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  1. our home, among the plum blossoms
    hi, i made the dumb decision to revamp my first ever set of characters i made when i was 10
    donut steel, donut post and all that stuff. my younger self will be sad.
  2. in a nutshell.
    citizens are free to hunt demons on their own, 'children of the Sensiau' are given coveted spots as members of the Dalisi (Bureau of Justice), employed for high-risk jobs.

    - Dragon: Long Mochou (龍 莫愁), or 'Mocha'.
    Wu Xing Manipulation through her channel object, a set of Buddhist beads, they also act as her inhibitor. Native to Xanadu and a blood descendant of Sensiau Dragon (thus not having a last name). Though traditional and somewhat uptight in personality, she has defied the expectation of a female Dragon Aspect pursuing the art of Restoration for Elemental Manipulation. She has become too reliant on the mask she donned as a child (as per tradition, as Zodiac members are not allowed to see the Dragon Aspect's face until they have sworn their loyalty) and finds it difficult to lead/socialise without it. A White Tiger alumni, though she was a reclusive Night Student.

    - Tiger: Caius de Witt (凯斯 德维特).

    Projectile Duplication / Electricity Manipulation, favoured due to the Tiger Aspect's natural affinity to electricity. A French-American from Earth and also a younger twin - his brother inheriting the brutal and wild nature of a tiger though without henosis born inside him at all, leaving Caius with the cat-like nature of a tiger. Because his Aspect blood took the form of a white tiger, he was born with albinism, with his henosis being the saving grace of his eyesight. Photosensitive, seen with an umbrella most of the time, which has been modified to double as a firearm. A self-made young man who has trust issues but is undoubtedly loyal. Never attended Guozijian.

    - Rooster: Doğan Tensho (pronounced do-ahn, 多安 天翔).

    Self-Ressurection / Fire Manipulation, favoured due to the Rooster Aspect's natural affinity to fire. A Xanadu native, born in the Tensho Tribes of Altanüüur, he is a gifted horserider and archer with a deep love for birds. His Aspect took the form of a phoenix, which is rather uncommon but treasured. Charismatic with great leadership skills as the son of the tribe chief, he finds it difficult to accept his lack of leadership in the Dalisi, and even more so that his leader is a woman under her mask. A Vermillion Phoenix alumni who naturally excelled at archery and horseriding.

    - Snake: Velia Cantarella (贝利亚 坎塔雷拉).
    Naturally secretes a lethal poison, meaning her body fluids are dangerous, as a result of her Aspect taking the form of a keelback snake. An Italian girl from Earth, and is the daughter of a doctor. She was brought in early to help curb her abilities. She copes by wearing a tight skinsuit and vents any frustration through her hobbies - alchemy and chemistry. She is a Black Turtle alumni, excelling at mathematics.

    - Rabbit: Kagami Shihoubeni (加賀美 四方紅).

    Earth Manipulation via channelling object, a silver mochi-pounding mallet. A Moon Tribe extraterrestrial living in Xanadu, working as an apprentice at a popular mochi store. She's rash and hot-headed, but frugal in nature. One might consider her a country-person, and she has an accent to go along with it. Never attended Guozijian but was home-schooled by her masters.

    - Rat: William Edgemere
    A young British boy and Monkey's male twin, with the power of
    Curse Creation, giving him the ability to fashion creative yet complex spells on a whim. While a normal spell creator must use a formulaic process, William's creations do not require any - thus only he and his twin Sophia are able to use them. Unfortunately, he is unable to create any spells that are 'beneficial' in nature. A natural prankster who is also a bit of a jerk, but afraid of authority. He is the son of a well-known CEO. Never attended Guozijian.

    - Monkey: Sophia Edgemere
    A young British girl and Rat's female twin, with the power of Curse Inducement. This allows her henosis to have no elemental restriction (if the curse requires any). Her blood ties with her brother make it possible for her to use his spells as well. She is unable to perform any spells that are 'beneficial' in nature, for example she would not be able to perform any supporting magic. She's more mellow compared to her brother, and also loves pranks. She's more confident than he is when it comes down to it. Daughter of a well-known CEO. Never attended Guozijian.

    - Horse: Bin Hongyi (镔 弘毅)
    Unrestricted Movement through sheer speed and the gift that is his prosthetic legs (they also really hurt when kicked). Hongyi seems to have given up on his Aspect's natural affinity for the wind. A Chinese orphan raised in Xanadu, Central City, he was a child genius who passed the Imperial Examination at the young age of 13, still a second year student at Guozijian. A humble and modest inventing prodigy whose hobby is basically tinkering with machines. He is an Azure Dragon alumni.
    “士不可不弘毅, 任重而道遠” (It is inappropriate for a nobleman not to be both strong and persistent, for he has a heavy duty to carry and a long way to go)

    - Dog: Lee Ji-yun (李 祉允)
    Uncontrollable Probability Manipulation, although it passively affects him both positively and negatively, Ji-yun has learnt how to apply this constant fortune and misfortune to his enemies. Spawning as the result of his Aspect taking the form of a Fu dog, Ji-yun is a quiet and often misunderstood young man who has grown nonchalant about the world due to his condition. Deadpan snarker, really doesn't give a shit unless he has to. Boyish at heart. Being raised in a Korean-Chinese family didn't help either, as he has grown thick skin and can often be insensitive to his surroundings and other's feelings. Ran away from home and by chance, found his own people. Black Turtle alumni.

    - Boar: 'Gullinbursti' or 'Guill'.
    A natural purifier from (xxx). She wears a power inhibitor because the light she emits is so strong it's dangerous when unchecked. Black Turtle alumni.

    - Goat: Silbe Tansa
    A small girl who is not a fighter that rushes in foolishly, but an instigator through the opponent's anger, sowing discord and chaos among enemy ranks. A female warrior from the war-torn (xxx) who is both arrogant and proud. A tsundere, though the others are used to it now. Vermillion Phoenix alumni.

    - Ox: Ba'al (巴力)
    A royal prince from the Sun Tribe on Altanüüur, family is engaged in a turf war with the the Tensho and other grassland tribes. His father is the Bearer of the Gilded Mace of Altanüüur, and the head priest. Like his father, he commands spiritual water, as the Ox has an natural affinity for water. White Tiger alumni.

    in a nutshell - the duodecim

    aside from central city and guozijian, there are twelve islands situated in the mirror world, found in between space and earth. each island has a different environment and cities, villages of its own. wars and allegiances have formed three factions, with four islands pledged to each one.

    - seido (bronze)
    - paru (pearl)
    - dojei (jade)

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  3. [​IMG]


    central hub city, your best bet if you want to make money. a lot of people ask why such a steampunk city would be named 'spring of plum blossoms', but it's actually in reference to the land of the gods.

    the jade palace
    - the hall of supreme harmony: center building of the jade palace, but the furthest public-reachable location.
    - the pit of hundun, rear side of the palace. walled off. perhaps the origin of xanadu. notable for having a shit ton of uncollectable pure henosis.

    the church of sensiau

    many people worship the twelve gods.

    the hanging gardens

    on a separate, floating island nearby. it looks like a junkyard completely swallowed up by nature - which has stubbornly refused to grow in central city. it's a popular tourist location. at its centre is a giant paulownia tree. the outskirts are littered with giant, unusable gears and metal scraps.

    tanaka enterprise

    a reputable company based in Maewon, specialising in research on henosis. behind the scenes, they have successfully transformed a person that was once incapable of using magic due to the lack of henosis in their bodies into a being that can.

    this process was achieved through extracting natural henosis from plants and inserting them into previously deceased bodies reanimated through the use of machinery and biotechnology.

    three known subjects have escaped from tanaka enterprise:

    • 201141111-05 - WILLOW / / developed argokinesis
    • 201141111-06 - LAVENDER / / developed photokinesis
    • 201141111-07 - BLOSSOM / / developed hydrokinesis
    four known subject have been terminated:
    • 201141111-01 - IVY / / failed to develop abilities
    • 201141111-02 - ILEX / / failed to develop abilities
    • 201141111-03 - JASMINE / / failed to develop abilities
    • 201141111-04 - MAHOGANY / / developed geokinesis
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  4. taote
    also known as henosis, it is a mysterious sludge that is capable of conducting and storing magic. those who have the capability to wield magic are usually born with a significant amount of henosis inside their bodies. it covers the entirety of their innards, yet does not harm organ functions nor get into their blood system. in its natural form, it is a deep jade green.

    artificially made henosis is used to create batteries by solidifying them into small crystals. a lot of technology relies on these crystals. silvery in color, its crystallised form is a dull green.

    it is illegal in forcibly inject any type of henosis into living beings.

    other types of henosis include:
    - pure henosis, golden color henosis which can only be found in the Zodiac members, and presumably is the source of their ability to quickly learn magic to advanced levels. pure henosis is extremely difficult to extract and no attempts have been done so.

    - sensiau henosis, a white colored henosis. the pit of hundun is comprised of sensiau. it is presumed it is the henosis of the gods. has never been successfully extracted from the pit of hundun.

    - polluted henosis, a black-purple colored henosis. is able to absorb negative energy, which natural henosis cannot do. this is what corrupts creatures and turns them into demons.
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  5. the twelve gods
    a long time ago, the jade emperor hosted a race to see which animal would be worthy to be a god. he had twelve seats, thus, the first twelve animals to cross the line would be able to sit beside him and reign. it is said that the river that halted all the animals in their path was so strong and so wide, no animal could cross it. not even those who could fly could cross without being harmed by the swirling winds and the fierce spray of the water. and so the dragon proposed a plan, to build a boat together they could all cross on. while there was bickering among the animals, the wise dragon delegated each task to each animal, achieving harmony and peace despite it being a competition.

    while we all know what order the animals arrived at the palace of the jade emperor. it was the dragon who was crowned their leader. the animals all consented, for without the serpent they would not have been able to cross the river in the first place.

    these gods reigned and lived for a long, long time. but it is said that they perished long ago, succumbing to the ages. in their place, the jade emperor built magnificent clockwork beasts in their likeness. their polished marble skin, their sun-like halos, the golden sparkle of their armor and the faint tick-tocking of the gears inside their bodies - they reside in the spring of plum blossoms as if they had never died. inside these delicate-looking contraptions sits the soul and the memories of the gods - they watch, they bless, they govern.

    every generation they fly through the world, picking a child who will carry on their legacy. they rip off a bit of their shining halo, and in a dream, feed it to the one who carries them in their womb. it travels down and down, into the child, and disintegrates into a golden liquid that shields them from harm in their stomach. henosis. the taote.
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  6. titles / terms
    Sensiau - Twelve Gods

    Excellency of War (大司馬) - in charge of Minister Coachman, Minister of the Household, and Minister of the Guards.
    Excellency over the Masses (司徒) - in charge of Minister of Ceremonies, Minister of Justice and the Minister Herald.
    Excellency of Works (司空) - in charge of the Minster of Finance.

    Ministry of Ceremonies (太常) - in charge of religious rites and maintenance of the church
    Ministry of the Household (光祿勳) - in charge of inner palace security and specialist army troops
    Ministry of the Guards (衛尉) - in charge of outer palace security and general army
    - Supreme General (大將軍)
    - Colonel (校尉)

    Minister Coachman (太僕) - in charge of general transportation, army and public-wise.
    Ministry of Justice (廷尉) - co-head with the Grand Judge, manages general hunters and law enforcement.
    Grand Judge (大理) - co-head with the Minister of Justice , manages the Dalisi, the Bureau of Justice.
    Minister Herald (大鴻臚) - in charge of island, human world and intergalactic relationships
    Ministry of Finance (大司農) - money money
    - Chamberlain for the National Treasury (治粟內史)

    Royal Academician (博士)
    Imperial Messenger (謁者)
    Royal Astronomer (太史令)

    Bearer of the Gilded Mace (執金吾) - one each on the islands, head official of each island.

    - Attendant Officer (別駕)
    - Assistant (丞) - lower rank than above.
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  7. [​IMG]
    found in the mirror world somewhere above india, altanüüur is primarily known for its desert/grassland environment. several tribes rule over the dry wonderland, and favour travelling with horses and having eagles as pets. juxtaposing the freedom-loving, wild tribes are the royal priests that live in altanüüur's cities.

    the priests wish to assimilate and welcome the tribes into their culture.

    the tribesmen, on the other hand, aren't interested. they favour a life where the strongest tribes rule, thinking priests to live a 'snobby' lifestyle. the tribes fight among themselves.
  8. [​IMG]
    found in the mirror world deep within Kunlun, Guozijian, or the Imperial Academy, serves as a school for those wishing to become Xanadu officials, scholars, participants in the Royal Examination, or hunters.

    heavy emphasis on self-discipline, internal harmony and study of the Six Arts:
    - rites (禮)
    - music (樂)
    - archery (射)
    - equestrianism
    - calligraphy (書)
    - mathematics (數)

    non-humans are allowed entry into Guozijian. if they happen to be nocturnal creatures, for example vampires, they may enter as a Night Student. Night Students either learn through private teaching or in classes with other Night Students, which tend to be smaller. they run through the same curriculum as normal lessons.

    Long Mochou and Velia Cantarella were Night Students for personal reasons.

    harry potter-esque houses

    • Azure Dragon - residents of the eastern temple. valuing IDEALISM and CURIOSITY.
    • Vermilion Phoenix - residents of the southern temple. valuing PASSION and INTENSITY.
    • White Tiger - residents of the western temple. valuing RATIONALITY, INTUITION and the MIND.
    • Black Turtle - residents of the northern temple. valuing RESOURCEFULNESS and WIT.
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  9. [​IMG]
    The sky of the human world serves as the 'ocean' of Xanadu. Although spiritually connected, it is not a direct passageway between worlds, as there are specific, certain methods to do so.

    There is aquatic life in Yuunkai. It's unclear whether there is a bottom, or whether it is possible to 'fall through'.
    The seas are parted into sections, each is ruled a giant spirit which lives within it as its domain.
    • Spirit God with Four Tails - a giant spirit that lives deep within the Yuunkai, near the centre. It slumbers, but as its tails move, it creates waves that can travel for miles without stopping.
    • Ao Dong - the spirit of Eastern Yuunkai.
    • Ao Nan - the spirit of Southern Yuunkai, said to be the prettiest part of Yuunkai. It is said that anyone who can complete the journey from the north to the south will be granted long life.
    • Ao Jun - the spirit of Western Yuunkai.
    • Ao Ming - the spirit of Northern Yuunkai. It stands out as being covered in permanent thunderclouds.
    • Bei Yan - the guardian spirit of souls. Lives alone somewhere on Yuunkai, and is never in one place. The Ao Spirits have learnt to leave it alone.
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