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  1. Hellos and welcome to my search thread! As it says I'm looking for MxM or FxM roleplay. I usually play the submissive type in MxM and the female role in MxF. I average from one large paragraph to 3-4 good paragraphs. I want something long lasting, something that doesn't die within three posts. If you can't post just let me know so I don't think you ditched me.

    Roleplay Dos
    - Master x Slave
    -ERP (Only in the Libratine [A] section, Meaning I will only do this kind of RP if you are 18+)
    -Fandoms (Duh)

    Roleplay Donts
    -Whatever you call it where someone uses your character as a toilet (ew)
    - FxF (I have nothing against lesbians, I just can't RP it)
    -Scifi or Post Apocalyptic


    ♥ = i'm craving it

    Roles highlighted pink are the roles I want

    - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Book Verse Only) -

    Demigod OC x Demigod OC♥♥
    Nico x Male OC

    Hades x Son of Hades OC ♥♥♥
    Thanatos x Nico
    Percy x Nico

    - Sword Art Online -

    OC x OC
    Kirito x Asuna

    - Dramatical Murder (Game only) -
    I play Aoba in all pairings

    Mink x Aoba ♥♥♥
    Koujaku x Aoba
    Noiz x Aoba ♥


    Master x Slave
    Demon x Angel
    God x Demigod
    Vampire x Human
    Father x Son
    Father x Daughter
    Brother x Sister
    Prince x Princess

    If you are interested just drop a line~
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  2. I like the god x demigod
  3. PM me please?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.