked, unspeaking as her eyes scanned the stalls continuously, although to not as intently as before. Anger continued to race through her mind due to almost having what she desired, only to have it stripped away from her at the last moments of hope.
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  9. [​IMG]

    "Target Acquired"

    Rounding the dark-lit corner of the rather cramped alley-way, Elora continued to follow One's faint barking that seemed to be trailing further and further away. With each deep growl, Elora found herself farther into the depths of some unexplored territory of the harbors. At this point in time, the woman wasn't to sure which area of Pip she was in, however, when it came to her finding and eliminating a target, location didn't matter, even if it was trespassing.

    A faint voice found it's way to the woman's alert ears, however, it was barely a whisper, more so a small echo off the hollow, audible walls of the alleyway. Elora cringed her face, attempting to slow her heartbeat down enough so the pounding wouldn't echo in her hears; eliminating her breathing to the point of shallow, raspy, barely lifeless breaths. She had been an assassin for most of her life, and over the years, had learned that the senses one person possessed could be used in her benefit, especially when she focused - it didn't hurt she possessed the ability to enhance her own natural abilities, however, with such easy prey, it wasn't a need at this moment.

    Elora placed her palm flat against the broken stone wall to her right - heartbeat barely audible, breathing, shallow enough to register as a person near death. Her fingers curled as sounds reverberated through her body, bouncing off the walls inside her own mind, finding their places filed among the many categorized sounds she had hear before, until one stuck out; a sound without a place or category. Elora opened her golden-hued eyes, crinkling her lips into a tell-tale smile.

    "Woah... hey... n--no, bad boy, get back, back!"

    Elora pushed off the wall, following the sound of forcefully hushed cries, and One's increasingly louder growls. She rounded another corner of the endless maze that seemed to be this alley-way, before coming out to a contained, yet larger, circle. To the left and right was more broken wall, however, there were small haphazard set-up's, uninhabited, containing little more than rotten food and forging scavenges, ranging from small, starved looking dogs, to vicious and battered crows. Elora tilted her head, confused at the site - it was normal to find this openings in the maze of alley-ways and backstreets to this side of Pip, however, completely abandoned areas, void of even the homeless, was strange. She felt herself come to a standpoint that registered as 'on the edge', a feeling she wasn't fond of, but very familiar with.

    "Oh Damon, if only you had joined me in my fun today."

    Loud and harsh growls enveloped Elora's senses, pulling her from her musings and bringing her back to reality. A tall, lanky looking man came out from the shadows, back turned to Elora, stepping cautiously to avoid debris, however, being forced back by One's vicious, snarling teeth.

    "Woah boy, calm down, c--come on."

    Elora observed this man. He seemed no older than 15, possibly 16, not old enough to be considered a 'man'. The boy kept backing up, scared for his life, scared of One and his vicious appearance. He was about 5'11, shorter than Elora by only a little bit, yet skinny enough to make up for the height difference. He was pale, obviously starved of sunlight, either by personal choice, or living circumstances - Elora assumed the former. He had curly brown locks that wrapped around his face in an intense, swirly pattern that was obviously never conditioned. Elora really appreciated personal hygiene and appearance - someone who took pride in how they presented themselves to the world, this boy clearly didn't see enough of the world to care.

    Elora pulled the a torn piece of paper from her back pocket, reading over the minimal details she had taken from her computer earlier that day - with a quick scan of the information, she placed it to memory, categorizing all the strengths, weaknesses (at least the provided ones) and physical details of her target, the boy in front of her matched the description, at least from the back, now, to get him to turn around. Elora smirked, bringing her pointer finger and thumb to her lips, she angled them just enough before blowing into the formed triangle between her fingers as a loud whistle pierced the air around, ceasing One's growling, calling the vicious beast to her side, where he casually sat down, instantly losing the ferocious look to his face, panting by Elora's side with a wide grin on his face. The boy turned around, finding his green eyes met with golden-brown. Elora simply smiled, crossing a palm over her heart, bowing in a playful and teasing manner. She reached behind her back, looping her hand underneath the massive fur coat she still had on, clamping her manicured fingers around the grip of her constant right-hand pistol. It was black, beautiful... everything this part of her life was not.

    She pulled it out from the waist of her jeans, aiming it directly at the now shocked boy before her. If emotions weren't something the Queen of Spades had given up on long ago, she may have shed a tear at ending a life so early, however, this wasn't nearly as awful as what she had done in her previous years, when she was more active, and didn't have a kingdom to look after. There she went again, drifting off into a world of her own, one that had just about cost her the target she had been so persistent on finding.

    Elora looked up to find the brown curls bouncing and the boy they were apart of running at break-neck speed, down the long, narrow alley branching off from this little side area. Elora bit down, clenching her teeth together. She squeezed down on the grip of the gun, cracking her knuckles before lifting the barrel directly before her line of sight, she wrapped her free hand around the grip, causing the hand beneath to go white with intensity.

    Focus. Control. Watch closely, Elora.

    "Target Acquired." A shot rang out through the air, singular in it's origin, however, quick enough in it's pace that if a by-standard hadn't been paying attention, they may have just passed the sound off as a strange weather phenomenon. The shot hit it's target with extreme accuracy, straight through the boys back, and out the front, piercing through and through. Elora dropped her hands, re-holstering her pistol in the waistband of her jeans, side by side to her other, less inconspicuous pistol. One mewled, his ears clearly still ringing from the shot Elora had just taken. "Sorry boy." She reached down to pat the large head of her companion, hearing his sounds of happiness radiate through the area around her. Now, she only had a dead body to deal with.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Role: King of Club's
    Location: Upper level of the Library in Club Castle
    Activity: Doodling, wasting time.
    Involvement: The Queen of Clubs ( @Kythera )

    The King hummed to himself as he finished up another of his many "masterpieces" on a scratch sheet of paper typically used for note taking by the many readers and researchers that came in and out of the Library's doors. This so far was one of his favorites: a land version of a catfish nibbling on its own tail fin. Ardal didn't know why he found the image to be so amusing but it was. He let a groan, finally moving his solid body from where it had been leaning over a desk as he drew. As he stretched he let his gaze wander around the grand place, noticing the lack of people in the area. There were way to few people taking advantage of the wonderful facilities, but that didn't worry the King. More and more will surely trickle in as the day went on.

    He glanced at the ornate clock that was fixed into one of the marble walls. Almost noon. He let out a bit of an impatient sigh. That meant that Queen still had a bit longer with the Weekly Meeting between her and the subjects of the kingdom, where she overheard they're complaints and ruled out sentences accordingly. "The age old tradition," Ardal mummbled to himself. And tradition it was. He remembered attending a lot with his Mother and could trace the event down the generations. From the very first King Cormac and his bride all the way down to himself and Najiba. The thought of his Queen brought forth another sigh, but this one was more empathetic in nature. "Ay, my poor Queen." He knew that these meetings were not Najiba's favorite part of week, but she handle them all fairly and justly and hardly ever complained herself. But Ardal knew better. Though he could never fully comprehend what was going on in that beautiful mind of hers, being married to someone (despite being in love or not) gave one a bit of insight into the inner workings of the other. Despite what his Queen would say, Ardal knew that these assemblies wore her down.

    When Ardal had realized, somewhere around the begining of their reign, he would insist to be there by her side, hearing out the complaints together, helping with the judgement when needed. But as time went on, he found it harder and harder to be there himself. It wasn't that the greivances bothered him; he loved to hear about what was troubling the people and did all her could to help. It really helped him feel connected to his kingdom. No, it was dealing with Najiba's ever present coolness and the slight harshness of her verdicts. Ardal sighed. That woman could ice over the gates of hell if she wanted to, he thought to himself as he fixed the whiskers of his catfish. But even that wasn't the main problem. The thing was, Ardal was know himself for being a very sympathetic King. So when a subject didn't quite agree with his Queen, and there was always more than one, they would look to him for sympathy; most expected him to overturn the Queen's ruling for a softer one, but Ardal held firm. He refused to be the type of King, nay the type of husband, that would undermine his partner. So in they end, he just stopped bothering to show up, to remind the people who really held the power in those meetings.

    But it did leave him terribly bored. So he found himself in the library most days, filling his head with as much as the time allowed. Ardal closed his refrence book on catfish, leaving it on the table for the ellusive Librarian to reshelve. She really hated it when Ardal tried to do it himself, even though he knew the Library almost as well as she did. He approached the balcony and peered down, his gaze turning as he heard the main door open. And in walked his Queen in all her golden glory. Ardal couldn't help the smile that stretched across his face. She must've gotten annoyed or something and ended it early. Acting quickly, Ardal snatched his pencil off of the desk and quickly scribbled a quick note under his catfish. 'Cat I help you fish something?' He giggled to himself before folding the sheet into a paper airplane and sent it flying her way.
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  11. Queen of Clubs
    Location: Clubs Castle, Library
    Interactions: @Rin Mico
    As soon as she had exited the throne room, Najiba's hand found her temple. Something about that last petitioner had brought on a sudden twinge. She rubbed her head as she made her way down the gilded hallway to the library, determined to put it out of her mind but unable to think of anything else. Why should it bother her to proscribe an arranged marriage? After all, it was completely normal in the kingdom. Her own marriage was arranged, and it was perfectly... fine. To be honest, she did not know why she could not feel any more for her husband. He was handsome, sweet, and a king. What was there not to like? In fact, she did not dislike him. They had known each other since childhood, and had always been friends. The problem was, that was all she saw in him - a friend. There was no heat, no passion. Granted, that was largely her fault. Ever since Faris she had put up an icy wall that no one could penetrate, not even Ardal.

    No, she would not think of that. Faris was banished from Pip, from her mind, from her heart. And she would keep telling herself that until it was true. Brushing a hand across her brow, as if to wipe away these useless thoughts, Najiba pushed open the door to the library. It was an immense room, filled with every book imaginable, and decorated with numerous globes, antique clocks, and a celestial painting covering every panel of the ceiling. She paused for a moment in the doorway, taking in the glory of the room. No matter what was bothering her, the library never failed to cheer her up. It was her old friend, in her loneliness, in her frozen shell. Here she could fly away from her perfectly scheduled, confined, cloistered existence on the wings of imagination.

    Her reflections were interrupted by a paper airplane that came soaring straight at her face. She gave a little shriek and ducked, flailing her arms to ward off the attack. The paper got tangled in her fingers and fell to the marble floor with a little thwack. "Oh!" she cried, realizing that it had not been a violent attack but merely a flying note. She looked up along the plane's trajectory and found her husband leaning over the balcony, grinning foolishly at her. Najiba could not help but smile back, albeit a more restrained expression than the giggles emerging from her spouse. "I see you've been productive," she said, somewhat sternly, as she leaned over to pick up the paper.

    On it she found an absurd drawing of a catfish on land, with a very punny caption underneath it. Despite herself, Najiba snorted at the joke. It reminded her of the good times they had had as children, when her parents had taken her to visit the palace and get to know her betrothed. Running around the gardens, pretending they were knights and dragons and other such nonsense. He used to draw her silly pictures back then, too. She folded up the paper calmly, her rational side winning out as always, and made her way sedately up the stairs to the balcony.

    Upstairs, she handed the paper back to her husband with what she hoped was an admonitory gaze, but since she could not resist that goofy smile on his face hers was probably less strict than she was going for. "It might interest you to know that someone has to run this country," she said, drifting down to a very stiff-backed chair. She tried to hold herself up straight, but a wave of weariness overcame her, and she leaned over the table propping her chin in her hand, gazing sleepily up at Ardal. "Do you remember the time we found a kitten in the garden, and Cook said we must drown it because it had no mother? I think I cried for two days after she took the little furball away..." She laughed suddenly, shaking her head. "So silly. I don't know what made me think of it. Besides your cat-fish drawing, of course," she added, flapping a dismissive hand at the doodle and pulling herself back up once more to her usual stiff elegance.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Location: The Tavern --> Walking through the Streets
    Position: Ace Of Spades
    Mentioned: NPC's, Damon ( @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~ )
    Interactions: NPC Drunken Man, other NPC's
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: d12a00

    Per usual, the Tavern in the Kingdom of Spades was a madhouse. Drunken males shouted often, slamming their cups down on the tabletops after each sip of their alcoholic beverages. Females enthusiastically flashed the not-so-gentlemen, some even going so far as to kiss each other just to get a rise out of their audience. The bartender was stolen from whenever he turned his back, giant muscular males played violent games together, vulgar words were thrown around carelessly.

    One particular blond took great comfort in the environment. She has spent her whole life in the Spades kingdom, and so such chaos was what she was used to. Her blue eyes flickered around the room from time to time, her glass of beer never leaving her fingers. She was not so foolish as to even turn away from her drink for a second. It only took one second for someone to slip something into her drink, as many girls learned the hard way. Luckily, Xena has always been far too careful to endure such a fate.

    Light pink lips curled back in a smirk as she witnessed two more suckers fall for a game of fixed poker. She didn't know why anyone even bothered to play each other anymore- they all cheated. No game was fair here. Suddenly, she felt rough fingertips brush against her cheek, pushing blonde curls behind her ear. She turned to her left, smirk gone, rage in her eyes.

    The male who touched her had black hair, as long as her own. His skin was pale, his teeth crooked, and he smelled strongly of weed. "Hey sexy," he began, but Xena held up a finger to cut him off. She looked directly into his eyes, leaning forwards slightly. Her lips parted, and the simple word she uttered cut through the air harshly:


    The man laughed, Xena's countenance remained the same. Sloppily, he pulled a knife from his belt, looking at it as if he was turned on by it- which was a very strong possibility. Xena placed her drink down on the bar, finished with it anyways. She never took her eyes away from his face, being sure not to show fear. In all truth, she was not afraid. With a drunken grin, the man looked back to her, roughly taking hold of her right wrist and pulling her close to him. He pushed the tip of his blade to her cheek, and asked, "How about now?"

    Xena might have laughed, had she not felt so disgusted by his odor. Now that she was closer she could tell that the slight smell of urine she noticed earlier was coming from him. Swiftly, she pulled her own knife from her leather boot with her free hand, gripping it firmly and placing it directly above his scrotum. She watched as he looked down, having felt the slight pressure she applied, her smirk slowly returning. "I'd love for you to give me a reason."

    The male hesitated, obviously trying to find a way to disarm her. However, as Xena began to push her blade down, her drew his hands back. With them in the air, the male slid his chair back and away from Xena. He stood, and walked away backwards. Placing her weapon back in her boot, Xena noticed a table of younger ladies- probably in the age range of twenty and twenty one- staring at her.

    "There's nothing a boy cares about more than his penis," she informed them, before standing up herself. She knew it was wise to leave, before the now embarrassed man got angry and gathered his friends to team up on her. Besides, she had been away from the castle all day, and thought it was wise to check in. It was, after all, her job to do King Damon's bidding. If he had a task for her, she'd like to get to it.

    Stepping outside, Xena heard the sound of a gunshot. She did not know which direction it came from, nor did she particularly care. Getting shot was just another part of living in the gruesome kingdom she did. Minding her own business, Xena set out towards the Spades castle.​
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  13. [​IMG]
    Role: Ace of Diamonds
    Location: Merchant's District
    Activity: Following the King and Queen
    Interaction: NPCs
    Mentioned: The King and Queen of Diamonds (@Celestial☀Chaos @Unbound )

    Meira followed the royal pair as they made their way through the district. The Queen had wanted new jewels to adorn her crown and would only accept the best. The Ace didn't mind this fact, however. She herself had a taste in high quality gems, though was not as selective as her Queen; for Meira anything shiny would've done well. But she knew that because of the Queen's particular taste that this endeavor wouldn't be quick. Meira held in a sigh and continued on, only to bump into one of the four King's guards. The Queen had stopped by a stall, a precious stone catching her eye.

    The guard that Meira had bumped into turned and gave her a dirty look and it was all she could do to hold her tongue. She was a bit peeved that her King had brought them at all. It was just a simple trip to the market and no one from the Diamond Kingdom would dare try anything against their leaders, who were scary enough in themselves. Meira should've been enough to handle this and was surprsied that the guards were assigned at all (she suspected they were more to make the royals' presence know than anything). But it was not her place to voice her annoyance and as they walked, the guards had somehow manage to nudge her to the back of the party. As the guard returned his gaze forward, she stuck her tongue at his back.

    Deciding that she had had enough, Meria took the opportunity to push past them to take her rightful place as an Ace by the King's side. Just as she managed to step in front of the tall guards, she realized what was going on. A merchant had tried to sell the Queen counterfeit diamonds. Meria let out a silent gasp. Diamonds were one of the most rare, and thus most protected, gem in the whole kingdom. They were their namesake after all! This is going to be bad, Meria thought to herself. And just as the words crossed her mind, she heard her King's voice ring out. "Bring him."

    Meira stepped forward to do her King's bidding, but before she could do so the bumped guard pushed past her. She didn't have time to react because suddenly they were making their way to the square. Meria knew King Garret had planned to make an example out of him. A huge crowd had followed in their wake, and Meira keep herself busy with keeping them at bay, shoving the if she had to.

    "Get back!"

    "Hey watch yourself!"

    "This is more for your protection than theirs," she had muttered to an over eager boy who was straying dangerously near the King. They were pissed enough as it was, and would be more than happy to add others to their list. As the sentence was carried out there was a collective gasp from the crowd. A Life of poverty. That was worse then death here in the Diamond Kingdom. As crowd thinned out, the excitement dying down, the King and Queen had decided to move on. Now Meira kept just slighlty behind her King, on the opposite side of Lady Dianna s they continued their search.
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  14. [​IMG]
    The Jack of Spades.
    Mentioned: @Ali
    Activity: Updating the timeline.

    It was another day of busy work on the field of Pip and soon enough, the two Jacks were hustling, trying to keep a close contact with each of the monarchs.
    Vance took the job of dealing with the Clubs Kingdom and the Spades Kingdom, seeing as though he is a Jack of Spades himself.
    As for Diane, she is in control of monitoring the Diamonds Kingdom and the Hearts Kingdom, as she is a Jack of Hearts.
    This was the method they have been doing for over a millennia, and though they watched and did separate things when the two Jacks are together, it is almost as if hell would brake loose.

    Today, Vance didn't feel like talking too much with Diane; a feeling rushed over him, a feeling that the Timeline was going to be updated by the Kingdom of Spades, and so he took all of his belongings, which was only a simple pair of glasses, and rushed off to see which Spade was going to cause an uprising.
    Vance went with his gut and followed Elora O' Shae, the Queen of Spades. It wasn't particularly hard to find her, and it isn't particularly hard to find any Spade since they have solemnly sworn to be up to no good.
    Fortunately, Vance found the Queen at a perfect timing. Hiding in the shadows of the harbors, where prostitutes catcall and sailors are intimidated, where the Queen holds a young boy at gunpoint.
    Vance smirked, showing off his sharp molars to no one but himself, eyeing the scene intently and dastardly. He knew everyone in Pip by heart, and that boy was truly something, something that Vance could not put his finger on; but whatever it was, it caused the young boy to fall in the hands of a Queen who much like the Jacks, would show no mercy.
    Lost in his train of thoughts, Vance almost missed the murder of the boy until a gun shot rang through his ears. If Diane was there with him, she would have probably made herself known to the Queen and started cursing her out in Sign Language for being too idiotic.
    As the sounds of gunshot exited the atmosphere, the sounds of a falling body and the splatter of freshly opened blood entered in.

    It was a sound of blissful ASMR to Vance as he walked toward the Queen with nonexistent footsteps, his hands reaching out to touch her shoulder slightly, enabling his Timeline Sharing ability. He gave Elora the fuzzy vision of dying, rotting, children all across her kingdom, mothers, and fathers screaming and crying in heartbroken misery, the sounds of gunshots filling Elora's ears, although there were no murderers or guns to be seen for a mile away.

    Vance walked off in a sprint, proud of Elora O' Shae, and proud of the history that is writing itself.

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  15. [BCOLOR=inherit][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=inherit]♣Ace of the Clubs♣[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=inherit]Location: Upper level of the Library in Club Castle[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=inherit]Activity: Awaiting Orders[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=inherit]Mentioned: The King & Queen of Clubs ( @Kythera & @Rin Mico)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=inherit]The library is more than just a library.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] It is a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]centre[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] of information centre where [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]some of the most intellectual relationships starts. Businessmen, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]students, professors, lawyers, and others would come here everyday to check out [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]a book or two. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Lines[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] for the checkout [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]were fairly short though.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=inherit]At the front of the line is[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]man in [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]b[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]lack[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] with wavy, dark-brown hair, Friedrich von Eckstein, the Ace of Clubs[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]The [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]book [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]he is checking out[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=inherit]is an Atlas of Pip. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]H[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]e has his [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]own life goals, but those come second to serving the King of the Clubs. This visit to the library is just one of his many. He'll probably return to his home and leave it there to be read later. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]The Ace uses some of his free time to gain more information on the land. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]However, he should be making his way back to the Castle of the Clubs right now. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]After all[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit], Mr. Fritz is the servant to [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]his Majesty.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]It doesn't take him that long to [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]arrive[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] at the castle. If he wasn't on the job, he would've stopped at one of the bakeries on the way. However, he has his duty to serve the king, so that'd have to wait for a day off. Walking through the corridors of the castle, he passes two military officers. Both talk elaborately [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]about a recent trip to a [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]rivertown[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit], but they go mute as Friedrich comes [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]by. His scandal with a lieutenant is deeply remembered within[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] the officer rank[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] of the military, whether it be in a good way or a bad way. Either way, Mr. Fritz [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]continues[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] walking, he doesn't know if trying to stop it will end with a fist in his face or not.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]He arrives at the throne room to see none of the monarchs there. His visit to the library has put him in a couple of minutes late. Upon seeing this, he approaches the nearest person he sees, which is a made wiping the floors.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]"Madam," he says looking down at the woman wiping the floors. "Do you happen to know where our King is?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]"The Queen has left for the library," replies the maid. "I'm not sure about the King[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]"Very well then." Mr. Fritz takes his steps to the library. Upon reaching there, he sees [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]the Queen, and thankfully the King, on the upper levels of the castle's library[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]. He can now proceed with his work. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Friedrich[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] walks up the stairs and stands tall from a distance, he doesn't want to interrupt his King, that person has strong power. [/BCOLOR]
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    Location: Some where between the two Kingdoms
    Current Character: Greyson


    He stretched and put his hands behind his head, as the sun came and hit the space through the closed curtains. The ray of light illuminating a figure of a rather scrumptious creature that laid next to him. The out line of her bared back made him grin, as he shifted the sheets a bit. Needless to say, he was still rather excited at the thought of her. His finger ran over her spine, as she arched her back, he leaned down and trailed a kisses over her shoulder, and to her neck. Her auburn head turned to face him, and stole a heated kiss from him, as she rolled over, pulling the cover over her. He couldn't resist such a fine woman. The Kings Court helped quench his thirst. He had gotten the information that he needed, and had enjoyed the lustful night as well. He stood, naked, and made his way over to the small wooden table, and popped the crystal cork out of the wine that sat there, pouring himself a glass, and snipping the end off his cigar. Taking a puff, then enjoying a sip of the wine. He made his way to the window and looked out, the view wasn't half bad. This was his place between both Kingdoms. Not many new on it, and he made damn sure they wouldn't. He came here when he had to change between Greyson and Alexandra. Greyson, pulled a long drag off his cigar as he felt a pair of silken arms coil around his waist, and a moistened kiss fall to his back. "Ciao a tutti il mio caro." his Italian coming into play. It was more then apparent she didn't understand his speaking, and that was fine with him, how else would he have gotten what he needed. He stuck his cigar in his mouth, and pulled her around in front of him, cradling her as they looked out the window. Needless to the say, the morning was rather enjoyable once more, as the sun was mid in the sky as he started to dress. She had fallen asleep once more, and he penned her a note, with a white rose on the pillow next to her, as he made his way out of the room.

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  17. Role: King Of Spades
    Location: In the Spades Castle
    Activity: Reading while waiting on either his Queen or Ace
    Mentioned: Elora, Xena @Ali @Brea
    Interaction: @Brea

    Damon woke to his bed being empty his Queen was again running off to do something. He didn't start to worry till a few days later if she did not appear. He decided to get up and bathe. He contemplated a way to speak to their partners about how the sex slave ring was going. He would write immediately to them at once. He finally got out and dryer off his muscular toned body. He dressed down for the day as he always did. He went to his study to write the note and sent his Raven off to the King of Diamonds. He knew they were a counter part in this. Damon let out a groan and rubbed his head. He decided to go out training and riding for a while. The king went out to the stables to saddle up his horse and ride in the arena.

    Damon spent a the time practicing his marksman skills He wanted to keep them up he was already amazing he just wanted to get better and keep up his skills. He turned his head when a he heard what sounded like gunfire Elora must be up to something again. He stopped noticing his little ace walking back on to the grounds. Damon rode over to her and pulled her into his horse behind him." Hello trouble maker where have you been, smell of Ale and something quite putrid.I would say someone has been out drinking and needs to clean up for their King." He spoke to her gently. He was never cruel to theach woman he had come to bed when ever his wife was not near or in the castle. He openly slept with woman and his wife openly slept with others as well, however he liked His little secret with his Ace.

    Role: Joker Of Clubs and Spades
    Location: Clubs Castle
    Activity: Off to see the Clubs Queen
    Mentioned:Queen of Clubs @Kythera
    Interactions: None yet

    Nezerva tended to walk between kingdoms. This Joker tenement to stay In the female form walking. The Joker liked it more however in the Clubs kingdom. The Joker would turn to its male form. It loved to switch between genders but mostly prefered it's Spades form. Nezerva made its way through the Spades kingdom and down the road through small passages to make its journey easier She was on horse back so it also made it quicker to get through the the unnecessary kingdoms. Nezerva finally made it to the gates of the Clubs and had changed to its male form. The guards let him in and he nods with a smirk.

    Nezerva walked into the castle removing the hood on his cloak. He went to the throne room and told a servant to tell the Queen he was waiting for down stairs. He brought secrets of the Spades to her and much more. He also did the same in the spades. kingdom loyal and sometimes un reliable. The Joker waited as he walked around the throne room. Joker liked to spend and hear every little thing that went on his kingdoms and others. The Joker was a littly wly and very dark witted ​
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  18. [​IMG]
    "A person often meets their destiny on the road they took to avoid it." -Jean De La Fontaine


    Reveling in wistful visions

    Chasing after a strange figure
    (Alleyway, coming out into the Marketplace)
    Speaking with the Diamonds Court
    (Market Place)

    Interactions & Tags:
    Vance Eden - Jack of Spades - @Countess Jin
    Garrett Parker Peace - King of Diamonds - @Celestial☀Chaos
    Dianna Adrianna - Queen of Diamonds - @Unbound
    Meira Meyric - Ace of Diamonds - @Rin Mico

    Elora possesses the ability known as 'Dark Heart' - this ability constantly
    taints those around her, giving them feelings of malice, destruction, hatred, and distrust.
    She is able to amplify these by her choosing, however,
    merely being around the woman will make one feel rather disgusted and wrong.

    Reading Music:
    *Note - this probably has nothing to do with the post, it's just something I was listening to at the time being.*

    To be completely honest, I've been listening to ANTI and WRETCHED AND DIVINE: THE STORY OF THE WILD ONES non-stop throughout this post. I am ashamed.


    Elora looked to the lifeless corpse before her - she couldn't help smiling. An average individual would be sickened by such a site, however, Elora was no 'average individual', she was twisted, she was everything wrong with the moral psyche, she was truly a dark hearted woman, however, it was this dark heart that she reveled in; it was this dark heart that had made her so distant and uncaring towards her husband, and her life. Elora found solace in murder, an odd pastime, yes, however, it soothed the turbulent, dark emotions that ran through the other half of the Spades regents.

    Elora stepped up to the dead boy, to examine the bullet wound.
    "Straight through the heart. Damn Elora, aren't you talented." The Queen outwardly praised herself, obviously high off her own skill. She knew there were others in this world far more skilled in terms of half-baked shots, however, she was still proud, as she hadn't put anything magical into her shot, in that moment alone, Elora had relied on her assassin's skills and resources. Elora gripped the wrist of the boy, now dead before her on the cold cobblestone floor, lifting it to her line of site. She locked her eyes with the poorly made twine bracelet, loosely wrapped around the boys lifeless arm. "That's a good enough trophy as any..." Elora smirked, shimming the twine from his pale and skinny wrist before slipping it onto her own, jingling the strange charm with the letters 'P.A" engraved on them.

    The proud Queen stood, her back facing nothing but open alleyway, should Elora have a better understanding of spatial awareness, she'd have noticed someone coming up behind her, however, situational awareness had never been the assassins strong point, in-fact, Elora would consider it one of her greatest weaknesses, ever more so, a fatal flaw. She was instantly bombarded with visions of death, destruction, crying rulers and citizens. The visions coursed through her body, clouding her vision to the point of hazy identification of the figure who was now skirting away at a quicked pace before her.
    "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" Elora was off, hazy sight and detrimental visions forgotten. She began sprinting through the alleyway, passing the body of the boy before her, momentarily forgetting she'd need to deal with that, lest their would be a search for a killer in this territory - Elora was never one to run from her aftermath, however, in this moment, she was much more interested in the singular person who had just managed to sneak up behind her, and get away, all the while she felt as if someone had slipped her some intense hallucinogens.

    Elora broke out around a corner, supporting her speeding self with one hand to the wall on her right, she used her muscle to push herself off the wall, gaining more momentum than she had originally intended. Without realizing, Elora broke out from the darkened and secluded alleyway, into the bright sunset that nearly blinded her upon eye contact. She squinted, covering her screaming optics with a hand before she realized it only took her a couple of moments to adjust to the bright light of the sun setting on the horizon. She stood in the alcove of a stairway leading into the alley she had just been in, looking around intently for any sign of the blurry figure who she was chasing. It was as if they had disappeared, Elora stood there, baffled and angry. "Fuck."

    The angered brunette walked out into the warm orange and red glows illuminating the new area around her. She was in an open Marketplace, and odd sight for the Spades Queen, as all the Marketplaces in her territory were hidden behind thick brick walls and guarded to the nine's to ensure only those intent on purchase and with shut lips may enter. Elora had immediately recognized where she was upon further investigation of the area. It was one of the Marketplaces underneath the Diamonds Kingdom reign - Elora smirked, this would be fun.

    The Queen had originally intended on causing some slight chaos of her own within the 'priss-kingdom's' territory, seeing as she enjoyed making the other regents squirm and squeal, but was sadly knocked down on her idea once she realized there was already a commotion occurring. Curious, the Spades Queen stepped closer. She pulled the thick fur coat from her body, tossing it off to the corner at a merchant whose eyes opened wide upon being hit with the fabric; Elora wasn't sure if it was due to the quality and realization of the coat, or from the fact that he had randomly been dubbed a coat-rack by a random woman, she could care less. Shoulder's and tattoos now exposed, Elora walked forward, pushing her way through the crowd, flipping the loose backing of her shirt over the hilts of her twin pistols in order to hide them and not alert a passerby.

    She had approached to find a sultry looking man sitting on the cobblestone floor, weeping his reddened eyes into destruction. Elora couldn't help but smile. She took a deep breath, craning her neck backwards as if she could absorb all those awful, sad, and distraught feelings that simply radiated from the man to her left. The Queen reached into her back pocket, pulling out a rather large clump of wrinkled money. Tasteless in colour, she pulled a bill of substantial value, tossing it's crumpled body at the crying merchant. She met his eyes, stretching her neck to the side, before continuing on with nothing but a sultry wink and a 'hush' finger, pressed to her lips.

    Elora watched a glossed head of gold and a quiff of brown pass through her peripheral vision - ah, there they were. Elora moved forward, pushing through the dispursing crowd before she slowly came up behind the King and Queen of Diamonds, backs faced towards Elora, however, surrounded by guards. She had noticed that there was another brunette, one of slightly different dress than the guards, circling the King and Queen, attempting to break up the lingering crowd - clearly these two had been the cause of the merchant Elora had just crossed. She smiled with a beastly arch to her mouth, her surgically sharpened canines forcing themselves out underneath her upper lip. Her tongue simply glided across the left canines soft surface. She whipped her body in-front of the circle of guards, finding herself face to face with the King and Queen.

    "Well, well, well, look what the streets of Pip have coughed up--" Elora smirked, laughing into the back of her newly garnished hand, "--and I don't mean me, for once." She looked towards the King and Queen, her smile ever present as she started messing the with newest trophy to her collection, shaking her wrist in order to elicit some jingling from her newest toy. Call it a distraction mechanism, for herself, more than others. If Elora kept her attention to a certain situation, she'd never find herself drifting off into dangerously unaware territory. "We have something to discuss, and, seeing as your guards never open your gates for my lovely self, I decided to come find you." Though this was a blatant lie, Elora figured the King and Queen, as well as their guards would be none the wiser. "You can tag along too, little... whoever you may be..." Elora shrugged off the title, looking towards the out of place guard in the group.

    "Come--" Elora looked back to the King and Queen with a studious gaze, "--though, only bring those you trust with our little...arrangement." The Queen began walking, slow enough to accommodate the large entourage, and yet, at a quick enough pace that was all to 'Queen of Spades.'

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  19. [​IMG]
    Role: King of Clubs
    Location: Upper level of the Library in Club Castle
    Activity: Talking with the Queen and Ace of Clubs
    Involvement: The Queen of Clubs ( @Kythera ), Ace of Clubs ( @OrenjiGatsu )

    Ardal couldn't help but laugh at his Queen's reaction. Though a part of him felt a small twinge of guilt for startling her so badly, the rest of him was delighted at a true insight into Najiba that the moment had allowed; he had gotten her to laugh, sort of. He watched as she made her way to where he stood on the upper level of the library, the silly grin still plastered to his face.

    He took the paper from her slender fingers, trying as hard as he could to hold back a smile. But the poor King's lips kept twitching. He cleared his throat, getting a hold of himself for a second. "Someone runs this country? Wow and here I thought all us common folk were left to fend for ourselves!" Ardal laughed at his own joke, as he always did, glad that Najiba was in a humorous mood. He had watched as she took a seat during his reply, and now his eyes still remained on her. An eyebrow shot up when he saw the Queen visable deflate. Just as he made a move to try and comfort her, she began to remind him of a time when they were younger. Ardal did miss those days. Where everything was far less complicated then and there was no strain to be something more. Sure they were each other's betrothed, but no one expects two kids to copulate. Now as King and Queen it was one of the biggest strains of their relationship. Ardal was even surprised that they could just sit here and talk to one another without any care. His grin faltered a bit. "Yes I do remeber that poor thing, but what could we have done about it? Two children against Cook? That woman was a tyrant without even needing a kingdom to torture," Ardal shuddered at the memory of the burly woman. He glanced at his wife to see her return to her usual state, her back stiffening as her walls went up once again. Ardal had to admit that even in her overelegance, his Queen was ever herself and as always stunning.

    "But yes, just a silly drawing, my dear," The King stood with the drawing in his hands, plucked a random book from a nearby shelf, flipped to a random page and tucked the sheet in before replace the tome. As he turned to return to Najiba, he noticed his Ace patiently waiting int the background. "Why Mr. Fritz! I didn't even hear you come in. How long have you been standing over there? What is it?" the King waved the older gentleman over before returning to his seat across from the Queen.
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  20. ♣Ace of the Clubs♣[​IMG]
    Location: Upper level of the Library in Club Castle
    Activity: Conversating
    Mentioned: The King (@Rin Mico)

    His Majesty finally recognises his Ace. “Greetings Your Majesty.” Friedrich gives a slight bow before coming to King Cormac. He keeps his legs together, his hands behind his back and stands up straight to show his formality. Sometimes he wonders if his formality is too much. All he is doing is meeting up with the King. Yet, Mr. Fritz doesn't believe that he could be less formal. “I apologies for being late, though it seems that you may have not needed me prior this day. Do not worry I was only standing near for only a minor while. As you know, I am your personal servant, I am here to work for whatever you want. Thus I am here to start doing daily work for you. Don't worry about overworking me at this point, I've had a some extra free time this morning.”

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